Dumbo Double Training Plan

My buddy Jen posted her runDisney Dumbo Double Dare training plans last week and I realized just how quickly this race is sneaking up on me!


(The race calls for a 10k Saturday and a half marathon Sunday). I will be taking the 10k VERY easy for this one! I have been on a distance running hiatus since the Princess half, and while it was good for my brain, it’s not good for my fitness level! Not only have I lost a lot of my running fitness, but a couple of unwanted pounds have crept on, which I know will go away once I start training again. I think I am going to start my training next Monday.

This scares me, because I seem to have a strange problem with training plans, in that I NEVER follow them like I am supposed to. I either get hurt, sick, or go out of town and the plan goes out the window. I am determined to stick with it this time and see how it helps me.

I decided on a modified version of the Runner’s World smart coach training plan. I finally learned that I run best when I run 3 days a week, with the occasional 4 days a week. So, what I plan to do is run three days a week, and run four days every other week. I think it’s a pretty good compromise. There are two shorter easy runs every week, so I just plan to take out one of those very other week and make it a cross training/weight lifting day instead, or if I feel I need an extra day of rest I will take it (otherwise I will take ONE complete day off a week).

Here is what a 2 week span will look like at the beginning of the plan:


I will rest on Sundays, and on the first week I will take out the Thursday easy run and make it a cross training day, but keep the schedule as is for week two. Hopefully I can make it through to the end!

Strength training: I will strength train 3 times a week. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. No legs on Friday since I will long run Saturday. Will most likely do legs on Mondays. On Tuesday and Friday I will do chest/tri’s and bi’s/back with abs thrown in both days.

Cross training: Since Monday is an easy run day I will probably continue to also take my body pump class and do legs on that day. On my other cross training days I will rotate between the elliptical, stationary bike, and walking the treadmill at a high incline. Hopefully lots of stretching and foam rolling will also take place!

Being realistic: In a perfect world, I would hit ever workout perfectly every week, but things come up, you get sick, you travel, so I may be changing some days up, but I will still hopefully complete the training plan even if I have to miss or change a day here or there. Not beating myself up for it is important!

Back to back runs: My plan is to take the 10k VERY slowly, so I am not as concerned with back to back runs like I was for goofy running a half and a full. I may change up a couple of the weeks to where I have two runs back to back to get the feel of it, but I won’t be doing it all the time.

QOTD: Do you follow a training plan or do your own thing?

A New Plan


Greetings friends! My days are all thrown off since we were off Monday. Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Not that I’m complaining or anything. So, today I wanted to talk training plans with you. I know there are SO many different options and opinions, so why not give you mine, right?


Everyone loves giving opinions. Don’t you want to hear mine?!

I am going to have a RWS “honestly moment” and share a little tidbit with you. I have NEVER followed one training plan all the way through. I have taken plans, thrown them together and come up with “my own thing” a few times….and here’s the deal….

50% of me saying that is because I didn’t fully like one plan so I mashed two together to get something agreeable.

50% of me saying that is because I can get lazy and complacent and so when I don’t feel like doing a hard workout I can chalk it up to “well I am doing my own training plan so I don’t really have to do this run today.” Lame-o I know, but true.


Can anyone relate? Am I the only one guilty of doing this? Well, this time it’s going to be different!

That being said, I am DETERMINED to, just for one training cycle, follow ONE plan all the way through and see where it takes me. The only changing I will be doing is switching a day here or there, or adding in more strength training because I don’t want to give that up. But the running, yup. Gonna do it. YOU ARE MY WITNESSES! I need you friends. My race is September 2, and it is going to be hard for me to get in some of these long runs in the heat.

This is briefly what my Smart coach plan from Runner’s World looks like:

Running: 4 x’s a week. Easy run, tempo run or speed work, easy run, long run.

Cross Train: It says “rest/XT” on 3 days. I will take at least one full day of rest, XT the other 2 and weight lift on my XT days and my easy run days.

