Unexpected Hospital Visit

So Tuesday definitely went differently than I expected! Yesterday I promised the details so here is what happened:

I woke up Tuesday with slight period-type cramps. I thought it was maybe just constipation so decided to wait it out. I had to bring Sassy to the vet for a surgery, so I dropped her off, went home, and the cramping was worse. I gave myself a time limit of 10:00, and said if it wasn’t better by then I was calling the doctor. I drank a bunch of water and sat down with my feet up, and it didn’t help.

I am not one to call my doctor unless absolutely necessary, so you know I was not feeling great if I actually called. I gave the nurse my symptoms and was quickly called back and told to come on into the office that morning. I jumped in the car and drove the 30 minutes to the office, and was seen pretty quickly. When the doctor came in, she told me based on my urine sample from 10 minutes ago, I had a UTI. Lovely. At that time I still had no idea what that had to do with my cramping, so for those unaware, you can learn what I learned:

A UTI during pregnancy can cause cramping and contractions and also can cause preterm labor if untreated. Apparently mine was pretty bad. I thought me going to the bathroom all the time was just because baby M was on my bladder! She also said they are very common in pregnant women, she even had one last year when she was pregnant, and it can be hard to decipher symptoms.

She then checked me, and told me my cervix was thinning out and I was 1-2 cm dilated. The problem was that we didn’t know if I was already like that, or if the UTI was causing me to actively dilate. To be safe (and to knock out the UTI faster), she had me go next door to the hospital to be admitted so they could monitor me and baby M for a couple hours, and give me fluids and antibiotics in an IV drip.


I was hooked up to monitors, and the doctor after a few minutes of looking, told me I was looking ok and could probably go home after the IV’s were finished. Well, about 50 minutes later, the nurse came in and said for the past 45 minutes I had been having contractions every eight minutes (I felt nothing!) and so the doctor wanted to give me a shot to stop labor, just in case. The shot made my heart race like crazy (which they warned me about) and I felt like I could go run a marathon.


Bobby stopped by to see me and give me a phone charger, but had to go back to work (well really, I shooed him back to work, no sense in him sitting there, this was before we knew I was having contractions though). Anyway, 30 minutes later the nurse comes back and said I only had one or two contractions so they wanted to give me a second shot just to be safe, so more jittering and heart racing, but after another 45 minutes  I was discharged. I was there in total from a little after noon until about 4:45.


I was given some antibiotics in pill form to take for a week, and I have another doctor appointment next Tuesday. It was quite the crazy day, and I am glad to be home and not at the hospital with a newborn! The good news is, since baby M was already measuring ahead and since girls seem to do better than boys, that even if I were to have her now she would more than likely be perfectly fine. However, my doctor preferred it if we could make it to 36 weeks (next Tuesday) but I could also not go into labor for another 4 weeks, so there is really no way of telling! I wasn’t put on bed rest, but was told no lifting, limit climbing stairs, no working out, etc. for a week until I go back to see the doctor. Some of you may have noticed I was wearing a hospital bracelet in my bump pics from yesterday’s post. Smile

QOTD: Anyone have experience with a UTI or preterm labor scare?

Who else is a bad patient like me? I kept asking when I could go home!

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  1. This happened to me at 28, 32 and 35 weeks. And then the baby came at 39 weeks. I took 3 different rounds of antibiotics and also took a magnesium supplement and rubbed lavender on my stomach to help keep the contractions from getting so intense. The first time it happened I also had no clue that the cramping was contractions, and this was my second baby! My baby was measuring small the whole time so going early was not something my doctor or I wanted to happen. She’s ten weeks old now and perfectly healthy, so I’m glad the doctors were able to give me that shot all 3 times.

  2. So glad baby stayed put! She better continue to do so for a few more weeks!

  3. I had gallstones when I was pregnant with my first, and the pain from when it actually turned into pancreatitis gave me contractions at 35 weeks. I got two shots to the rear end to develop her lungs just in case. I had to have an endoscopy, and although it’s a normal procedure, I had a huge team of GIs and OBs if the baby did not handle it well and decided to make her exit. Luckily she stayed put.

  4. Bridie Rist says:

    I ended up on bed rest at 34 weeks because I fainted at work (the poor librarian who was with me was scared to death). Spent one night in the hospital being observed. Then the kiddo decided to come two weeks later at 36 weeks. Thinking of you.

  5. So glad you and baby are ok. How scary. All of these new feelings and changes confuse me. So glad you listened to your body and are doing better!

    • me too, normally I would have just not gone if it’s just my body it affects, but with the baby I didn’t want to wait too long!

  6. this bad patient is sending you thoughts of healing and love.

  7. I’m the patient with a ton of questions! Happy you’re doing better!

  8. Glad you went to the doctor and got such good care! Take it easy!

  9. How are you supposed to know the difference between baby on the bladder and a UTI without any painful symptoms? Glad to hear she didn’t make an early appearance and you could go home.

    • EXACTLY! apparently that’s why it’s such an issue, it goes undetected in a lot of women and causes pre term labor. So glad I caught mine!

  10. Wow girl! I had no idea a UTI could be so bad when you’re pregnant! So glad Baby M stayed put!

  11. I’m glad you and baby are ok!! That must have been quite a scare for you.

  12. yikes! scary stuff but glad it all worked out. UTIs are the worst.

  13. Yikes! I’m glad you’re both ok and it’s a good thing you called the doctor!

  14. I’m so happy you took yourself to the hospital! Glad they were able to help keep that baby in, until a proper birth date. You must be so relieved!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  15. So glad you and the baby are okay!

  16. EEK! So glad you and Baby M are OK! I had a nasty UTI with my 1st but luckily nothing with this pregnancy. Take care of yourself girl and get some much needed rest!!

  17. That could have been pretty scary! Glad you and baby M are doing well.

  18. I am glad you and baby are ok! That would be so scary. Hopefully she stays in there at least a couple more weeks!

  19. So glad to hear that you and Baby M are okay! Take it easy for the next couple of weeks and keep her cooking in there (although I’m sure you’re ready for her to be here already!).

  20. I’m so glad you’re okay! I had no idea a UTI could cause that in pregnancy.

  21. WOW! I had no idea it could cause cramps like that! Must have come on pretty quick! Aren’t you having appts every 1-2 weeks? Glad you went and got checked out!! And soo soo glad everything is A-OK!

    • i was having them every 2, starting this week every week, but since I had my impromptu visit, it was right in between week 1 and 2, sooo yup now every week!

  22. OMG!! I’m so glad you listened to your gut and called the doc. You must’ve been terrified when they told you about the contractions.

    This actually makes me nervous because I pee sooooo freaking much (at 33 wks). Granted I’m constantly drinking water, but I feel as if I could pee every 20-30 minutes. I didn’t realize you could have a UTI without having other symptoms!

    Anyway, glad you’re ok and not stuck on complete bed rest. Hoping you don’t have any more scares before “d-day.”

  23. I am so glad you were cautious! I went into PTL with my first baby at 23 weeks….now a sweet angel, born too soon and with us only 9 days. Its scary so glad to see you were careful. Hang in there and just keep listening your body! YOu are a great mom for being careful.

  24. That must have been so nerve racking! I’m sorry you had to go through that but so happy to hear you are ok! Hang in there girl!

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