Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Monday! The weekend went by so fast, but it was SUCH a great one, I wish I could do it all over again. I want to tell you all about it, and I hope you had a good one too (especially all you moms out there!)

Friday did not start out very good for us though. Unfortunately, Emma Kate was up all Thursday night with a bad cough. I tried holding her upright in the rocking chair, giving her water, etc. and nothing worked, so no one in our house got much sleep. Even though she was acting like her crazy self and didn’t have a fever, I decided to call the doctor because, just my luck she would get worse on Saturday. They were able to fit her in Friday morning so I missed boot camp, but it was worth it to make sure Ek was ok.


Checking out the doctor’s chair during her appointment.

Thankfully her ears and lungs were clear, but she had a significant amount of drainage so we were given some meds to help her out. I decided to take her to the park after since she was so good at her appointment. It was a gorgeous day, and lucky for us this weather would continue all weekend.


Friday afternoon was spent cleaning up the house because we had some friends coming over for dinner to BBQ with us. Also, sometime during the afternoon, I got a text from my mm asking if they could stay for the weekend. They had gone up to the Biltmore for a few days, and didn’t feel like driving all the way back to New Orleans in one day, so they ended up arriving late that evening after our dinner guests had left.

On Saturday morning, mom and dad watched little bit so Bobby could go to the gym and I went on a five mile run.


We took my parents out to Livingston for lunch, they had never been out there and I told them then needed to come back during the week so we could take them to the Farmer’s Market. We walked around the shops after lunch and then headed to the house so Emma Kate could nap.

Bobby had to be up at the yogurt shop for a birthday party, so my dad and I drove around looking at open houses while my mom hung out at the house relaxing while EK napped. My dad and I share a love for looking at beautiful homes, so we randomly drove around to different neighborhoods an found about 12 houses to go into (our area has TONS of new construction so they were easy to find!) Check out this gorgeous house on the water. I loved the kitchen.



It had a huge screened porch and a deck. Heaven.


We went back to the house after the baby woke up and then the four of us piled in my SUV and we took my mom back to our two favorite houses to show her (one being the one in the above pics, of course.)

Then we surprised Bobby at the yogurt shop and grabbed a snack there before heading back home. The weather was so beautiful we were able to sit on our screened in porch and drink some wine while we waited for Bobby to come home so we could eat dinner. Then we just relaxed and watched TV that evening. It was the best relaxing day!

Sunday morning we hung out and got ready for church, and when the three of us went to leave, my mom and dad headed back to Louisiana. It was so great to see them, especially for Mother’s Day. We took the opportunity to get some family photos before they left which was fun.




After church we came home and I worked on my laptop on the back porch. Trying to soak up this low humidity while I can! Bobby’s sister babysat for us last night so we could go out to dinner for Mother’s Day. We went to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant and then grocery shopping (very exciting).


Looking at the flower section made me laugh, totally wiped out for Mother’s Day!


On or way out of the grocery store in the parking lot, Bobby was goofing off with our cart (we had one of those short half carts) and he hit a hole and the cart flipped over forward and the momentum threw Bobby over top of the cart. Groceries EVERYWHERE, and I was dying laughing. A man jumped out of his car and came over to help us and I just couldn’t stop laughing. Poor Bobby. He hurt his shin, and his pride. We are tempted to contact Kroger for the surveillance footage just so we can watch. Sadly some of our eggs busted during the whole ordeal!


Such fun memories from this weekend, can’t wait to do it again!

QOTD: What did you do for Mother’s Day?

5 Things Friday XV

Friday, we meet again! I hope everyone had a great week, and has an even better weekend.

1.) Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day is SUNDAY. Hopefully you were already aware of this fact and have plans to mail a card/send a gift/visit your mother. Do something. Your mom put up with you your entire life, including your angsty teen years, so tell her thank you.

2.) Beat the sun: ASICS is once again trying to beat the sun with a fun race, and this year they are including some amateur runners, and you can vote for your favorite! (ppstt. Ryan is a fellow ASICS ambassador, just saying.)

3.) Fabletics fun: Check out these adorable new pants and top I got from Fabletics this month. I love the top because it’s super light and nice and long for a tall person like me. The pants have tiny little cut outs in the pattern and I love the bright color. Very comfy!

Fabletics May4

This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission when you shop through them. However I would never advertise a product that I myself wouldn’t use, so thank you for supporting my blog!


Also, how fun is my skirt?

4.) Complete cookie: I know I am late to the party, but I just had my first Complete cookie recently and yall, eating protein has never been this tasty for me! I am hooked. I have only tried chocolate chip and birthday cake but they are both delicious! I usually eat half a cookie then save the other half for the next day.

complete cookie

5.) Email list: Another huge thank you to those that have signed up for my email list via my free printables or my free how to start a blog e-course. If you want to join my email list (I only email bi-weekly right now) without signing up for one of the above two options, you can do so below. Thanks so much for your support. Lots of good things coming, and subscribers will be the first to know!

QOTD: Have you ever had a Complete cookie? What are you doing for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day Treats

This Sunday I will be celebrating my first “official” Mother’s Day. I have always celebrated as a fur mom, but this year it’s a little different with an actual human baby. When I think back on my pregnancy and first few months as a mom, I remember being so overwhelmed and having so, so many questions. I am really proud of “making it” this far, so a delicious treat is in order, right?


However, when I think back on this past year, I also think of another mom who has continually been there for me and answered my DAILY pregnancy and parenting questions. This friend not only has given me advice on countless occasions, but also basically supplied my maternity wardrobe and Emma Kate’s newborn wardrobe. She made me feel normal when I had feelings of sadness, and encouraged me telling me I was a good mom when I didn’t feel like one.


