Disney’s Boardwalk Area Resorts

I get asked by many potential clients about the three Disney resorts that are considered the “Boardwalk area resorts.” Which is best? Which is closest to EPCOT? Best pool? Best nightlife? I thought it would be a good idea to dissect these three resorts and give you a taste of each to help you see which would be the best fit for your Disney vacation.

disney resort

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, Yacht Club, and Beach club are all deluxe resorts. They have the same amenities as far as what is in your room, but they all have different themes. All three are within walking distance to EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and all offer some great dining locations.

Let’s start with the Yacht Club. This resort, per the name, has a very nautical feel. Lots of navy blue and browns can be seen throughout the resort. The lobby is very cozy, and it has a quaint feeling to it.


The rooms have lots of nautical touches as well as hidden Mickeys.



One of my favorite restaurants, Yachtsman Steakhouse, can also be found at this resort. This is the only resort where I have not stayed club level so I cannot attest to it, but I have heard it is a very small room, similar to the Beach Club’s club level lounge.

One of the biggest draws here is access to the pool (saying pool just doesn’t do it justice, it’s amazing), Stormalong Bay.





Kids (and adults!) can play here for hours and hours. Back before magic bands, you had to have a special wrist band to get into the pool area because so many people not staying at the resort would try to sneak in. This miniature waterpark is shared with the Yacht Club’s sister resort, Disney’s Beach Club. Here you will find light colors, sand volleyball courts, and Beaches n Cream soda shop. It is also home to Cape May Café which has a character buffet and a clam bake dinner.


Rooms are light and airy, with seafoam green and light blues.



I have stayed club level here, and the lounge was very small, cramped, and loud when we were there. The food offerings were, in my opinion, just ok.

Lastly, we have the Boardwalk Inn, on the other side of the lake. This resort attracts the older crowd and the single crowd because well, the scary clown slide just freaks everyone out. (I will spare you a close up!)DSC_0655

The pool is fine, but compared to Stormalong Bay…well, there is no comparison. The room below is not a normal sized room, it is a deluxe room…so don’t go thinking all the rooms are this big. Smile


The color scheme has a lot of red and yellow for a more Victorian feel. I love all the brightness, and it remind me a lot of the Grand Floridian. The biggest draw for this resort is the sweeping Boardwalk views, and the nightlife. Below is a view from our balcony. Gorgeous.


At night you can find magicians along the Boardwalk, and you are steps away from the Atlantic Dance Hall and Jellyrolls dueling piano bar. My favorite two restaurants on the Boardwalk are Flying Fish café and the ESPN club. If we are staying during football season we always end up there watching a game!


As I mentioned before, all three resorts are within walking distance to two parks. Boardwalk Inn is the closest to Hollywood Studios, and the Beach Club is the closest to EPCOT. The walks to both parks are beautiful and peaceful, we really enjoy this time before the hustle and bustle of the day. Note: there is also a boat if you don’t want to walk!


The club level lounge at the Boardwalk is bigger than the other two, and has good food in my opinion. The staff is super friendly as well.


So, in my opinion? If you has small kids, I would most likely pick the Beach Club or Yacht Club. If you are young folk with no kids, or empty nesters, etc. I would go with the Boardwalk Inn. All three are great no matter what you choose though!

QOTD: What is your favorite of these three resorts and why?

I would love to plan your family’s magical vacation to one of these resorts or one of the many other options. 2016 pricing comes out on Monday, so email me today to get on my list of quotes! [email protected]

Beach Weekend part 1


I know I have touched a little bit on our vacation in posts from the weekend, but now I am back and have my laptop and my pictures from my good camera, so I apologize if a bit of this is a repeat!

Thursday I picked Bobby up from work after loading up the car myself. We headed out of town and got to Lambert’s in Foley about 5:30. We love this place but haven’t been since the last time we were at the Beach Club in 2009.

They have amazing sweet tea. I die.

2012-02-02 18.21.17

We stuffed out faces (and had plenty of leftovers!) We were checked into our condo by 7:30, excited for a long weekend of relaxation.


