Running Day + Water Day

As most of you probably know, yesterday was national running day. Even though I did a tough speed work session Tuesday night, I of course had to run yesterday. But not before hanging out with this cutie yesterday morning. She is getting more and more mobile by the day. She isn’t full out crawling yet but she can reach and pull and twist to get what she is after!

unnamed (12)

Since I ran Tuesday night and planned to run again at the track Thursday, I decided to just do a quick run around the neighborhood.

IMG_5663 (2)

It’s definitely running skirts weather! Some of their new collection has come out, it’s adorable! You can shop at this link.

A neighbor gave us a splash pad they were no longer using, so we tested it out with Emma Kate…and it didn’t exactly go over as I had planned.

unnamed (13)

She hhaattteeeddd it and cried and fussed until I picked her up. I’m not sure if it was the cold water or the sprayers or just something new, but she wasn’t having any of it. Hopefully later this summer she will warm up to the idea. Look at that frowny frowny face!

We still had fun sitting outside and playing. I love how adorable her Minnie Mouse swimsuit turned out to be!

unnamed (15)

unnamed (16)

I could just eat her up!

unnamed (14)

I also had fun staging a little photoshoot of my ASICS shoes that they ended up using in an Instagram post for national running day.

unnamed (10)

Sadly, that is not all of my running shoes. Also sadly, when Bobby walked into the kitchen and saw my shoes on the floor in a circle, he didn’t even ask why. Yes I apparently do weird stuff like this all the time.

So that was our eventful day yesterday, I hope everyone was able to get out there and run!


Chocolate. mmmmm….

QOTD: Did you run yesterday? How far? Did/do your kids like the water?

Day In The Life: Daycare Days

I have done a few day in the life posts, more since Emma Kate has been born, but I haven’t shared with you what a typical day looks like on the days the baby is in Daycare. She goes part time/certain days of the week to a wonderful place a few minutes up the road. It gives me time to focus on my work (booking travel and blogging/social media work) while also cleaning up, running errands, etc. so when baby girl is home she has my full attention. It is working out great so far, even if I do spend a lot of my time watching her on the webcam Smile

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a daycare day, so I did some documenting for this blog post. Enjoy!

6:30 am- Emma Kate is awake and mad. She has flipped herself onto her stomach and can’t flip herself back. She can do it on the floor all day long but for some reason is struggling in the crib (lack of space?)

6:35- Diaper change and bottle. Coffee for mommy. I get her diaper bag packed while she eats and get myself changed and looking at least a bit like a human.

7:00- She plays on the floor while I share my new blog post over social media and pin the image I created yesterday for the post.

unnamed (68)

7:15- Diaper change, outfit change, walk around and chat with daddy for a few minutes before leaving for daycare. (Daycare opens at 7 but depending on when she wakes up I take her at random times).

7:40- Put EK in her carseat, check her bag one more time, and drive her to daycare.

8:10- I am back home and pass Bobby on my way in the neighborhood as he is leaving. It’s an oddly cool morning for June in Mississippi, so I take Bella for a quick walk.

8:30- I notice the bushes in front of the house are getting big—again, so since the front of the house is shaded in the morning, I decided now was as good a time as any. I grab the big clippers and have at it. I only did one side of the house because the sun was coming out on the other side and I didn’t have sunscreen on yet. I also water my flowers in front of the house. I tend to have a hard time keeping flowers alive so I’m really trying!


9:15- I check a few emails, answer a few questions, and decide to write this blog post for today.

9:30- I can’t believe how gorgeous it is outside and feel guilty being inside. I take my greek yogurt on the back porch and Bella sits by me while I do my morning devotion.

unnamed (2)

10:00- Back inside, I check on the baby via webcam, answer more emails, mark a ton of things as junk (I got on some mailing list somehow and get press releases for EVERYTHING for some reason!) and email a few clients about upcoming trips.

11:00- I’m getting hungry, so I heat up the oven and unload/reload the dishwasher and fold a load of laundry while my food cooks.

