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Win Stuff!


Hey guys! It’s MONDAY! I know Monday is normally totally NOT fun, but here is why this one IS fun…you have the chance to win free stuff! As you SHOULD know, Bobby and I are training to run a half marathon in October with Team in Training. To help raise money for the cause, I have decided to host a raffle. All money will go directly to TNT. You can either donate online via our donation page, or mail a check to me addressed to LLS. (Please e mail me for more info about sending a check.)


Ok ok so what can we win and what do we have to DO to win? Well, lucky for you there are several different prizes, so even if you don’t win the main prize you can still win goodies AND be helping an amazing cause!

The grand prize is a running skirt from!!!!! WOW!!!! Such generous ladies over there willing to help out for the cause.  You will have your choice of color from IN STOCK skirts. If you have not seen how insanely cute these skirts are, you have got to check out the website. I have an awesome job. Seriously. It’s so easy for me to sell a product I believe in!

runningskirts_logo rs-mums_in_bloom

(retail for $48-68)

The next prize for the second winner will be a pair of compression socks!!! Your choice of color, purple, pink, azure, black, or white! These socks have a graduated compression, very cute and comfy, and make your legs very happy during or after a long run!


(retail for $32)

The third prize for a winner will be a running skirts journal and water bottle! I have one of each of these as well, and let me tell you, there is just something about a hot pink water bottle at the gym. Smile The journal comes with a super cute pen as well.

2011-07-28123046 2011-07-29083402

The fourth prize is actually two super cool and special items made by a very talented friend of mine. It’s a running headband and rhinestone transfer made by Crystal! Look how stinking cute this is!

IMG_20110731_235635-1 (1)

The transfer will probably say “13.1” in a cute font, and all you have to do is iron it on to a shirt, it’s really easy. She made my transfer for the Disney marathon, remember this?


bling bling!

Ok, so this is how it’s going to go down:

$5.00 = 1 entry

$10.00 = 3 entries

$15.00 = 5 entries

$20.00 = 7 entries

$25.00 = 10 entries

If you give anything above $25.00 I will give you an extra entry per dollar, so say you give $27.00 you would get a total of 12 entries. Also, PLEASE leave me a comment after you donate so I can keep track easier and match people up more efficiently. Thanks yall!

There are another couple of ways to get extra entries AFTER A MANDATORY $5.00 or more DONATION! You will not get entries if you do the following things but do not donate.

1.) retweet or post on your blog about my raffle ( on entry for each, link back here in your comment so I can check it out, please!)

2.) become a follower of my blog (tell me so in a comment)

3.) Become a fan of my Facebook fan page.  (tell me so in a comment)

Once again, click on the link to go to my donation page and let the fun begin! This raffle will go until Saturday at 8 pm Central time, August 13. I will pick winners using and will post winner on Sunday morning, August 14th.

I am so stoked about this! Please remember this money is going to cancer research. Everyone I know has been affected by cancer in some way, so let’s find a cure! (and win cute stuff in the process, right?) Thanks for having a giving spirit, EVERY little bit helps! Your donation matters and is important to me and to every person out there right now battling this disease.

Think of it this way: $5.00 is forgoing your morning Starbucks run for a day or two, or getting something out of the vending machine at work for a week. It’s that easy! You have the power to do some good. 🙂 Thanks guys, I know I can count on you!

The Inferno


Are you having a super Sunday? I hope so! I am going to church and then a baby shower/lunch. Fun! We southerners revolve everything around food in case you haven’t noticed.

So, let me tell you a little bit about the inferno that was a part of my run yesterday….SO….I wanted to get up at 6 and be running our ten miles by 7 am. Well, SOMEBODY refused to get up until about 7:30…so we didn’t start running until about 8:45 at the beach. Oh….my…gosh. Our plan was to run in one direction two miles, then back to the car for fuel, then go the other way two and back, then back in the first direction one mile and then back to the car for a total of ten miles. Heh. We started….and were drenched by the second mile. not to mention there were NO CLOUDS and the sun was beating down. It was a pretty day though.


We made it back to the car the first time, took a GU and drank some water, and then headed out again. We made it back the second time and I checked the weather on my phone…..94 degrees with a REAL FEEL OF 116!!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly!!! I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I knew it was really really hot, but WOW! Folks, I cannot even begin to describe how hot it was. My lungs felt good, my legs felt good, but I was just WILTING in the heat. It was a real mental battle from miles 5 on, but I won the battle!


It was SO HARD to force myself back out for the final two miles. We were shuffling along, but we made it, and gatorade has never tasted so good! Luckily, right where we parked at the beach, I spotted a Snow ball stand! Of course, I got Wedding Cake.


