My Fitness Closet Part 2

Some of you may remember the recent post and vlog I did on my Fitness Closet. I only had time to do a quick overview of my fitness clothes, but decided I wanted to dive a little deeper and give some more details on my workout wear. I am aware I have a LOT of workout clothes, but oddly enough I didn’t pay for very many of them. Lots are race clothes, things I was given for review for the blog, etc. So, point being no I didn’t spend a fortune on all of these clothes and shoes!

SHOES: from top to bottom, left to right: Newtons, runDisney New Balance, Brooks trail, reebok flex, Mizuno, Asics, Saucony Virrata, Reebox flex, Asics, Zoot, Altra, Under Armour.


aaannddd I got these guys in the mail yesterday. The new Saucony Kinvara 4. Look for a review later!


I went upstairs and dumped all my dri fit shirts into a pile on the floor.


I sorted them into three piles. Short sleeve on the left, runDisney in the middle, tank top/sleeveless on the right. How sad my runDisney pile is almost as high as my regular short sleeve shirt pile?!?


PANTS: 3 pair, one pair not shown (in the wash) I don’t own a lot of pants b/c I run most of the time half naked (I kid) because it’s so darn hot here. Target C9, Russell athletic.


CAPRIS: 4 pair shown, 2 not shown (in the wash) I like to take fitness classes in these and lift weights. Under Armour, Target C9, Addidas


SHORTS: I totally just realized all my bottoms are BLACK! Well almost. I have 4 pair in the wash and one are blue and one brown. Brooks, Nike, Russell, Target C9.


SPORTS BRAS: Yay for color! Everything from Nike to Under Armour to Moving Comfort.


RUNNING SKIRT BRAS: missing 2, a pink and a white.


You probably saw this from my last post. All running skirt gear from capris, to dresses, running skirts, athletic skirts, strappy tanks, tank tops, long sleeves, and jackets. Missing a few items here in the wash as well.

photo (36)

QOTD: What brand appears most in you fitness closet?

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  1. At the moment Old Navy. I bought heaps of workout gear from there when we went to Hawaii it was so cheap and good quality 🙂

  2. I think it’s awesome that your runDisney pile is as high as your regular gear! :0)

  3. LOVE that the runDisney pile is almost as high as your regular shirts pile haha.

  4. LULUlemon because I am definitely a lululunatic! I did just order a few things from Running Skirts! Hoping they arrive soon 🙂

  5. Definitely Under Armour. I love how UA fits on me since shirts can be cut differently depending on the brand. I had some UA shorts too, but they were old and I decided to phase them out once I got my two Running Skirts.

  6. Most of my fitness gear is from Lululemon. I am addicted to their clothing!

  7. Girl I think we have almost the same amount of running skirts ha!!! Love that your runDisney pile of shirts is as high as your regular ones!!!

  8. I am all about Target!

  9. Most of mine is from lululemon too. I have a handful of Old Navy and Nike gear thrown in. Actually I think all of my sports bras are from Old Navy!

  10. I have a bunch of Old Navy and Target brand work out clothes. I really love ON because a lot of it is versatile. I’m a Moving Comfort sports bra fan. I’ve got to have a lot of support for my girls.

  11. I think I have a majority of UA and Nike right now, but I love me some Target too!

  12. Your pants/shorts may be all black, but look at those colorful running skirts! I seem to lean towards Target, but that’s probably because there’s one down the street. 🙂

  13. Lululemon and Nike are probably best represented in my closet, although I am really starting to like the few new Athleta pieces I’ve gotten!

  14. Your shoe collection is pretty much amazing!

    As for my closet, I think it’s a toss up between nike and adidas… I usually get what I can find on sale at TJ Maxx haha! Though I did just splurge on a Moving Comfort sports bra and I am so glad I did, I LOVE it!

  15. LOVE this post! 🙂
    Almost ALL of my running/workout apparel is Nike!! I have a couple underamour, running skirts, and Target C9 but only a couple lol…

  16. I’m really leaning towards making a blanket or something out of my race shirts!

  17. Jacinta Dawson says:

    I am a Brooks girls! My shoes and skirts come from Brooks. My running bras are from moving comfort. It took me awhile to get over paying that much for a bra, but once you run in a good bra–you get it!

  18. I need to do a second post, I covet your shoe collection. It’s funny you have barely any pants and I have 1 pair of shorts…

  19. I’m back with a question 🙂 I was looking at the Running Skirts website and I love the strappy tanks and bras. Do you usually wear one of their bras under the tank? Is it pretty supportive. I’m not huge up top, but thanks to nursing two babies, I definitely need some support.

    • I am a little bigger on top, but really want to try a Strappy Tank and have wondered this same question…

      • there are two kinds made of two different materiels. the super stretchy ones are looser so I wear another bra under but not the tigheter/less stretchy ones.

    • there are two kinds made of two different materiels. the super stretchy ones are looser so I wear another bra under but not the tigheter/less stretchy ones.

  20. I’m thinking your a fan of pink sneakers!

  21. I mostly have Nike. I have friends who work for the company so I get into the employee store on occasion. I stock up because it’s half off. My husband joked that when I was training in 2011 that I was sponsored by Nike. I wish!!! He might kill me if I had the amount you have. 😉 I’m impressed though. And no, it is not sad about your amount of runDisney shirts; I’m jealous!


  22. I’m totally jealous of your runDisney collection! Hopefully I will have that one day too! I’m a big fan of the C9/champion stuff at Target. I love the compression capris there and their tech shirts but I love my Nike tanks, shorts, and sport bras! I just invested in a couple sparkle skirts and running skirts so those are new favorites!

  23. You crack me up with your collection. I can’t say that I’m envious. I think we have to make a collection all our own. I definitely want to make a quilt one day out of some of my tech shirts. I’ve donated some shoes over the course of a few Tough Mudder s. Otherwise, I have drawers full of gear. Mostly Nike and Lululemon.

  24. I am seriously jealous of your shoe collection… makes me want to go get a new pair of shoes asap.

  25. Runningskirts, lululemon, and sparkleskirts, with some c9 and tekgear in the mix!

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