Mardi Gras: Learn the Lingo


Happy Fat Tuesday! I am bummed I missed all the parades this year because I have been out of town so much, but I still got in the Carnival spirit just living here, I love it! I thought today would be a fun day to give you all non New Orleans folks a little lesson in all things Mardi Gras (fun face: until I was in middle school, I thought Mardi Gras was a national holiday. I grew up with it and didn’t know any better!) So, here is a lesson in some Mardi Gras lingo. Now, go impress your friends and eat some king cake, but be careful of the baby!

Throws: Trinkets/toys/beads thrown by the Krewe off of the floats. Other popular items are plastic cups, doubloons, moonpies, and stuffed animals. Ever hear the phrase “throw me somethin’ mister?” Smile


Carnival: Carnival season is the time when the locals celebrate Mardi Gras. There are parades on the weekends, special food to buy like king cakes, parties and the like. Every year Carnival season starts on January 6th (my wedding anniversary!) and goes until Fat Tuesday.

Krewe: The krewe are the members of each carnival association. Most have a ball, and a parade (Krewe of Bacchus, Krewe of Endymion, etc.) The “krewe” dresses up and rides on the floats when the parade rolls. Got all that?


Mardi Gras: Fat Tuesday, the actual holiday itself, precedes Ash Wednesday.

King Cake: A cake which is really more like a bread, in a circle with icing and sprinkles on top. Some are plain and some are filled with cream cheese or fruit fillings. There is a baby inside, and whoever gets the baby in their piece has to buy the king cake at the next party.

photo 81

Ball: A lot of the larger Krewes have a ball during carnival season. They announce a court, and the court is honored during the ball. Everyone dresses up, it’s very fancy and formal. Every year the Krewe chooses a theme, and the ball may be centered around the theme each year as well.

Doubloons: Aluminum coins that are thrown from the floats that have that particular Krewe’s logo on it. These became very popular items, and some are very rare and collectors items.

Captain: The Captain is the leader of the carnival association for that Krewe. The Captain gets his own float at the front of the parade.


Ladders: It can be hard for small children to be seen during the big and crowded parades, so people create ladders with seats in them and wheels so their kids can see and be seen during the parades. You will see these lining the streets during parades.



I hope this was a fun and informative post. Now, who wants to come visit me next Mardi Gras?

QOTD: Have you ever been to a Mardi Gras parade? Want to go to one?



Gloomy hump day in south Louisiana! At least its warm. Sorry northerners, I don’t mean to gloat. Today is a bittersweet day for me, as it is my last full day with my parents before moving to my new house with my husband. I am one of those extremely sentimental people who thinks they are Peter Pan and will never grow up. I had a great childhood and even though I have done the leaving home thing once already, it feels like I am having to do it all over again. I never thought at age 25, married for four years, I would have such a great time living at home again I would be sad to go.

It has been nice getting to see my family everyday, but sad to only see my husband on the weekends. It’s been nice to not have to cook every night, but sad to not have my own kitchen or house. I get along great with my family and am so thankful they have allowed me to live here. I have had my moments where I couldn’t WAIT to get out, but when it comes down to it, I am really going to miss it. You would think I was 18 all over again going away to college! I try not to think about it because it just makes me more sad. I love my family and the house I grew up in.




There are, however, a couple of things that are exciting and fun about this new change in my life. Things are about to be a LOT different. I am about to be in a new town where I know no one or where anything is, and I will have a new house to unpack and settle into.



(they finally painted the railings white! I was starting to wonder…)

It will be fun, exciting, scary, overwhelming, and a big adventure. I never thought we would move, but then again I am not in charge. You know what happens when you try and make your own plans…God laughs. I am a pretty planned out person, so this shaking up of everything I know has been difficult, but I am excited for a new chapter of my life. I am trying to stay focused and not let any anxiety get to me….and eat lots of king cake.


A huge part of health to me is mental health, so I am going to try to achieve a good balance so I don’t go crazy the next couple of weeks! A part of that will be a couple of guest posts coming up this weekend! (moving plus not knowing which day your internet will be hooked up has a role in this. Don’t worry I will be back, with tons of pictures!)

Ok, off to run, then pack. I really mean it this time, I HAVE to pack!!

QOTD: Are you sentimental like me? Do you get along with your family?

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