Weekly Workout Recap: February Week 4 2014

Last workout recap of February! 2014 is really flying by. I can’t believe it’s nearly spring, we have green grass growing and it is getting up to 75 today! Spring weather truly lifts my mood, and I have wanted to spend every spare second outside the past couple of days.

The dogs have really enjoyed being outside more, too.

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This was a bit of an odd week because we were in Orlando until Tuesday, and then I spent the majority of the rest of the week catching up on work and recovering from three back to back races plus time walking in the parks. Here is a look at this past week:

Sunday: Princess half marathon + walking the parks 10-2ish

Monday: Walking the parks 9-2ish

Tuesday: rest/travel home

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: 2 mile run/walk

Saturday: 1.5 mile walk

I am listening to my body for now, I am super burnt out on running and racing so I will be doing some other things for a while. I still will run, and am running the Crescent City Classic 10k Easter weekend, but no more long distances for awhile. Dopey + Tink + Princess wore me slap out!

I know in a lot of the country racing season is just getting started, but sadly here in the deep south it will be ending very soon until fall. After March you will only find 5k’s and 10k’s and even those are few and far between past May. I had plenty of fun and races this fall and winter though so I can’t complain!

QOTD: What is on your race schedule this spring?

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  1. I’m running Shamrock Half in 2 weeks for a PR attempt, then hopefully a local 5k and my big race is Zooma in Napa for a girls trip – I can’t wait! 🙂

  2. I have taken so much time off after WDW, but now I’m starting to get the running itch again. Since I don’t have anything on my schedule, I can take my time getting back out there.

  3. My race season is pretty much done until Fall, too. With us getting back on a ship in a few weeks, unless there’s a race in NYC on a Sunday after 9AM, I won’t be able to do it.
    The only thing on the schedule for sure is the Space Coast Half Marathon December 1st, but I’m contemplating either the Half or Full in Toronto or Niagara Falls in October.
    That’s so far away!

  4. Sounds like a good week of workouts! I bet all that long-distance racing took it out of you. I know it would for me, too!

    As for racing, I had my first full marathon yesterday which was awesome! I have a half in San Antonio in a few weeks, then the Nike Women’s Half in April. After that, it’ll be 5K’s, 10K’s, and maybe even a Tri until Fall rolls around.

    I am so ready for springtime though, I love all the gorgeous colors that come along with it!

  5. Was fun seeing you at Princess! Glad you had a good recovery week – I would be worn/burnt out, too!!

  6. We are just getting into fall here in the southern hemisphere. The weather has been cold and rainy today. Yuck. But I only have access to running outdoors, so I run no matter what. I get really really hot when I run, so I’m looking foward to the colder weather for me runs.
    I plan on running my first half marathon ever this September (which will be spring). I’m not into pre training quite yet. Right now I am doing a 3 mile speed run (though I’m not very fast) on Monday, 6mile on Tuesday, hill run on Thursday, and long run (right now 7miles) on Saturday. It seems to be working pretty good.

  7. I just completed the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa and the Best Damn Race in Orlando. Next up for me is Iron Girl in Clearwater…then a break from racing for a while. I hate that the races die down during the summer, but the humidity here in Florida is so intense I can understand why. :-/

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