10 Confessions


Confession: I have eaten way more frozen yogurt in the past two weeks than any one person should eat.

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But it’s blackberry greek with fruit, nuts, and granola!

Confession: I tend to over commit and then can’t do my best work because I am rushed.

Confession: I watched all the seasons of Nashville in a span of a month.

Confession: I have gotten jealous of people getting to run so many fun destination races that I have been missing out on.

runDisney star wars

Did you see the new runDisney announcement yesterday here on THLG?

Confession: I made a new year’s resolution to walk my dog more, and I am not doing so great with it (it’s SO HOT outside!)

Confession: I am in denial that my little baby will be one in less than a month


Confession: In the past two weeks we have eaten out and eaten frozen dinners on most nights.

Confession: I let my baby do things I swore I would never allow before I had kids.

Confession: I’m still obsessed with Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Did I really just type that?

Confession: I have an alert on my phone for when The Walking Dead comes back on for the fall. (Thoughts on the companion series?)

QOTD: Ok, spill it. Give me a confession!

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  1. I confess I did the same thing with Nashville. I LOVE that show…but not as much as The Walking Dead! FTWD was just okay for me. However, I will continue to watch to fill the gap until TWD is back. Can’t wait for more Lennie James this season!

  2. Hello fellow over-committer! My confession: I sometimes want to be a SAHM.

  3. FTWD was a little slow for me but will continue to watch because I want to see where they are going to go with it…plus it is a great filler until October 11th.

  4. Lol!!! Loving all these! Confession: I swore I would never lick my finger to clean my child’s face. But this morning at the bus stop Sawyer had milk around his mouth and I did just that. :-/

  5. I never thought I’d like Taylors Swift 1989 album… and I confess that I have a slight addiction to it :-X

  6. Nashville! Yes, love that show! So funny how fast time flies – can’t believe she will be one year so soon!!

  7. Confession: I teach English and yet watch a very unhealthy amount of TV. I love it! ha! Re-watched ALL of Breaking Bad on Netflix in a span of about two-three weeks and am currently doing the same with Friday Night Lights. Love Nashville by the way.
    As for Fear the Walking Dead… thought it was so boring! Hoping next week’s episode is better, but it’s not nearly as good as WD!

  8. Confession: I purposefully got my husband into running JUST to go to more destination races. He can’t say no if he’s addicted, right? 😉 it took him two seconds to agree to WDW SW. LOL

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  1. runningwithsass says:

    10 Confessions

      Confession: I have eaten way more frozen yogurt in the past two weeks than any one person should

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