Boot Reflections: 3 weeks


It’s here, it’s here! The day I have been waiting for! No, not Christmas, it’s the day I HOPEFULLY get my boot off! It has been three weeks, and I will be honest, they have FLOWN by. Has the boot been an inconvenience? Yes. Do I miss running? Heck yes! But in a way I think it’s been good to take a break regroup, and force me to get back to cross training and weight lifting (two things I have been ignoring.)

The first 1.5 weeks were hard, because I didn’t have a gym membership. But then the YMCA finally opened, and I have been there every day they have been open except for one, due to an out of town wedding. I even managed to hobble around with the boot for the wedding (although for the actual ceremony I did wear ballet flats)


Rehearsal Dinner

The halfway mark seems like yesterday, and the day I thought would never come has arrived. When I first was put in the boot, I shared with you some of my honest fears of losing fitness and gaining weight. I am happy to report I have maintained my weight over the past three weeks, even with lifting weights 4-5 x’s a week, which makes you gain a little weight.


I have maintained a healthy relationship with food, and have been able to indulge in plenty of holiday treats during this time. Will it take awhile to get back to the running shape I was in? Probably, but I am just so ready to be out there again that I am ok with that.

So now I want to share with you my new fear…..I am afraid that if/when I am cleared to run…the pain is going to come back. My foot stopped hurting about a week into being in the boot, and so the only way I am going to be able to tell if it’s better is going to be to run on it at least 3 miles or so. I am not sure what the doctor is going to say as far as easing back into running, or heck this is even assuming I get out of the boot today! But I am definitely afraid the pain is going to come back, be chronic, etc. So I am praying that all goes well this morning and that I can re-join the ranks of the running!


QOTD: Coming back from an injury have you ever been afraid it would come back to haunt you again?

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Boot Reflections: More Than Halfway


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Since I told you I would, I wanted to share a little bit about what it has been like physically and emotionally to be in the boot so far. After today I will have been in the boot for two solid weeks. Have I gained weight? Yes, but not much. I am hoping it won’t take long to get back to how I was before. More than anything I just feel a bit more …..squishy than I did then I was running and lifting weights. Now that the YMCA is open I hope that changes.


More than anything this has been a mental struggle for several reasons. First of all, as Reese Witherspoon would say, “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!” This is so true. I will admit I have been quite grumpy the past couple weeks. When I finally got the chance to workout Friday morning, I felt SO MUCH BETTER afterwards, I had more energy and felt better than I had in weeks. Sometimes you just need a good sweat session.

With that being said, I have had my fair share of hard days. Not going to lie, it has been really, REALLY difficult to see everyone’s Twitter feeds full of race recaps, long runs, and PR’s. This is my third injury, all three of which occurred right as I was passing that threshold of being faster than I have ever been before, and then I get hurt and don’t get back to where I was. It is really discouraging and I have done my fair share of moping.


I can’t help but think by the time I can start really running again and getting back into form, half marathon season will be over. (It ends down here after March for the most part!) and then we get to the hot months and I won’t get another chance until next fall. I REALLY am scared I am going to start running and my foot pain is going to come back…or my knee pain, or my hip pain. I know you are supposed to run for fun and I DO have fun, but PART of the fun to me is getting better than you were at the last race. It has been a hard pill for me to swallow that my goals for this spring may not be reached. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but sitting here with this thing on my foot, some days I find it hard to be hopeful.

Not trying to be a downer guys, but just wanted to express how I have been feeling. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I have been a bit more blue that usual, for a couple of reasons. One I hope to be able to explain at a later date, and then of course, the boot.

Wow I didn’t mean to get this wordy, just wanted to give an update! Physically my foot feels fine, but that’s how it felt before I ran the Turkey Trot of pain as well. Fine. I am so scared of my first run out of the boot, I’m not sure how I will tackle that yet! Fingers crossed that I will only have one week to go.


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QOTD: Have you ever had a fitness related setback? How did you handle it and were you able to be better than you were before?

RWS Features #2


Good morning! I can’t believe it’s December. Not that I’m complaining, I love Christmas! I survived my first full day in the boot. I think I need to name it. Any suggestions? Anyway, I have managed to get around pretty good, although it is difficult in the house when I am barefoot on the other foot. I wear a running shoe some but the dogs freak out when I wear shoes because they think I am going somewhere so I can’t do that all day.

Yesterday I did a lot of work for my Disney travel job (by the way NEW SPRING deals are now out. e-mail me at [email protected] for a free quote, it doesn’t cost you anything extra to have me plan your vacation!) and tried to clean up the house a little bit. Today I have a lot more to do, so I thought it would be a good day for a RWS Feature!

