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Coconut Water…

Is gross. GROSS I TELL YOU! I thought I was being all good, trying something new, something more natural and healthy, blah blah blah. IT’S GROSS! I had to get it out of sight in the refrigerator so I don’t have to look at it because it makes me nauseated to see the box! ug. Bobby can force himself to drink it and not taste it but I just can’t YUCK. What does everyone else think? I had just the regular plain kind. Are the flavored ones better? I bought one flavored one, but haven’t tried it.

Ok on to something else, I am getting sick to my stomach again…we ran 6 miles today. It is so hot, I sweat sssooo much. We ran the route that goes over the dam that I posted about a few weeks ago. It’s 3 out and 3 back and the last mile was pure torture. We had to stop and walk several times in that last mile. But, we did it! I feel better and more accomplished now.

We are going to BBQ for dinner, Bobby is using vegetables form our garden to make steak Kabbobs! I will have pictures to post tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

QOTD: Thoughts on coconut water?

More Pool time

So after letting Bobby sleep late, I woke him up telling him he was going to the pool with me. :o) We only stayed an hour, but it was still nice. Only twofamilies of kids this time, and I was actually more annoyed by the parents than the kids! This one kid kept misbehaving and the mom kept threatning and threatning and never made good on her threats, so the kid kept misbehaving and she was just getting frustrated with the child. Well, hello lady, diecipline your kid, don’t just give empty threats! gah!
Ok so anyway, here is happy Bobby at the pool (yeah right. He gets ssoo bored)

It’s hot out but nice and sunny. We are about to head to Fresh Market. There are some things we buy that only the carry, so we go about once every 5 weeks or so. We want to get some good stuff so we can grill out tomorrow for Memorial Day. I am going to get some coconut water, which I am super excited about trying and reviewing for everyone!

QOTD: Any big Memorial Day plans?

Date Night

So today was a little weird! Last night, Bobby worked at the tumble cheer lock in he works at every month. He normally stays till about 3:00 am, and comes home and sleeps till about 10:00. Well, due to a coaches injury he ended up needing to stay all night. So he worked from 6 pm to 7:30 am! So while this is happening, I woke up a little after 5 and couldn’t sleep so I got up and drove the 45 minute round trip to do my dogsitting duties. and got home about 7, right before Bobby got home. Poor thing was so exhausted, he took a shower and got in bed. Well, I was kinda tired to so I got back in bed and slept two more hours till 9:30. I must say, it’s quite odd to wake up drive for almost an hour, go back to bed, all to wake up again before most people wake up the first time haha!

I let poor Bobby sleep till noon, and the we did some cleaning, went for a run. (It was very miserable! So hot!) Then it was DATE NIGHT! I had a giftcard to Bonefish my students gave me, and I was craving a steak. Here I am all ready to go eat!

one more for kicks

Bonefish was so yummy! We left to go do my dogsitting duties, and a summer storm had popped up. Look how dark!

then we saw this beautiful rainbow!

I know you can’t see in the picture but it actually was a full rainbow that went all the way across the sky. It was so pretty!
After we left, we went to coldstone for some ice cream. I got cake batter, and Bobby got oreo creme filling. I think it’s new, it was so good! Then we stopped by Bobby’s dad’s house to see him for a minute. Now we are home watching that Mall cop movie…it’s really really stupid. It has had a couple funny parts, but mostly stupid. Oh well.
So that was my odd day. I get to sleep in tomorrow, then Monday is my last dogsitting day, then I start babysitting Tuesday.
Now I am just trying to get things together for my cruise and get some Disney vacation planner stuff going! Don’t forget to check out the tab at the top of the page if you haven’t already. Also, don’t forget to join my Facebook fan page, and follow me on twitter!!

QOTD: What is your favorite date night restaurant?

