Is it Time to Throw it Out?


Your workout gear I mean! I was contacted by a writer from about when the proper time would be to discard certain fitness gear in favor of new (and less smelly!) items. You can check out the full story here, but I wanted to post the photos/text of the part I was quoted on in case you don’t want to flip through all the pictures.



I wrote a post awhile back about washing your workout gear, and it still holds true for me. I have only had to throw away a couple of really old and stained workout tops and shorts that were so old (high school!) the elastic was pretty much shot on them. I know it may take a few extra minutes to take care of your workout gear, but in the end it can save you a lot of money from having to replace things! Plus, no one wants to work out next to someone who is stinky, and they haven’t even broken a sweat yet! (I think this means some of Bobby’s shirts need to GO….)

Here are a few other tips:

-don’t put running shoes in the dryer, it messes with the fibers and the glue/shape of the shoe and can make it lose stability

-rotate your running shoes with another pair, this is good for injury purposes as well

– If something is stained or has a smell you can’t get rid of, throw it out! It’s time.

-Sweat wicking fabric can lose it’s wicking ability over time. If you notice you aren’t staying as dry as before it could mean it’s time for new sweat wicking outfits for you!

-check your socks, if they are thinning or getting holes ditch them, it’s not worth the blisters you will get!


QOTD: What is your best tip for adding to the longevity of your workout gear?

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  1. I’m really bad about ever throwing gear away unless it’s totally falling apart. Otherwise, I probably hang onto it and keep it long past the time when I should!

  2. Hmm I definitely think I use my sports bras for too long. Thanks for the reminder! Do you have a favorite sports bra/brand? I’ve been looking for a new one that’s maybe a little more supportive than my C9s (which I love!)

  3. I have 2 giant drawers full of workout gear, because I can’t bring myself to throw it out. If it still fits and it isn’t falling apart, then…I keep it! I spend the majority of my time in it anyways 🙂

  4. Invest, invest, invest! It’s so important to invest in the right workout gear. You don’t have to spend a small fortune but if it fits well, supports where needed, the spend the $$ on it. I’d much rather spend $50 on a sports bra that fits, supports and it comfortable than buy a cheapy one that’s uncomfortable, stretches out and needs to be replaced in a couple of months. Great tips!

  5. Tip to dry wet running shoes….pull the inner sole out and let it dry…stuff the shoes with newspaper…as the newspaper absorbs the water from the shoes keep changing it for dry newspaper…when the shoe is completely dry put the inner sole back in! Works like a charm.

  6. Great advice thanks!

  7. all great tips 🙂

  8. I was just about to comment that my running capris last forever. Then I realized it’s b/c I run in shorts 9-10mos per yr. Haha. Great tips!

  9. I’m horrible about throwing out workout gear. I just found out that you are supposed to get new sports bras every 3 months. Ummmm…some of mine are at least 5 years old!

    I guess I better go clean my workout clothes drawers!

  10. I spend most of my days living in my workout gear…so I don’t throw it away until I absolutely have to. Or if I’ve lost enough weight. 😉

    Great post…I don’t think many people consider expiration of their workout gear/clothes!

  11. Good tips!

  12. Great post & I need to be reminded. I tend to hold on to things too long! 😉 Without giveaways & blog freebies – YIKES! 😉

  13. Christine at We Run Disney says:

    I’m DEFINITELY guilty of keeping sports bras too long! Good to know…maybe I’ll start keeping track of how long my various clothes are in the rotation. I don’t know why, but I feel like air/hang drying some of my nicer work out clothes…tops, sports bras, good skirts or capris helps them stay in shape longer. I’ve always heard the dryer tends to be tough on clothes.

    • absolutely! I linked to a post in today’s post where I talked about air drying all my dri fit stuff! I don’t want it to shrink, either.

  14. I wash my workout gear, including my shoes in Woolite. It protects the fibers and colors. My original running shoes (bought in 2010) with over 400 miles on it – look almost new. Thanks for the great tips!

  15. I always mean to rotate running shoes but then never do. And I also mean to not dry my sports bras in the dryer since I hear that makes them lose their support too.

  16. I’m a trainer and I have SERIOUS issues throwing stuff away. Even though I lecture my clients about switching sneakers, clothes, gear. I have been better about my shoes, but I have yoga pants with holes in them! That was interesting about the sports bras!

  17. Wash & Wick is a new product that restores the wicking ability of fitness clothing, activewear, etc. It is designed specifically for such clothing made from polyester or nylon. These fabrics lose their ability to wick moisture after wearing & washing over a period of time because the original “wicking” treatment wears off. Wash & Wick is an environmentally friendly product developed for home use. One 12-ounce bottle treats up to 12 garments. Wash & Wick will also help protect the factoer finish of new clothing, and will help keep excercise clothes from getting “funky”.

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