Saturday ramblings

Nothing too exciting going on here today. I have been cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. I need to run but it is so humid and in the 90’s and sunny. Aint happening. At least not right now. So, my options are do a workout video or wait till later to run. Thoughts?
SO to entertain you, here are some random pics. bobby cut the grass yesterday so I thought I would show you where I live.

Also i thought I would post a pic of the bags we got at the race last weekend. chic fil a and Smoothie king coupons are always good for me!

Hope everyone has a good Saturday! tomorrow is busy busy for me! The our LAST 2.5 DAYS OF SCHOOL are upon me!

QOTD: Which cardio activity should I do today?

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  1. aww cute house!! and personally, I would run later – I abhor workout videos. maybe it’s because they’re just so easy to turn off and walk away from?

  2. Lucky you only have 2.5 days left of school. We do not finish until Thursday and I am hoping half the parents check their kids out early.

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