I at least now feel a little more confident about running a half marathon in 8 days after completing ten miles. HOPEFULLY it won’t be near this hot in Providence!

I also would like to note something about my “training” plan. I am totally aware that I am breaking the don’t raise your mileage by 10% rule, which I usually follow. BUT 1.) Having already run many long distance races, I knew what to expect/how to pace myself, and 2.) We took it REALLY slow, lots of walk breaks and water. The heat kind of forced us to take it slow which was good. Also, I have been doing a lot of stretching, foam rolling, and icing all week, and feel confident I knew when to stop/how much I could handle.


Skirted up in sparkle hearts running skirt and Gold performance tank

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, my hair is getting REALLY long. I am having to put an extra ponytail holder in about halfway down my ponytail to stop my hair from whipping me in the face when I run!

Rock N Roll Providence here I come!

QOTD: How do you beat the summer heat? 

Phonecia Gourmet Restaurant


Last night, my sweet husband took me out for a nice dinner.


We tried a new place (to us) in the cute little downtown area near the beach in Ocean Springs. per a friend’s request, we pulled into Phoenicia Gourmet Restaurant. It’ was in a small older building, but the waiters were all dressed up in bowties, and there were candles on the tables and flowers. It is a Mediterranean restaurant mainly. Check this out on the wall.


While we were deciding what we wanted, this was put on our table. It was pretty good!


I decided on a steak, and Bobby got fish, amberjack I think.


The steak and potatoes were REALLY good. The veggies were just so-so, and Bobby really enjoyed his meal as well. It was a relaxing atmosphere, and a live musician even started playing midway through our meal. We left full and happy!



Overall: Food was really good, atmosphere was also good. Service we just so-so. We had some teenager who kept talking too fast I couldn’t understand him (boy do I sound old) but we had other workers refill our water, clear our plates, etc. and they were all very friendly. One drawback, it was pretty pricey. Definitely not your every weekend type meal. I would go back here for a special occasion though (or if I won the lottery!)


I am about to go run ten miles with Bobby, fingers crossed we make it and I have no knee pain!

*Don’t forget, Monday I am hosting a raffle with all kinds of goodies, all to benefit Team in Training!

QOTD: Tell me your favorite thing about eating out for dinner

Friday Favorites: Naked


HAHA I got your attention, didn’t I? Evil of me, I know, but my Friday favorites REALLY is about Naked. No, not BEING naked, Naked Juice!


berry blast, my favorite….hence why it is empty…

Ok, if you haven’t tried this stuff, you must! I have been passing by it in the grocery store for years, but never picking it up. (It’s over by the produce and such, at least in my store.)

The great thing about Naked is that there are a TON of flavors, and the drinks come in three sizes. The small one like in the picture above, and then 2  bigger ones which are, of course, cheaper per ounce.

Go check out the Naked Juice website to check out all the flavors. Our favorites are Berry blast, Green Machine, and Blue Machine. The Pina Colada one is NOT as good as it sounds, trust me. All the nutritional info and amount of fruits in each one are on the website. If you look on the back of each bottle, it tells you how many of each fruit is in the bottle. I find it so fascinating that so many strawberries, apples, blackberries, etc are in one bottle!  They do have a good amount of sugar, but they also have vitamins and potassium, and for someone who struggles to get their fruits and veggies in during the day, this is a great alternative. You could even pour one into a smoothie of your own making!

Naked also sells coconut water now, which we drink as well. 

Most stores around here carry them, even our Target (not Super Target) has them! I like getting the small bottles to just try out new flavors in case I don’t like them. So, next time you are at the grocery store pick one up and try it!


Yesterday I hit the gym for a 3 mile run, but as I was waiting for Bobby to get there from teaching tumbling, I decided to just keep running, and I ended up running 5 miles in 50 minutes. I’ll take it! I was drenched after. A couple of very sweet readers told me I was lucky that I looked cute and not gross after a run. Well, rest assured I looked totally gross after this run! I even took pictures just to show yall! It literally looked like I jumped into a pool. I was dripping sweat all over the floor.



Believe me now? Smile

I was proud of my workout, and tomorrow we are going to try to tackle 10 miles so I at least have some semblance of a long run before Rock N Roll Providence NEXT WEEKEND! HA! Am I crazy? maybe. I am so stoked to be working the Running Skirts booth AND getting to run the race! Speaking of race….I can’t remember if I posted on here that my mom and I are officially signed up for the Princess Half in Disneyworld!


yahoo! Going to have a blast with my mom and Karen and her mom. I even booked our hotel room yesterday!