I knew I wanted to share my treats with her, because she definitely deserves a decadent Mother’s Day treat!


While we were in Disney World this past week, Jen and I indulged in some delicious Shari’s Berries together for Mother’s Day. It was a great way to say “thank you” for all the help and for her friendship. We had so many amazing treats to choose from, but the strawberries and the cake truffles were our favorites!


In honor of Mother’s Day, and my own amazing mother and my friends that are mothers, I tried thinking of some reasons why moms rock, and traits of a good mom. Here is what I came up with:

-Unconditional love

-Always there for you



-Teaches you the hard but good lessons

-Listening ear


So here is a “Happy Early Mother’s Day” to all the amazing moms out there like mine, and like my friend Jen. I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating YOU!

QOTD: What is something you would add to my list? Do you like chocolate covered strawberries?

Disclosure: I was provided with these special treats by Shari’s Berries to share for Mother’s Day, however all opinions are my own.

Happy Mother’s Day 2012


Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! While I am not *technically* a mother, I do still consider myself one, well, at least my fur children do!


I miss my sweet babies! ten days is a long time. I get to see them tonight!

So while I am not a mother, I do HAVE a mother, a great one at that!


My mom spoils me. She takes care of my dogs when we go out of town. She busy me things she thinks I will like. She emails me and calls me to check on me. She treats my husband like her own child. She takes me on trips and runs half marathons with me.


I cannot count the ways in which I am thankful for me mother, and I don’t know what I would do without her constant encouragement, prayer, and love. WE LOVE YOU MAMA! Happy Mother’s Day!

photo (11

Dance Fever


MORNING!!! How are you, dears? I had a great weekend and hope you did, too! Catching up?

Friday Favorites: Foam Roller

Team in Training is a go

Mother’s Day 2011

So, I had quite the fun weekend! Friday, after Bobby got home from work, we loaded up the car and headed to my parents house for the weekend.


Bella was excited to see grandma and grandpa

It’s so nice only driving a little over an hour to get there instead of over 2.5! I had one request, that on the way in we stop and get a sno-ball! (Yes, that IS what we call them in the New Orleans area, don’t make fun, it’s not nice). I got wedding cake with condensed milk YUM!!!

Saturday morning we woke and went for a three mile run. it was a great run! It was one of those rare ones where you feel really good and happy and you could just keep going and you smile the whole time. I did 3 miles in 28 minutes and didn’t really push till the last mile. I was a happy girl.

We had to hurry and get ready because we are going to a WEDDING for my cousin. Remember the bridal tea I went to awhile back? Well, now it was wedding time!


yes my hair looks straight out of the 80’s. I blow dried it straight, but didn’t have time to tame it…


Not really sure…I think I make that face a lot.One thing I do know is dad has a wide array of sunglasses. Dad, we are inside. No need for them just yet.


The five of us (my sister came with us) rode together to the plantation. (The ceremony and reception were at a plantation). The ceremony outside under a pavilion type thing.

DSC_2487 DSC_2488

we had a little fun waiting for the wedding to start…

DSC_2492 2011-05-07122223

Everything was beautiful, very sweet ceremony. After it was over we went inside and found a table. They had a buffet and servers came with pass around food, and we were strategically positioned right by the kitchen so we got a ton of food, and it was all amazing. I ate so much! (Glad I ran that morning!)

DSC_2494 DSC_2496

Bride and groom dancing! Danielle’s dress was beautiful.


Mother son dance. I was crying! Josh is actually my second cousin, and his mom Wendy is my first cousin. He is her only child, and their dance/song was so sweet!


Daniella and her mom danced to Carrie Underwood’s “Mama’s song” and I cried so much I forgot to take pictures! It was SO SWEET! If you have never heard the song, go take a listen, or at least check out the lyrics.


my mom, me, and my aunt (one of her sisters, grandmother of the groom)


me and my cousin, mother of the groom so pretty!


beautiful couple! it almost isn’t fair how beautiful they are! Ok, totally not fair!

Ok, now as promised. We did a little dancing…I must say I look QUITE ridiculous on the dance floor. As does my poor mother. Bless her heart.

DSC_2529 DSC_2531

Did I REALLY make that face? how embarrassing.

DSC_2534 DSC_2535

driving a car maybe? vroom vroom.

DSC_2575 DSC_2581

my mom, her two sisters, and a family friend dancing. It. was. hilarious.

DSC_2596 DSC_2597

My sister and I finally drug my dad on the dance floor….aaannddd there is that face again.


cousins! Love this picture!


yummy cookies they gave as favors.

We had a blast, ate way too much, and danced the afternoon away.

 Sunday morning we just relaxed and had an early lunch together so Bobby and I could get back home and get some things done before the week began. Bobby and I picked blackberries last night and I made a cobbler. Recipe to come later, it was so good! I was glad I got to see my mom on Mother’s Day! All around great weekend!

QOTD: Did you get to see your mom yesterday?

Mother’s Day 2011


last year, I didn’t get to see my mom on Mother’s Day, but this year I did! I hope you got to see your mom, or at least made a phone call (you can do more than send a text, people!) or how about a nice card? Either way, I hope you told your mom how much you love her and that you are thankful for her!

My mom wasn’t feeling great today, so I am glad we were there (both her children!) to hang out with her and have lunch before we headed home from the weekend festivities (more on that tomorrow).

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful amazing mom (who also is a cancer survivor!) and to all the other mom’s out there! You are very special people! Especially my poor mom who had to raise me and my sister. Yikes, what a saint! Bobby told me Happy Mother’s Day on behalf of the puppies since, you know, I am a mom too. Smile