March 2014 Confessions

Ok guys, it’s confession time again. I have a few things weighing on me and thought it was time to ‘fess up!

1.) I am SO TIRED of running. There. I said it. Gulp. This chick is totally and completely burned out. I don’t want to train, I don’t want to race, nothing. The good news is, this has happened before and I always, ALWAYS bounce back after some time off. So I am hoping that is just what I need. It’s totally my own fault, cramming Dopey, Tink, and Princess all into two months. I am excited for the day I WANT to run again, but today is not that day, and that’s ok. HOWEVER, I do have a race in April so I need to keep some of my running intact, so I will still run some…just not like I was training for all these races.


How about cutting back on running mmkkk?

2.) Spring fever is hitting me like woah. This weekend it was gorgeous and 73. We have green grass, and Bobby even had to cut it because it was getting high! We a lot of time outside because I felt guilty being inside, and now I am bummed again because it was in the 30’s last night/early this morning.


3.) I had to lower my weights at the gym. I haven’t consistently been lifting since Dopey, and the reality of it hit me at the gym yesterday. I have gotten weaker. It wasn’t a good feeling, but I am hoping with my running hiatus I will want to be in the gym more lifting!

4.) I didn’t watch a single second of the Oscars, and am totally ok with that. The Walking Dead was way more entertaining anyway I am sure.

5.) Today is Mardi Gras (woo hoo!) and I am sad I didn’t go to any parades this year OR eat any King Cake. I did, however have delicious King Cake flavored coffee. Fact: Until I was in 5th grade I thought Mardi Gras was a national holiday. It is SUCH a big deal to us, we even got a week off school, I just thought everyone else celebrated, too. Why not?


QOTD: What is a confession you want to make this month?

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  1. I’m burned out on running too and I didn’t do Dopey, Tink, and Princess. I don’t know what the deal is, except this has been a brutal winter in Ohio.
    When I was younger I thought everyone got off for Mardi Gras too! I love that we have such a unique culture. No parades for me either, but I did have some not very good King cake this weekend 🙂 I didn’t watch the Oscars either, and if Walking Dead was new that means it didn’t record-dagnabit. Happy Mardi Gras-I have to go to work grrrrrr

  2. You’ll get your running mojo back! I know it. And it’s 19 but feels like 7 here right now — I ran in shorts and a tank top and was HOT only 2 days ago! Grrr. Come on spring.

  3. Joy Hargraves says:

    Since we moved to the mainland in 2008, I have been dreadfully depressed during the winters. I hate not being outside, and I hate that I have asthma that will not allow me to be out in the cold. And I hate running on the dreadmill. I love being outside, and I just cannot where we live right now. I think I have to just resign to the fact that the only plausible races for me will be in summers and falls. WDW Marathon weekend is a possibility, thankfully. It is hard, Heather. We all get into funks. We all lose motivation and our mojo. We are all here for each other – thankfully. Right now I just don’t know how I’m going to get the training done for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler……..I’ll figure it out!! And we hope you figure it out, too!!

  4. This yo-yo weather is killing me and needs to make up its mind!! Happy Mardi Gras, friend! I was bad and bought a King Cake yesterday! Whoops…

  5. I didn’t watch any of the Oscars either. Amazing Race was much more entertaining.

    As for my confession, I’m going stir crazy. It snowed another couple of inches yesterday, and I just want spring to finally get here!

  6. I did not watch the Oscars either. I watched Brave and recorded the ceremony so I could watch only the RIP segment and of course, Let It Go. I only saw 3 of the movies nominated this year, and 2 of those were in the animated category.

  7. I confess I didn’t watch the Oscars either and I couldn’t tell you one person or film that was even nominated. I am so far removed from Hollywood and celebrity stuff that I never know what is going on! And i’m okay with that!

  8. This is the first time in years that I haven’t taken my boys to a Mardi Gras parade! 🙁

  9. I have serious spring fever. I cannot.wait for warmer weather. We had a beautiful day on Saturday, then BOOM. Ice.

    I didn’t watch the Oscars either, I figured all the best moments will be on facebook and youtube lol

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to run much right now – all those long races in a short time would definitely cause me to burn out as well!

  10. I took almost a full week off since PHM 2014 weekend wiped me out . The three races, going to parks everyday and middle of the night wakeups exhausted me ! But it was a blast!

  11. I can imagine all the travel and back to back races would wear anyone down!! Hope a few months of cross training feels great

  12. Well we are in the same boat. I want nothing to do with my running shoes….but we are doing a relay in 2 weeks. After that, I got nothing on the schedule. NADA, zip zero zilch. I couldn’t even get overly excited over Wine Dine opening up today. Boo. I hope we both get out of this funk – quick!

  13. I would like to confess that I, too, get tired of running. We break up for a bit, then rekindle our relationship.

  14. I confess that I haven’t run since last tuesday…until today. Once a week is not enough…it makes me feel blah.

  15. Melissa M says:

    I haven’t run in like a month. After Tink my motivation went downhill even though I registered for dumbo and am also running avengers and a divas half. I’m excited for these races, but with the weather being crap, me fighting off sickness (and dealing with two kids that have been alternating being sick) , super stressful days at work…the last thing I want is to run. I know once I do it would be better but getting out the door is the hard part

  16. Gina @ Noshing on Asphalt says:

    Until I moved to the south I had NO idea what Mardi Gras was. I still remember my total horror at someone explaining the baby in the king cake thing… YIKES! Oh how I’ve adapted and love my king cakes now.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing this. It really helps me to know I’m not the only one who is burnt out. I’m hating running right now, and have no motivation to do ANYTHING. After Dopey, I feel like I completely lost my desire and passion for running…and I was really, really hoping it would come back during PHM. No dice. I’ve never had this happen before, so it helps to know that giving myself a little bit of a break might be exactly what I need! Thanks, Heather!

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