King bed with access to the balcony from the bedroom


Finger in front of the lens? Seriously? Who am I?!


I love that on the booking website you can see pictures and virtual tours of each unit, so you know exactly what you are getting.



This one bedroom condo really sleeps six people and has 1.5 bathrooms.


Although, I think 6 people would be too many for this space! The sofa folds out to a bed, and there are bunk beds hidden in the wall. Although, I did start to hyperventilate a bit at the thought of someone closing those doors while laying in a bunk bed.


Kitchen, and to the left next to the refrigerator was a closet with the washer and dryer.




One of the things we love about The Beach club is there are free DVD rentals, you just have to rent one at a time but can watch as many as you want. There is a kiosk in the clubhouse and they give you a special coded card to swipe. After we unpacked, we walked to the clubhouse and rented our first of many DVD’s. After the movie we turned in early, leaving the balcony door cracked so we could hear the ocean. aaahhh…..

The next morning, we ate breakfast on the balcony. It was gloomy and chilly, but we were just happy to be there.




See the covered roof area above the pool? That’s the hot tub. So relaxing.


After breakfast we walked down to the beach. It was really more windy than cold at this point.

2012-02-03 11.21.57

2012-02-03 11.21.03

2012-02-03 11.22.19

Makes me smile.

2012-02-03 11.26.22

2012-02-03 11.22.34

2012-02-03 11.22.49

We saw a very large amount of these small crazy blue jellyfish. Does anyone know anything about them? I am used to seeing the big clear ones washed up (we saw several of those, too). But, every twenty feet of so was one of these guys.

2012-02-03 11.30.40

On our way back we saw this beautiful (but slightly creepy looking) bird perched on the walkway. Did I ever mention birds scare the heck out of me? It’s like they are always up to something…

2012-02-03 11.49.58

My very favorite spot at the Beach Club would be the swings right outside the pool. They are covered, and look out into the ocean. We spent some time sitting and swinging before going back up to the 9th floor.

2012-02-03 11.18.20

That night, we went to dinner at the restaurant at the clubhouse. Check out my snow birds post for more on how that went. Dinner was very good, I got the fillet with mashed potatoes and zucchini, and Bobby got the catch of the day.

Of course, we had to take obligatory balcony pictures at some point, right?



He did wear a belt, I promise. We just had to stop and get it in the car. No belt = pet peeve


After dinner, we hit up the hot tub for some quiet relaxation, but were quickly joined by 6 snow birds in town for two months. They were super sweet and fun to talk to, but it definitely wasn’t the relaxing quiet we had hoped for. Oh well! We got to hear all about the activities they have for the snow birds like yoga, cribbage, casino night, bridge, etc. I hope I can come to the Beach Club for two months when I retire!

We watched another movie then went to bed, fingers crossed for a warmer sunny day!

QOTD: If you could spend two months somewhere, where would it be?

The Beach Club


A few of you have asked me via e-mail about the place we like to stay at the beach. Growing up, we always went to Destin, FL and have a favorite spot, which we stayed in last summer when Bobby had to take some legal classes to keep his law license current. But, we have also gone to another beach a few times, and really love it because it’s two hours from our house, The Beach Club. This beautiful place is just outside of Gulf shores in a more secluded area called Fort Morgan.


The last time Bobby and I were here was in September of 2009 for a long weekend. We had a great one bedroom condo with an amazing view of the beach.


It was nice to be there in the off season when it wasn’t crowded at all. I know it will be a little bit cooler this time around but really, we are just wanting to get away so we don’t really care.


We really like how “off the beaten path” this place is. They also have free dvd rentals and a few different dining options. We of course will be hitting up the gym and running on the beach!



When we go to the beach, we like having a condo, so we can bring a lot of our own food. it makes it healthier and cheaper!



Plus we really love sitting on the balcony eating breakfast.


Or a late night snack!

DSC04444 (1)

Hopefully it will be warm enough to hit up the pool, but they have an indoor one too if it’s not.



So ready to go! Hurry up week!


QOTD: Where is your favorite beach spot?