Apparently, if I follow this plan, I can shave a good 11 minutes or so off my time which would be awesome. I am very curious to see if this actually works. We will find out soon enough eh? I can do this, I NEED to prove to myself I can follow through with that.


QOTD: Do you follow a training plan when you are preparing for a race, wing it, mesh plans together, or something else?

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Runner’s World Skirted


Happy 4th of July eve! I trust your weekend is fabulous and festive! Today after church we are having a neighborhood shindig, I am curious as to how this will go being out in the heat and all….anyway, If you follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook fan page, you know that Running Skirts had the awesome honor of being on the COVER of the August issue of Runner’s World magazine! Our skirt AND arm sleeves grace the cover, and MANY more of our pieces are on the inside. SWEET!


look how awesome my fellow RS rep Paige looks on the inside of the mag!


(In case you were wondering, we DO have the preppy pink argyle skirt in stock in many sizes!)

I checked Barnes and Noble Thursday and Friday to no avail, but then got my issue in my mailbox Friday afternoon. I am proud to be a part of the Running Skirt family!

Speaking of which, yesterday, Bobby was able to join me at our Team in Training run of 5 miles along the path at the beach. It was at 6 am, which I’m not a fan of, but we did it, and did it almost 3 minutes faster than I ran last Saturday. Heck yes! I DO however need new shoes asap. I think they are what is giving me knee pain on my LEFT side. They have over 500 miles on them. Maybe 600. yeah, that bad.

Here I am after the humid sweaty run!


Skirted up in azure dot running skirt.


great. Now the sun is in my eyeballs.


Nicole’s first time to run 5 miles way to go! I even got her in a skirt! Not a RS skirt, but I’ll get her there. Smile

QOTD: Do you subscribe to any magazines? Running or non running? I get Runner’s World and US weekly. I used to get SELF, but didn’t like the direction the magazine was going.

Trail Running


So, writing about my interesting experience with a 5k trail run yesterday got me thinking about trail running in general. I honestly never considered doing it, no reason really, except maybe lack of trails and knowledge. Well, I take that back, a big reason for me is also injury. I have weak, weak, ankles from playing (and tearing ligaments) in basketball and volleyball games in high school. I was on crutches more than anyone should ever be. I was petrified of hurting myself yesterday. (I am SO SORE today, but that’s not what I mean.)

My ankles wobbled and rolled a couple of times yesterday, and I also slipped on some wet leaves doing downhill a couple times. Running on so many different terrains…sand, grass, mud, dirt, leaves, and pavement all in one race was quite taxing on my body. My IT band hurt, my ankles hurt, my abs even hurt today from all the jumping.

I did a little research and learned Runner’s World has a whole section dedicated to trail running! I started browsing and wow there is so much I don’t know! Once again, being honest, I have no desire to take up trail running, but I think it’s always great to be informed anyway. So, if you are interested in learning more about trail running or trying it out, go check out this great page. One thing that was so scary for me yesterday is I felt so unprepared and didn’t know any of the “tips and tricks” that may have helped me. So, if you do choose to try it out, be prepared and well informed so you don’t get hurt! Safety seems to be a number one concern in my mind. There is a “trail” (not really, just concrete running through some woods…) by our house and I am not allowed, for good reason, to run on this alone.

I do think trail running is cool in theory and much more difficult than road racing, so kudos to you if you are a trail runner. You rock!

QOTD: Do you trail run? Do you want to? thoughts?

Look what my sweet husband got me for our anniversary. A personalized Saints jersey Smile


Stinky is ready for some food.


Lots of reading to do!

So I never got my February issue of runners world, so I had to e mail them and complain, and I just got it today…the day the March issue came in! So now I have lots of reading to catch up on. I love magazines, and I like to run, so a running magazine is right up my alley.I have flipped through a few differnt ones and this one is by far my favorite. I also love www.runnersworld.com, they have a great forum and training and advice.
It is freezing rain/sleeting outside….so obviously no run for me, glad I ran yesterday! May do eliptical and arms later. Hope everyone is having a good evening! Now go check out runner’s world.com…I am going to go read and relax!