**Don’t forget, Monday I am going to be hosting an AWESOME raffle with all kinds of stuff from my favorite people, all to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma society! So please come back!

QOTD: Do you drink Naked juice? Or some other kind? Which? share!

Clothing Care

So judging by the title, I am turning into Susie Home-maker, no? I try to be practical when I can, really. Yes, this post is about taking care of your running clothes, and the materials they are made from. What REALLY got me writing about this was quite interesting. Every so often I look back at what I was doing this day a year ago, and when I typed this (the 27th) a year ago, I had just gotten my new washer and dryer delivered that day, yahoo! Let me tell you, a year later, I am still obsessed with my appliances. Clothes washing is so easy not to mention SO much for fun with cool red machines!


So through a totally random train of thought, I decided workout clothes washing lessons were in order. So. how many of you wash and dry your workout clothes just like everything else? (Ok, put your hand down, you are totally embarrassing yourself.) Well, you may do this because you are lazy, or uneducated. Not sure which is better….BUT, please listen up, you may learn something.

Let’s face it, Workout/running clothes are EXPENSIVE. Not something you want to be replacing left and right because you shrunk it, stained it in the washer, or dried it and it fell apart. If you use some TLC your stuff will lost a lot longer. Let’s start with the basics.

Separating: I wash all of my workout stuff together. let’s face it, it smells. bad. I don’t want that stank going over into my regular clothes. Also, I do a load of colored running clothes and white/socks workout clothes.

Detergent: I use special Tide sport with febreeze to wash all my workout clothes in. Now, there is a lot of controversy as to the true usefulness of this stuff but I like it, and tend to err on the side of caution, so I use it. It is supposed to help eliminate stinky odors, and get out tough dirt grass and clay stains for you crazy trail runners out there.

Temperature: Always check the tag for instructions, but I usually if not always wash my running clothes in COLD water. Also, if your machine has different cycles, try using a delicate cycle.

Soak: If you have a particular stinky piece, try soaking it in some detergent in a sink or bucket for a few hours before washing. Some people even swear by soaking in baking soda first. I have never tried this myself, because my sweat smells like flowers, so there is no need.

Drying: I NEVER put my running stuff in the dryer. I air dry everything on a drying rack I got from Bed Bath and Beyond. It easily folds down for storage purposes if you don’t have room to keep it up all the time. Some people say putting them in the dryer gets the stink out…but with cheaper pieces I find it also makes them shrink or fall apart faster, so I would rather soak them than put in the dryer. Also, if you do dry them, NEVER use a dryer sheet/fabric softener. They clog the little sweat wicking areas and the wicking doesn’t wick as well, what? your welcome, wabbit…..


Cool iron only: I doubt you will ever have to iron your running clothes (weirdos) but in case you do, use a COOL iron only. Got it?

Because I take such awesome care of my stuff, it lasts a really long time. I have some pieces of gear I have had for years, and because I take care of it, it lasts a long time. And of course, I want my super cute stuff to last a long time!



***EXCITING raffle coming Monday! It may or may not have to do with a favorite company of mine… 🙂 I will be hosting the raffle to raise money for TNT! a GREAT cause, so please come back Monday!

QOTD: Do you have any tips for the care of your workout clothes?

No Regrets


HHHHIIII! I am happy today! I was afraid that when I woke up, my knee would be in some serious pain from going up and over a huge hilly bridge twice, totaling 6.75 miles (the farthest I have run since the Mardi Gras half in February!) I did wake up in pain….but it was my quads and calves that were SO SORE and not my knee! SCORE! Nevertheless, I am going to stretch and foam roll like crazy. I don’t want to get right back to where I was a couple weeks ago!

2011-07-13 12.58.51

As sunshine and rainbows as this post sounds, I have to be honest and say the run almost didn’t happen, and the run itself was hard and miserable. Let’s rewind. A couple days ago I told Bobby I was going to head to the beach Tuesday morning to do a long run. He said he wanted to go too, and for me to wait until that evening. As much as I wanted to get the run over with in the morning, having a running buddy made me decide to wait for him.

Well I had all day to talk myself out of running, and I almost did. When husband got home, I asked if we were running, secretly hoping he would say he was too tired, which he didn’t. Rats. We ate dinner, then I checked the radar….rain. Could have bailed again, but said maybe the rain would cool things off? THEN Bobby wanted to just run around the small neighborhood we live in to which I said no, because I knew I would get bored and not go as far as I wanted. So we got in the car and drove 20 minutes to the nicer beach area and the big bride from THIS POST. The closer we got…the harder it rained. We sat in the car in the parking lot debating what to do…but we forced ourselves out of the car and into the rain.


rain rain go away!

