Why a NCAA bracket is bad for my health


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I need to start out by saying that I love basketball. College basketball that is. If I could sleep my way through college football season to get to the “round-ball on the hard-court,” I would in a heartbeat. My love for the sport goes all the way back to pigtails and ruffled dresses. My grandfather was a booster for the University of Memphis (back then Memphis State) and would take my family to games often. I love the pace of the sport, the sound of sneakers squeaking on the court and the glisten of sweat on the lithe and muscular players. With all that being said, I have to come to realize that filling out a bracket is bad for my health.

If you don’t know what I’m referring too, according to ehow.com they define/explain the NCAA bracket as such:

“The NCAA Division I basketball tournament is held every March. The field is composed of 68 teams, with seeds 65 through playing the first game to advance to complete the symmetrical bracket of 64.

Throughout the NCAA tournament, many fans and even non-fans enjoy predicting the results by filling out a bracket before the tournament begins. Often, people enter contests to see who can predict the bracket most accurately.”

I have never filled out a bracket in the past and why I felt the need to get in on the office bracket can only be explained by three words: competition, pride and ego. Mind you these three same words contributed to my 10 week running hiatus due to injury. But that is another story.

I filled out my bracket the morning it was due. I did not consult anyone, including my basketball coach husband, in helping fill out my bracket. I filled it out based on gut instinct and team record of the year. Once I completed it, I did have my husband look it over and he said, “that’s a good bracket.” With that, my ego was off and running. I let anyone and everyone know that my bracket was GREAT and that they better watch out. I spent the better part of the day, checking my phone and ESPN.com for scores. I was obsessed. I had to know how my teams were doing and if they were advancing. To my absolute delight, my teams were advancing.

Towards the end of day one of Round 1, I was dancing a jig around my living room all to my husband’s amusement. He patiently waited until I was done and very sweetly said, “don’t get cocky about that bracket.” I danced my way to bed and woke up to horrible news. I didn’t even have my first cup of coffee down when I was on my phone again comparing the results of the night before to my bracket. I ran into the bedroom to wake up the husband to ask if there was still hope. He replied that there was. That bit of news didn’t really help. I was anxious. My stomach was in knots.

At the end of Round 1, my bracket was in bad shape due to “Cinderella” teams and so was I. I hadn’t been making an honest buck at work, I was hitting the snack drawer which I normally avoid. I had also consumed an insane amount of diet coke which I had given up after Christmas.

Now the weekend. Games on all day long. I can’t watch. I can barely ask my husband about the games. I’m depressed that I’m not going to WIN. By the end of Sunday, I make a pan of brownies. Not only do I lick the bowl. I eat 3 before they have even cooled and eat another for good measure before bed.

I’m done. Today is a new day and I haven’t even checked the results of yesterday’s games. I woke up and went on an early morning run, per my normal routine, and had one of the best runs since my injury.


Maybe there is something to this “March Madness.”

QOTD: Did you fill out a bracket? Tell me all about it!

The Boys of Fall


If you have known me for any length of time, you know I am a huge football fan. More specifically, the “Bayou Bengals” LSU Tigers, and the “WHO DAT” New Orleans Saints. Growing up in South Louisiana, going to many Saints games, it is just in my blood. Through thick and thin, bags covering our heads, to super bowl champs, I love football. On Sunday, my husband knows better than to to try carry on a conversation with me unless it’s in between the late game and the Sunday night game. It is THAT bad. We rush home from church to catch kickoff, and I refused to go to a Super bowl party when the Saints won 2 years ago because I didn’t want anyone to talk to me, so I could focus on the game. Awful, right? I think I was supposed to be a boy. But I don’t like mud. yuck.


Saturday is all about college Game Day and afternoon naps. There is just something about taking a nap with football on in the background. Oh, and There is ALWAYS someone playing you can cheer for (GO SEC!) When I am in Disney world and one of my teams is playing, you bet I will LEAVE whatever park I am in to go watch the game. On our honeymoon, we watched the Saints in the playoffs with Wishes fireworks going on outside our window. Best. night. ever.

You can bet when I pack my suitcase for my upcoming trip it will have Saints Jerseys and LSU t-shirts for game day, and the days after. I find it hilarious that I like football more than my husband, and he played the dang sport for like 10 years! So you can bet when I found this clip from Ellen, that I just HAD to share it with you guys. I have watched it three times and it puts me into hysterical laughing fits every time.

HILARIOUS! I am so excited to see where the Saints will go this year, and how LSU will do missing our starting quarterback, eekk! Doing ok so far! Check out these past posts I have done on the Saints to see how deep my obsession goes:

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I promise we are normal…right…

Bobby refers to Drew Brees as my boyfriend. Seriously. He will ask “so what time does your boyfriend play today?” and I know exactly what he means. Smile I did a review on his book Coming Back Stronger also. I wrote more posts about the Saints, but those are the best ones.  Football is one of the reasons I just love fall. Now if only the weather would drop below 90 degrees…


Last night Bobby and I had to deal with some personal issues I can’t really talk about, so we were to drained to go to the gym so we took the pups on a nice long walk instead. So what if I am taking it easy this week. I could use a good cut back week.

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QOTD: Do you prefer college football or pro? What team are you cheering for this year? Any other crazy fans out there like me?