Photo Dump Fall 2015

My phone has yet again given me the evil eye. You know, when it tells you that you are out of storage space on it? Time to dump some photos! I thought it would be fun to share some that didn’t make it onto the blog or on social media.

I love Operation Christmas Child, and decided to put a display up at the store with brochures to raise awareness and hopefully get some folks to fill shoeboxes!

Christmas child

Emma Kate decided she wanted Cheerios. All the Cheerios.

Emma Kate cherrios

Sweetest little cheerleader ever. (and biggest box of diapers ever behind her.)

LSu cheer

Strawberry Greek froyo with nuts and fruit. My lunch multiple days of the week.

orange leaf

Sweet girl loves to climb into her rocking chair and sit.

snowman sleeper

Clapping with daddy on a pretty day.

unnamed (16)

Her pigtails. Bless it.

unnamed (17)

Me playing kickball. See, I’m running so fast to second base you can barely see me.

unnamed (18)

My dad giving Bobby a big hug…not sure why…Bella also recognizes that this is odd.

unnamed (19)

We got Emma Kate a fun tunnel and Bobby decided to walk around wearing it one night. He was completely sober, too!

unnamed (20)

QOTD: Do you often run out of phone space?

PS- I am looking for GUEST BLOGGERS for when I am in Disney October 24-28. Must be original content never posted before. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]

Emma Kate’s 6 Month Pictures

Hey guys! We had an amazing weekend over here, an dI hope you did, too. My parents came in town for Emma Kate’s baby dedication, Bobby and I ran a 5k, and we had family over for a BBQ after church yesterday. More on that later though!

When Emma Kate turned six months old, we had professional photos taken of her to mark the occasion. We recently got them back, and they came out so cute! I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.









Aren’t they adorable? I die. Rachel from Sweet Magnolia did a great job. if you live in the Jackson area and are looking for someone to take pictures of your baby or family, I highly recommend Rachel!

QOTD: Did you get 6 months photos taken of your child? Do you wish you had/hadn’t?

June Photo Dump

Good morning! I didn’t get home until 10:00 last night, so the great post I was working on isn’t going up until tomorrow because I needed more time on it. So today you get a “wordless Wednesday” of sorts (just ignore that I’m using words RIGHT NOW….ok so I will caption them…) and see some of the photos I am dumping into my computer from my phone. Some have appeared on Instagram, some haven’t.

Getting stronger


Sweet girl

photo (9)

Give me caffeine

photo (8)

Pink kind of day

photo (10)

Father’s Day delivery

photo (11)

Sunset off the balcony

photo (12)

Post run cool down, it was 92 degrees and 88% humidity.

photo (13)

Golf outing

photo (14)

QOTD: Which pic is your favorite? Is your photo album CONSTANTLY full like mine because you have too many pictures on your phone?