What’s in Your Fitness Closet

Brian from the Pavement Runner challenged us to show the world what we have in our fitness closet. It could be running clothes, yoga pants, bike shorts, you name it. I happen to have workout clothes all over the place, so decided to film a vlog showing some of my collection.


First, a couple of photos. I have an insane amount of RunningSkirts.com gear. (Being a sales rep for them will do that to you!) It started as just a little corner of my closet and kept growing and growing! (This was taken post run so excuse my red face!)

photo (35)

photo (36)

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There you have it, just a sneak peek of my fitness clothes. It would have been a llloonnggg video had I pulled everything out! Be sure to head over to Pavement Runner’s Blog to see what other people have in their fitness closets.

QOTD: Do your fitness clothes take up more room in your closet/drawers than regular ones?

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  1. Wow you sure do have A LOT of fitness clothes. The biggest bottom drawer in my chest of drawers is all for fitness clothes but there are some I definitely wear more often than others either for their comfort factor or depending on what activity I’m doing they suit me better.

  2. You have a ton of stuff! I’m definitely in need of a closet makeover. I don’t even know how much stuff I have b/c my closet is so disorganized that I “lose” things.

  3. If it were up to me my fitness clothes would take up 1/2 my closet..but I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate that too much haha

  4. Right now my running gear takes up one whole drawer of my dresser. Now that I have a new apartment and bigger closet, I’m wondering if I should give some drawers for the closet and re-organize some stuff.

  5. you have one of the most colorful closets i’ve seen! love it!

  6. if i could wear my workout clothes to teach third grade then yes they would definitely overtake my “regular” clothes, but sadly that’s not the case. i do have a pretty nice sized collection though 🙂 🙂

  7. I’ve actually pretty much take over another room in the house for all my running & yoga stuff! There’s a full dresser of clothes, but then I have all my “accessories” – yoga mats, foam rollers, water bottles, etc., it’s crazy!

  8. HOLY COW… your fitness closet is AMAZING!!! You have so many awesome clothes, love it!!!

  9. Oh wow so you really do have yours in a closet properly, neatly hung. I might be jealous!

  10. Yes my running clothes take up way more space in my closet than my regular clothes do! I love buying running clothes…especially running skirts…and it’s a problem come Sunday morning when I need something to wear to church lol! Or on the days I substitute teach! Glad to know I’m not the only one out there with way too many running clothes! 🙂

  11. Jealous of all the Running Skirt action! Every time you post a pic in one I think how cute it is!

  12. I want to come raid your closet – so much cute stuff!

  13. I find myself NOT purchasing “normal” clothes because I could use that money to buy running clothes or new running shoes…I can completely relate to your closet!! And, love all the cute skirts…I may need to start stocking up, too…:)

  14. Mine is in separate drawers too! Love your RS collection!!

  15. Now that is a great collection of fitness clothes! Your closet is so neat – totally puts mine to shame!

  16. You are so organized with it all! I totally need to devote more space to my entirely too huge collection. I love your huge collection of Running Skirts! I love running in them!

  17. I’m totally with you. I cannot stop adding to my skirt collection!

  18. What a fun little tour 🙂 Wow, you do have a lot of running gear!!

  19. I seem to only buy workout stuff these days…being out of work means I don’t need work clothes… :-/

  20. My workout clothes is found in drawers and my regular clothes in the closet! FUn vlog!

  21. Wow. I thought I had a lot of stuff. Mine doesn’t fit in my very small closet so it is all crammed in drawers. I love how organized yours is.

  22. Laure Simms says:

    My running gear is taking over. Heather it is all your fault that I have bought five runningskirts in the last couple of months. I am addicted.

  23. I love your closet filled with skirts! I have a ton of running clothes and need to find a bigger place to keep them. I see a lot of things I want to buy from reading all of these posts, I may be in trouble!

  24. haha I LOVE how many skirts you have! That’s awesome! I didn’t know you were a rep – I LOVE those skirts! I thought I had a lot of “Fitness” drawers in my dressers but so do you so I feel better 🙂

  25. I’m so jealous of your running skirts collection too! I love that all of your workout clothes are neatly hanging in a closet. Mine are stuffed into 2 dresser drawers. Not a pretty sight!

  26. I may need to add to my skirt collection. I have a ton of shorts and pants, but I’m lacking in skirts. Thanks for the details!

  27. I LOVE the video. It was awesome to watch. I’m also going to go buy some running skirts – I’ve wanted to try them and seeing your closet gave me some inspiration to go grab a few!

    We are all going to end up with no regular clothes and wearing workout clothes everywhere… but what can you do!

  28. I love that you hang your fitness clothes! I need a bigger closet 😉

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