Summer = pool

Is it just me or did you grow up associating summertime with pool time? I just love it! It is ESPECIALLY nice to get up in the morning and go run, then change into your suit real quick, and jump in the pool. Fabulous! If you have not done this you must.
Going to the pool for me can be a small ordeal, because I like to be prepared (even though its only one street over and I drive there still haha!) I bring a small lunchbox/cooler with water, a snack or two, magazines, sunscreen, phone, sunglasses, towel, pillow (no, not a real pillow, its made for laying outside with, it has a beach towel type cover!)
So this morning I had to get up early to go do my dogsitting duties, then I came home at hurried to go run before it got too hot. Too late. At 8:30 it was in the upper 80’s and not a cloud in the sky. (even though now it has already rained. dang afternoon summer storms!) I set out on 3.25 miles and had to stop and walk a couple times, it was just too warm. I hurried home and changed into my swimsuit, got my “gear” together and was back in the car and down the street in no time. Not to mention, SCORE! I was the only one there!
It’s a saltwater pool, and while nice, it’s way to small for a neighborhood our size (you will see!)

yes behind our pool is a pasture and a random pond that the neighborhood likes to try and call a “lake” as an excuse to sell house for a lot more money.

So, it was pure bliss for about 30 minutes…and then one by one families with small, loud, splash you with their cannonballs kids started arriving. Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize this is a pool, and I realize it’s a fun fun family place….but letting your child scream at the top of their lungs and splash people with water and fight with their siblings very loudly is not pleasant for the other pool goers. After my magazines got thoroughly soaked, I had had enough. (On a side note, why were these people not at work? There were several DADS with moms at the pool! on a weekday! This is why I came today, I thought it would be less crowded. No such luck. oh well!)
I got to relax for a few minutes, right? Bobby came home from court a little bit later and we went to lunch and wal mart then took a nap. He has a tumble cheer lock in tonight so he wanted to get a quick nap in since he will be up till about 4 am. All in all a good day. I have to go back and do my dogsitting duties again tonight, but other than that no major plans which is fine with me! We are having date night tomorrow night, yay!

Have a good evening everyone!
QOTD: what do you think is good pool etiquette, while still maintaining a “fun” factor for kids?

School’s Out for summer!!!

YAY! It’s official, I am DONE! It took a LOT longer than anticipated. Last year I was done by our luncheon, but this year I had meetings all morning so i wasn’t done till 3:15. ug. I will admit, it was kinda sad leaving. I will still be back next year and in the same room but I won’t be teaching 5th grade. I am WAY sentimental so it was bittersweet.
I am so tired though! I am really hoping this weekend to get back into a good running routine! I miss the energy I have after working out. I feel so blah! I have been trying to do little bits of exercise here and there like taking the stairs, etc. But it’s hard. I think I am going to take the girls on a walk soon for a little exercise.
It is so surreal, it definately hasn’t hit me yet that I am out now! I will still be so busy, but hopefully a good busy!

Once again, sorry for the boring post, I hope you all understand!

here is a link to a giveaway as an apology for my boringness!
road ID/calf guard giveaway

Exciting announcement part 1

I have an exciting announcement to make! I am going to wait till I get home though and have more time to post about it. I can’t wait to tell you! I will give you a hint: it has nothing to do with running and everything to do with my other passion….if you really know me you know what (or where :)) that is! Come back tonight for details!

Heat Wave

It is ssoo hot today!

I know it isn’t really 103, it ended up dropping down to 93, but still, yuck! I couldn’t even touch the steering wheel!
I don’t think I will be running today. I am also ssooo wiped out from end of the year stuff. I was busy all day working on things, and tomorrow will be even worse because it will be the last full day. It is really kind of like babysitting now!
I am having one of those days where I just don’t see a run as being a good thing. Not only is it hot, but I only got about 6.5 hours of sleep, yikes! I do NOT do well when I don’t get 8 hours. Hopefully after Thursday I can workout as much as I want!

So anyway, with all this hot weather, it got me thinking to all of the important things to remember when running in the heat. Here is a list that I thought of:
1.) Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! Also, for long runs, reapplying after you sweat is key.
2.) Wear a running hat. I always feel so much cooler not having the sun on my face
3.)Hydrate, and bring water with you. I also like gatorade because I sweat a lot!
4.) Wear loose fitting moisture wicking fabrics
5.) Try to run early in the morning, or if that is not possible, after the sun goes down. It was still be very warm but when the sun is down it feels nicer!
6.) Pace yourself. Don’t expect to have an awesome training run in which you PR at noon in July. Stop or slow down if you need to.
7.) This goes with number 6, listen to your body! If you start to feel overheated or dizzy/lightheaded, walk, or find some shade and take a break.
8.)If you must run in the heat of the day, run shorter distances or use these days for maintenence runs.

