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Hi everyone I’m Renee’ Benda I blog over at I am very excited to guest blog for Heather! I’ve enjoyed reading about her running & travel adventures for some time now and jumped at the chance to guest blog. I’m a 30 year old mother of two working hard to stay fit and healthy while balancing a my family, life and fitness. I hope you share with you some great recipes, workouts, and fun finds from across the interwebs.

We’ve all been there whether you’re in cubicle farm or a freelance writer, we find ourselves sitting in front of a computer for hours a day! This has become normal for many career tracks and often wreaks havoc on our healthy- living goals. There are some simple steps you can take to staying fit while at the computer.

The obviously solutions would be a walking work station, but who has $300 for one of those? Plus not all employers are yet on board with alternative solutions to the ole’ desk, chair computer set up. Save yourself $300 and try these easy and inexpensive options.

Posture Check! Sitting for hours in s slouched position can be destructive for back and your heath! I like to set posture check reminders in my outlook calendar, you can set them on your phone too! A simple quick reminder to check your posture. This will remind you to sit up straight and push back your shoulders. This simple instruction will help you engage your core. Feeling extra ambitious add in some tummy pulses.

Pack your lunch and your sneakers. How close is the nearest park to your office? If you can’t answer this question it’s time to find out. During your lunch break get out and explore. Pack your lunch and your sneakers. Taking a walk around the closest park or even just taking a stroll around the block gets your heart pumping, feeds your brain fresh air, and can help burn a few extra calories. Chances are good that by packing your lunch you will make healthier choices than the vending machine. You will have more time to walk at lunch when you aren’t waiting in line at the fast food place. Getting fit is about making a healthy decision and then making another.
Standing during conference calls. Conference calls can be long and boring, we can all admit that right? Take a break from your chair and stand up during the call. It’s a simple solution and also a healthy one. You burn more calories standing than you do sitting. If you’re comfortable standing mix it up! You can bring in a 5 pound weight and do curls while standing and listening.

Play Ball! Have a fur baby or a real baby? Then you probably have a small ball kicking around your house. Bring it to the office, place it under your feet. Trying to balance the ball under your feet helps engage your core and work on stability. This is also a great solution for those of us who are not allowed to sit on a stability ball as a chair. The best part about this exercise is most of the time you can do it without anyone noticing!
HYDRATE. The office atmosphere can lend itself to overeating. It’s Sally’s Birthday, a client dropped off cupcakes, you know the drill. You can offset the amount you eat by hydrating. Drinking water is a proven step in staying healthy and active. I have a friend who packs two water bottles each day full of ice cold water. Throughout the day before 5pm her goal is to drink them both. The water helps her stay full and keeps her hydrated for her after work workout. If you’re full you will eat less of the snacks around the office.

Making these 5 simple adjustments to your work day can help you stay fit while in front of your computer. You will still need to schedule regular sweat sessions but these small steps can help you make healthier choices during the day.

QOTD: Any suggestions to add to this list? 

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  1. These are great tips! My corporate campus has a 1 mile loop outside, so I walk that everyday after lunch. I feel much more refreshed after that!

  2. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  3. I always do a posture check…when I find myself hunched over…I sit myself back up…straight 🙂

  4. I was slouching, but not anymore. And I love the suggestion to stand up during conference calls – great idea. 🙂

  5. I need to work on that posture one–I catch myself slouching all the time. It doesn’t help that my office has terrible chairs–and we aren’t allowed to switch them out–but that’s still just one excuse, I can definitely do better at sitting up straight.

  6. Great tips! I’m so aware of my slouching now. When I worked at a desk job I would always aim to walk during lunch for at least 30 minutes- it helped break up the day so well and I felt so much better!

  7. Great tips… i sit at my desk all day and if it wasn’t for my (often) lunch runs, i might turn into a real life cubicle slug.

  8. I am SO BAD at posture checks. Every time I do them, I realize I’m slouching. It’s awful!! Great tips!

  9. what great tips! I know for sure I never keep a good posture at the computer. I think I have what people call the “douche bag” shoulders haha! oh boy! I try to sit on a medicine ball to correct it at home when i’m on my computer!

  10. Thanks Everyone! I’m telling you schedule those posture checks just like you would a meeting in outlook and challenge yourself to NOT need a reminder. I’m all about self competition!

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