October Look Back to 2012

These are always fun posts to write, and I can honestly say I am SO glad I am not in the same boat I was in at this time last year. While I do have a cold, I am not near as sick as I was last October!

photo (10)

Never thought I would end up in urgent care two hours after this photo was taken.

We got off a Disney cruise and I was very sick and nauseated. I ran a half marathon the next day, and ended up in urgent care. Then I ended up having stomach issues that lasted until Christmas, so last fall was a difficult time for me. VERY glad that is over with! I can honestly say though when all of that was going on, it felt like it was NEVER going to end. I felt helpless and defeated, and it really taught me not to judge other people when it comes to illness, because you just don’t know what they are going through or how one sickness can affect someone else differently than you.

Not sure if ANY of that made sense, hoping it did! Anyway, I will take a cold any day over some things other deal with and what I was dealing with last year. We did however have a good time on our cruise last October with my parents, and I will never forget our jeep excursion “experience” through Costa Maya in the pouring rain and driving though enormous mud puddles to get back to the ship.


QOTD: What is something you did or were doing this time last year you are glad you are NOT doing this year?

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  1. Girl I remember you going through all of that sickness! You struggled for months! I also remember you posting about the fun on your cruise! This time last year I was also dealing with the same hip issues I’m dealing with now. 🙁 I had also just started marathon training…and I’m glad I’m not doing that this year. I much prefer the half marathon distance.

  2. Sounds like it was a tough go last year. But sounds like everything is back on track. Your cruise sounds pretty fantastic!

  3. I wasn’t a reader last year, but I’m so happy to hear you’re doing much better & only dealing with a tiny cold. Feel better =)

  4. So glad you got those issues resolved. I hope you kick this cold soon too!

  5. That story is scary! Glad you’re doing better 🙂
    When you’re going through something hard/scary/emotional sometimes it seems like you’ll never get out of it….but luckily (hopefully), most of the time you do! And that’s when you can look back and talk/think about it and be grateful it’s over! Life’s crazy!
    -Sammy @ http://www.peaceandloveandicecream.com

  6. I’m glad you aren’t in the same place you were last year….yuck. I know that was a scary time, I’m glad you have it all behind you now! :0) Feel better soon!!

  7. I’m a little sad — this time last year, I was surrounded by friends and diving into a new job. It was so exciting and new. Now, I’m in another new job but far away from friends. Some things are definitely improved, but overall, I really miss my situation from a year ago!

    But I’m VERY glad you’re doing better 🙂

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  1. October Look Back to 2012

    These are always fun posts to write, and I can honestly say I am SO glad I am not in the same boat I