Now, I know I am not a professional, but I am a southern girl, and it gets mighty hot here in Mississippi, and these are things that work well for me! Good luck and be safe!

Do you have a hot weather running tip to share?

Manic Sunday

Wait….that’s not right! Regardless, it is true! Today is going to be crazy busy so I thought I would go ahead and blog before the madness began. So after my blogging, here is what my day looks like: Go cook breakfast for my sunday school class, wake Bobby up, get ready for church, go to church. Stop by Bobby’s dad’s to bring him lunch, come home eat a quick lunch (home about 12:30), at about 1:45, people will start arriving for the baby shower I am hosting over here from 2-4. After they leave, no time for clean up because Bobby and I start a small group leadership training class at church from 5-7. This will most likely run late, so I will get home in time to clean up a little and go to sleep to prepare for the craziest week ever. Ok, I am tired just thinking about this day! I can do it!

Ok, so I decided to run yesterday. Very rarely do I actually WANT to go run, and I did, so even though it was 95 degrees out (yes, literally) I went anyway. I went knowing that I was going to be slow and HAVE to take walk breaks, and honestly it made my run way more enjoyable to not be staring at my garmin every five seconds (I did take it though) and getting mad at myself when I am not going fast enough. I just ran at a comfortable pace as to not die of a heat stroke. I brought a bottle of water and it was gone before I got home.
Look, the sun is on fire!! This is how it felt! But seriously, cool picture, huh?

It was so hot and I was so sweaty I couldn’t grip my iphone! When I got home I literally shook my arms to fling some of the sweat off. It was gross. This was about 5 minutes after.

But I did it, and felt better after. My weekly mileage was terrible even though i ran 3 times. But I allowed myself to cross train, do a cardio video, and lift weights so I feel more well rounded this week!
Have a good day everyone!

Saturday ramblings

Nothing too exciting going on here today. I have been cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. I need to run but it is so humid and in the 90’s and sunny. Aint happening. At least not right now. So, my options are do a workout video or wait till later to run. Thoughts?
SO to entertain you, here are some random pics. bobby cut the grass yesterday so I thought I would show you where I live.

Also i thought I would post a pic of the bags we got at the race last weekend. chic fil a and Smoothie king coupons are always good for me!

Hope everyone has a good Saturday! tomorrow is busy busy for me! The our LAST 2.5 DAYS OF SCHOOL are upon me!

QOTD: Which cardio activity should I do today?

My first race award

Yes! I finally got it. One of the sweet moms who works at the church and has kids at my school brought it to school for me! It’s a cute little cross, and it has a sticker on the back that I put on the bototm b/c the cross looks better without it. here it is:

I am so glad more and more churches are hosting their own races. My church used to have one, this is the first year they didn’t do it. Hhhmm. I need to follow up on this! We need to bring it back!
Hopefully one day I will win again, or maybe one day I will win my age category!

Since I napped yesterday, I went for a run about 7:00 this evening. I just did 2 miles. The first mile I did at about an average pace, then on the last mile, I alrernated sprinting and jogging, then sprinting and walking.
Hoping to get in a longer run tomorrow but I also have to clean since I am hosting a baby shower Sunday!
Ok, so who watched Grey’s? Let me tell you what happened. RIGHT after it came on, this huge storm blew in and MY SATTELITE WENT OUT! I was screaming at the tv! This cannot be happening on the night of the season finale! I was on facebook trying to find out what was happening. Luckily, it was only out for about 8 minutes so I didn’t miss too much!
Alright I am going to go lift some arm weights, shower, and relax, it’s the weekend!! Have a goo night yall!

QOTD: Has your tv ever gone out during an important tv show?