11:30- lunch! Again, not wanting to “waste” the pretty day outside, I take my food outside again and Bella and I have  chat while I eat.

unnamed (1)

11:45- Back inside, I update Emma Kate’s baby book from last month that has been sitting on the kitchen island making me twitch.

unnamed (3)

While flipping through it, I see photos of her nursery…you know, from when I was pregnant….before there was a baby in there….and it was super clean. Saddened by the current state of her nursery, I decide to go through her drawers and pull out clothes that don’t fit her to consign or give away. I try to straighten up the rest of the room as best I can.

unnamed (4)

12:30- Back to my computer to write about the events of the morning for this post before I forget about them (mom brain is a real thing, yall). More emails have hit my inbox by now.

12:50- The awesome glamorous job of scrubbing toilets/cleaning bathrooms. Isn’t my day fun?!?

1:30- Random picking up around the house….I’m not sure how we accumulate so many piles of paperwork that has no home. A lot of it goes into file 13.

1:45- Quotes, quotes, and more client emails and questions. As soon as I answer one email, another one pops up.

2:30- I realized I was getting a little hungry so it was time for a snack. I was craving something cold, so I made a healthier imitation Disney Dole Whip. Delicious!

unnamed (5)

2:45- I may have taken a short brain break to drink my dole whip and watch the first few minutes of last night’s Bachelorette.

3:00- I’m attempting to sell some baby items we no longer need, so I spent some time taking and posting photos of some things locally for sale.

3:30- Back to the inbox for more emails! I also may have taken a peek at the daycare webcam to check on little bit.

unnamed (7)

4:15- Time to cook dinner. I need to eat early since I have to leave to go run after I get EK from daycare.

4:45- I eat dinner, and then I get my shoes on, take Bella out, brush my hair, grab my purse and a glass of water before hitting the road.

4:55- Drive to pick up baby girl from daycare. Head back home and wait for Bobby so I can leave her with him and go to the local high school track.

5:15- Feed Emma Kate some solid food while waiting for Bobby. She must have napped well because she is in a great mood! I gave her the spoon to feed herself…and her food ended up on her forehead.

unnamed (6)

5:35- Bobby is home and I hit the road for speed training. We have a hard workout, and do some 4 X 800 meter relays in teams of two, so each person did 3 800’s. It was fun to compete and a different twist on our usual weekly workout.

unnamed (8)

7:15- I get home and hop in the shower. The baby is asleep, so it’s time to watch some TV and catch up on a few emails. That’s the bad thing about working from home…I feel like I’m constantly “on call” and never truly off work.

9:00- Head downstairs to get ready for bed, and do some reading.

9:30- Lights out, I’m spent!

QOTD: Do you bring your work home with you? Do you like track workouts?

HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! I have two fun offers to share with you. First of all, don’t forget about the ASICS giveaway today.

Also, Women’s Running Magazine has a GREAT deal going today, they are offering a 6 month subscription for only FIVE DOLLARS!  Today only! I love this magazine, such a great deal, so don’t miss out!

Finally, Rock ‘n Roll series is having a sale today only, where you can save up to $20 on race registration!

#GoRunItJune3 with ASICS

Did you know June 3rd is National Running Day? It is coming up quickly! ASICS wants to invite everyone to Go Run It on National Running Day.­­ They have provided some great ways for you to get involved (and win prizes!)



Be part of the movement:
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Runners share many things in common; one of them is a love for great shoes! On June 3rd:

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· Strap on your favorite pair of shoes, get out your mobile phone, join in the #GoRunItJune3 conversation, and GO RUN IT!

unnamed (83)

I RAN IT June 3!
Once you run on June 3rd, head back here and share that you ran it with the world with one of these badges on National Running Day!

Get creative! Get your shoes on and get out there and show everyone how you plan to #GoRunItJune3! I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures!

unnamed (84)

*Visit this site for full rules and details

QOTD: Do you plan to run on June 3rd?

National Running Day Offers

Happy National Running Day! Yall, every year this day just creeps up on me! Has it really been a year? I feel like I say that a lot lately. Anyway, this year there are some great promos going on with companies I love and I wanted to share a couple with you so that you can enjoy as well!


obviously from a pre pregnancy run!