Meet Kristin! (@SassphaltRunner)


1.) How/Why did you start blogging? I only started blogging about a month ago, but it was in the works for a few months. As I started to read more and more amazing running stories/blogs, mostly by women who were just like myself, I immediately became inspired. We all have a story and being able to share that story with such a supportive running community is cathartic. For me, my blog is somewhat twofold – yes, it mainly focuses on running which is something I love, but I also wanted to be able to open up to folks that I am partially blind and have been that way since I was born. I wanted to demonstrate that despite this, it’s molded me into who I am. It’s taken a lifetime to admit this to others which I’m still in the process of doing.

2.) Sum up your blog in a couple sentences: SassphaltRunner is about living your life, doing what you truly love, and running over life’s speed bumps one stride at a time – with a sprinkle of sassy, of course. 🙂

3.) What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging? I want to be able to inspire readers and fellow runners to know that it’s okay to let your guard down and let people in about your imperfections, whatever they may be. Chances are, they won’t see them the way you do.

4.) What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment? When I turned 30 nearly two years ago, a light bulb went off. While I had been running in local races since 2005 and running as a form of fitness since college, I really wanted to step things up a bit – I wanted to run a half marathon. I never thought I couldn’t do it although there were times that I was skeptical. Finishing that half marathon on 10.10.10 was my biggest healthy living accomplishment because the training and the race itself marked a new chapter in my life. No, I don’t have a drastic weight loss story – running a half wasn’t a form of weight loss for me. Rather, it made me more determined, happier, and conscious of how important running was to my life and health and was a constant reminder of how I never wanted to stop. I now have three half marathons under my belt and I’ll be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans marathon on March 4, 2012 – my first!

Be sure to stop by Kristin’s blog and say hello! I mean, she’s wearing a Running Skirt, she’s my new best friend!

QOTD: Have you ever had to overcome a big obstacle in the health and fitness part of your life?

The Boot


Good morning friends. Well, not a very good morning for me. As some of you saw on my Twitter and Facebook yesterday, I am not confined to the boot.  Meet my new friend. accessory.


You may remember I have been complaining of foot pain for about a month. I even took two complete weeks off running, and only logged about 20 miles in the month of November. In case you are catching up…it started hurting SLIGHTLY, more of just pressure on the top of my left foot, during the Rock n Roll St. Louis half marathon. I rested a couple days after the half, then ran an easy 3 miler in which my foot hurt AFTER I got back and for the next day or so. I took another couple days off, then ran 6 miles with Bobby, and it hurt badly about halfway through the run. That’s when I decided to ice it, take ibeprofin, and two weeks off.

After two weeks I ran twice, a 2.5 miler and a 3 miler. Both of which I got a little pressure towards the end of the run but not really pain if that makes any sense. So, I decided to run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. My foot started throbbing at mile 2, but I still managed to place in my age group! But, I knew something was really wrong after that. My foot hurt for days, so on Monday morning I made a Tuesday appointment to see an orthopedist. The doctor said it could have been a combination of things, but was most likely the fact that I raced half’s 3 weekends out of five while working three expos on my feet all day.

So This morning off I went, had x-rays done, and the doctor said they looked normal, BUT stress fractures often don’t show up on x-rays. So, as I suspected, it’s one of two things: a stress fracture or bad tendonitis. He said treatment for both is relatively the same, so I am to stay in the boot for three weeks, come back for more x-rays and to test it out. If it still hurts, it is likely a stress fracture and I stay in the boot another 2-3 weeks. If not, I can ease my way back into running.


I’m really ok with this!


Who am I kidding? this sucks!

Please excuse the mess, I was folding laundry today on the couch.

Anyway, I am really discouraged right now. I can’t run, I can’t do cardio. I can only lift upper body weights. And our YMCA isn’t officially open yet, just my luck.

Also, in an effort to keep it real here on RWS, which I always try to do, I am going to admit another fear I have….I am afraid I am going to gain weight. Some of you may be rolling your eyes, but I am just trying to be honest. I struggle with maintaining and indulging a bit too much around the holidays, so what’s going to happen when I can’t do much moving around? I have already sat around for two weeks not running, and now another three? I haven’t been inactive for FIVE weeks in several years. Maybe not ever now that I think of it.


I am being very careful how I word this, because I want you all to know I love food and would never starve myself to look a certain way, ever, but also I am not the type of person who says “I don’t know where it all goes, I eat whatever I want and I stay at my same weight!” I have to work HARD to maintain my weight, it has never come easy for me. I do not want to fall into a deadly trap of restriction, especially around Christmas, but I also don’t want to pack on several unnecessary pounds I have worked hard to keep away. I have always had a very healthy relationship with food, but I have also never been in a situation where I could not work out, so I am very curious to see how this all plays out.  I would much rather gain a little than starve myself, but I worry most about it constantly being on my mind every time I eat something. I will keep you posted on how I am physically and emotionally handling my new situation as we go.

QOTD: Have you ever had to wear a boot? Or a cast of any kind?