Racin’ For the Seed Duathlon

Last Saturday, Bobby competed in his first duathlon of the season. We found out about it last minute, (aka Bobby hasn’t been on his bike since before Emma Kate was born), but he wanted to do it anyway. It was a GORGEOUS day, with temperatures in the mid 60’s. It was Emma Kate’s first time to race spectate, and I feel there will be many more times in her future.

IMG_4317 (2)

She was such a trooper. She even took a 45 minute nap in her stroller, and slept again in the car on the way home.

IMG_4319 (2)

This race was to benefit a local place called the Mustard Seed, for adults with developmental disabilities. This organization has been around a long time and everyone loves it, so there were plenty of people willing to donate food, time, and other things for the race.

This particular race was a 5k run, a 15 mile bike, and then a 1 mile run. We were late arriving, so I had to go grab Bobby’s packet while he set up his bike. The below picture is him coming in from the 5k heading into transition.

IMG_4326 (2)

EK and I hung out inbetween transitions. There was a live band, plently of people and even activities for the kids. You could choose to just participate in the 5k portion, and it was so much fun to see some of the “seedsters” as they call them come in through the finish line running with a “buddy.”

IMG_4329 (2)

Bobby came through off the bike and said he had a calf cramp. Well yup, that’s what happens when you haven’t been on your bike in 7 months and you try to race.

IMG_4333 (2)

He hobbled off on his one mile run and we hung out near the finish.

IMG_4335 (2)

Yay go Bobby! He came in 7th in his age group and 18th overall out of over 100 racers.

IMG_4336 (2)

Frank the camel was proud of him.

IMG_4337 (2)

You read that correctly. Frank the camel was at the race. he even had his own Facebook page. I die.

Baby EK was proud of her daddy and wanted to know when she was going to get to race.

IMG_4343 (2)

Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a picture of a baby and a camel, right? I mean when will this EVER happen again? It looks like Frank is snarling and clearly is about to eat my baby.

FullSizeRender (22)

As we walked around after the race, we noticed that Frank was not the only animal at the race. No no, there was a whole freaking petting zoo. Bearded dragons, birds, rabbits, ferrets, a sugar glider and a humongous snake, which you will not see a picture of because I hhaattee snakes.

IMG_4355 (2)

IMG_4358 (2)

This is Joey, He climbed on Bobby’s shoulder and tried to eat his sunglasses.

IMG_4360 (2)

We had a great time at the race and hanging out after enjoying the gorgeous weather. Here in Mississippi it goes from cold to hot in a split second, so we don’t get many weekends of weather in the 60/70 range. I’m super proud of Bobby, can’t wait until his triathlon in May! (You can follow Bobby on Instagram and Twitter, too!)

QOTD: What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen at a race? Any other camels?

Flashback to June 2013

How is it already almost June? I’m not sure if things are flying by because of the pregnancy, or if this is just how life is going to be now, but slloowww down! It always makes me laugh when I talk about something that I swear happened “just a couple months ago” and no no, it was LAST YEAR. Hhhmmm… So I thought it would be fun to do another flashback (I love these, sorry guys!) and see what I was doing this time last year. Well, what I was doing in June, since it’s almost June now.

Last June, Bobby participated in his first Duathalon. It was actually a “summer series” where they had three sets of races, and it was about five minutes from our house with only a $10 entry fee. Score! He did great and improved his time each race.


Bobby and I went on a road trip with my parents to Atlanta to visit some old friends. (Fun fact, I lived outside of ATL from the ages of 2-7). We had a blast with no real “schedule”, it was nice to get away for a few days.


We found out that the golf course right by our house had $20 “twilight golf” where you could play anytime after 4:00, cart included, for $20. He hit the links a handful of times and I got to be his driver.


June 6 is Bobby’s birthday, so there was of course, cake.

photo (5)

He may have had cake twice. After all, it was his 30th!


QOTD: What were you doing this time last year?

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Weekly Recap: June Week 4

Good morning! Sunday already wow. The weekend sure is flying by, but I did get in a good 6 mile run in an hour on Friday!


I saw lots of people racing this weekend thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Bobby did great in his duathlon yesterday and shaved 5 minutes off of his time from the last one a month ago. Yay Bobby!

(taken with my Blackberry Z10, it takes great movement shots!)

We had a lazy day yesterday after the race, I even ended up taking a long nap, it was wonderful. Let’s take a look at my workouts for the week.

Sunday: rest

Monday: 5 mile run, upper body weights

Tuesday: 45 minute power walk

Wednesday: 2 miles speed work

Thursday: upper body weights, 45 minutes stationary bike

Friday: 6 mile long run

Saturday: rest

I got a massage for my IT band on Thursday as well as some active release from my chiropractor. It’s still sore, but hoping that in the long run it helps! I am so far behind in my training for Dumbo. This week calls for a lot more stretching and foam rolling, as well as a 7 mile run. I have a feeling it will be on the treadmill with the heat we have been having lately. Have a great day everyone!

QOTD: Would you rather have three wishes that had no catches or six wishes with minor catches?

Disclosure: I was provided with a wireless device and free service, all opinions are however my own

Beach update + Another Duathlon

Good morning! So sad a week ago I was in Georgia having a blast. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Speaking of Saturday, next Saturday we leave for the BEACH! Yes, every summer we go to Destin because Bobby has an annual bar conference and has to take continuing legal education classes to keep his law license. We have stayed somewhere different every year and I am stoked about where we are staying this year, but more on that later. It’s super nice and an early birthday gift for me and late one for Bobby. I can’t wait!


Last year at the beach

Today, I am heading out with Bobby again for another duathlon. It’s in the same place as the last one he did, it’s a summer series and this is number 3 in the series (me missed number one, oops.) We were blessed with amazingly cool weather for the one in May, but I don’t think we will be so lucky today. I will let you know how it goes. We have a friend from college who was an usher in our wedding who stayed here last night and is going to race with Bobby. Should be a fun day!


Nothing exciting planned for Sunday, just hanging out with Bobby and probably doing a little cleaning. I have been on a roll lately throwing things away and cleaning out closets. Nothing is safe!

QOTD: What are you doing this weekend?

Bobby’s Duathlon May, 2013

On Saturday, Bobby participated in his first duathlon. This one consisted of a two mile run, followed by an 11.2 mile bike ride, then another 2 mile run. Luckily, the race was five minutes up the road at the community center. I shot a video while I was there, you can check it out on yesterday’s post.


We also lucked up with the weather, it was gorgeous and cool for late May, so it was a perfect race to spectate.

The race started at 8:00, so we got there at 7:30 so Bobby could register and get his transition area set up. The 2 miles were an out and back followed by a 11.2 mile bike lop then the out and back two miles again.


Bobby hadn’t ridden more than 6 miles on his bike since April, so we were both interested to see how he would do. The gun went off, and everyone took off down the road. Within ten minutes the first man was back. Wow! He hopped on his bike and was gone. I waited on Bobby then timed his transition for him as he got on the bike and left. About 40 minutes later, he appeared again and began his last stretch of the race.


I had fun watching everyone come into the finish, and I did a lot of cheering for strangers. I soon spotted Bobby and got some pictures of him coming across the finish line. He did it!


QOTD: Have you ever done a duathlon? Would you consider doing one?