1.) Women’s Running magazine is hosting a great special offer on their magazine, where you can subscribe or renew, today only, for $1 an issue! That’s a freaking steal. I love this magazine and as a subscriber I myself am super excited about this offer!


2.) Competitor group (think Rock n roll series) is having promotional discounts today as well for their races:

o $20 off domestic Rock ‘n’ Roll full, half, relay & bike

o $5 off 5k, 10k, Mini

o €5 off Int’l RNR

o $5 off Carlsbad 5000

o $20 off Women’s Running Series

o $20 off TriRock (excluding Nations)

Also, check out this link to learn about virtual and fun runs going on today. You can even enter to win prizes for participating!

*Also, exciting news to announce, three lucky folks who entered the BIC Bands giveaway on my blog won $20 store credit!  Will these three ladies please email me at [email protected]?

Katie (5/23 @7:08)
Jen W (5/23 @ 9:31)
BrennaS (5/26 @6:54)
*More winners! The winner of the iTunes giveaway is Erica Schwab. Pleas email me at [email protected]

QOTD: Will you be running today? How far?

*I know my weekly pregnancy updates usually come on Wednesday, but it will be up tomorrow instead.

National Running Day 2013

Happy National running day! Will you be running? Timex is celebrating National Running Day on Wednesday, June 5 by asking YOU to tweet or post to Instagram with #IMARUNNER.


Every time you do this, Timex will donate $5, up to $15,000, toward One Fund Boston which helps those individuals most affected by the tragic events of April 15, 2013. HOW GENEROUS and awesome of this company. Seriously. Also, there is something in it for YOU! Timex will also be giving away 60 Timex Ironman watches to runners who use the hashtag. Who knows, it could be you, right?



Ok, so how am I entered to win a watch? easy. For a chance to win a Timex Ironman watch simply submit your unique running story on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #IMARUNNER on June 5th. You can also enter by submitting a photo or story directly on the Timex Sports Facebook page “#IMARUNNER Tab” ( Winners will be selected at random and official rules are located here:

I am a bit injured so I am going to run/walk today, at least it’s something! Good luck and happy running!

QOTD: Will you be running today? Do you want to win a watch?

29 for the First Time


Today is a very special day. Not just because it’s national running day (more on that later) My husband, Bobby, turns 29 today!!! I told him to enjoy his last birthday in his 20’s (speaking of which…when did we get so old? Weren’t we just in college? Weren’t we just newlyweds? Sigh.) At any rate, it’s his special day! Unfortunately he will be at work all day….and then again tomorrow evening. Major bummer. Only upside is now I can go to yoga! We celebrated with my parents over the weekend, and will celebrate more I am sure. (Can you tell we really like to celebrate special occasions?)


My parents and I surprised him with a cake, hence the goofy look on his face. He went upstairs to do something, so we pulled out the cake, lit the candles, and told him to come downstairs. I’m very very sneaky. He underestimates my sneakiness.



He is a big fan of Star Wars, but was not amused when I pulled out the Star Wars plates and napkins I had bought.


So, apparently the lady at the cake shop thought my mom said the cake needed to say “Happy Birthday mommy” so they had to wipe it off and change it. I told her she should have let them leave it haha!


Last year, I was not with Bobby on his birthday, I was in California, so I am glad I get to celebrate with him this year! Happy birthday Bobby! I love you so much and am so glad I get to celebrate with you!


As I stated earlier, today is also National Running Day. I hope you will get out and run, even if it’s just a mile!


Be sure to check out the Website, there is some great info on there. One of the things on the site asks you WHY you run. So, here are my answers:

-I run to be healthy for my family so I can be around a long time

-I run as a stress relief and to be alone with my thoughts

-I run because it’s fun

-I run because I love having goals and competing with myself.

QOTD: Why do YOU run? Ok, now get out there and DO IT! Are you running today?

*Don’t forget to enter my Nuun giveaway!