The first two miles it rained on us pretty hard so we kept jokingly referring to ourselves as “hardcore” and any other runners we saw as well. Sloshing through the puddles, we made it back to the car and took a GU and some Gatorade before heading up the bridge. The rain finally stopped, and when we got to the other side it was dark, well…not really, because we were running in front of the brightly lit up casinos along the beach.

2011-07-26 20.14.56

We ran a little past the bridges then back up over it. The way back going up the hill was so miserable. I just wanted to be DONE. I was tired, thirsty, and soaking wet. My muscles were aching from the hills, and I desperately wanted to quit, but I kept running. We made it back to the car and called it a day. I wanted to run between 7-8 miles, and we made it 6.75, good enough for my first long run back after injury, and I didn’t want to push it.

On the way home in the car, I told the husband that I was so glad we ran. That I had been dreading the run ALL DAY but now that I was done I had NO regrets. BUT, I know if I hadn’t gone on the run, I would have had a ton of regrets. The saying is so true, you won’t regret running, but you may regret not going. Next time I am dreading a run, I will do my best to remember the feeling of accomplishment I have after I am finished. Maybe it will help me get out the door.

QOTD: How do you psych yourself up to get out the door? Any tricks you can share?

My 7 Links


Hey yall! Hope your Tuesday is terrific! I am still playing catch up, mostly with housework now, but things are getting more organized around the Montgomery household.

Yesterday I went to the gym and was able to run three miles after doing legs and bi’s and back. Yahoo! I was so happy! I promptly came home and iced, and am praying tomorrow I can get out of bed.

I was picked by Brian to participate in the 7 links that have been floating around blogland, so it’s share time! Let’s take a look back in the past at my 7 links:

Most Beautiful Post: What Makes You Healthy: I wrote this back in March. If you follow RWS, you know I value not only physical health, but emotional, mental, and spiritual health as well. I think we as runners and/or bloggers can SO easily fall into the trap of being healthy by just following a trend or doing what other bloggers are doing.


Most Popular Post: 6 Weeks to 6 Pack Review from April is a search term on my blog EVERY DAY. I guess a lot of people are curious about it? More specifically, people search “before and after 6 weeks to 6 pack review.” I hope my review has been helpful to some! I must say, I do NOT miss that boring video HA!



Most Controversial Post: A “Real” Runner from April (April was a big month for me I guess?) Was the obvious choice. This is the post I did in response to the awesome commenter who not only made fun of me for hosting a giveaway, but said because I ran the Disney marathon too slow, I wasn’t a real runner….Well, thanks to the awesomeness that is YOU, my readers, he was ripped a new one and sent on his way. Thanks again for having my back guys, it meant SO much to me!


Most Helpful Post: People seem to like and keep going back to my Blogging Tips post from October. It is just a collection of hints and tips…basically things I wish someone would have told me in my first month or so of blogging.

Post Whose Success Surprised Me: The Birth Control Pill Debate from September. I was just writing my feelings about getting off the pill after many years of craziness on it, and people came from all over telling me of their experiences. It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one struggling and that others had experienced side effects on and coming off their birth control pill. Boo Yaz!

Post That Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved: I worked REALLY hard on my FitFluential Ambassador post in May (it was obviously well received though because I made the cut!) and I don’t think it got the credit it deserved. I made two videos, one being a slideshow of pictures I worked a long time on and one being a vlog I reshot probably twenty times. How bout you go show it some love?


Post You are Most Proud of: This is also easy, my Disney Marathon Recaps (one and two) from January. Not really as much for the post but for the achievement of running a marathon. This is honestly something I NEVER thought I would do, and I did it, and plan to do it AGAIN! I am so proud of myself and my husband and every time I read back through my recaps (yes I have done it many times) it puts a smile on my face!


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this little journey into the past with me! and Now I shall nominate people to do the same!

Karen from Just me and my Running Shoes

Katye from Long Legs on the Loose

Katie from Katie Runs This

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QOTD: Do you ever go back and reread your old posts? Why or Why not?

Weight Room Woes


Well, hello, Monday….so we meet again! Today is a “catch up” day for me after having been gone all last week, so why don’t you play catch up as well, hhmm?

Oh, Look, More Corn!

Finally Home

Yesterday, we went to church and I wore this new comfy dress I got at the beach:


Then we went to lunch and it started pouring rain right when it was time to get out of the car (of course) and it hasn’t stopped! That was 5 hours ago! Bobby and I decided to take a Sunday rainy afternoon nap, which are the best kind. We slept for two hours, whoops!

Ok, so moving on to today’s topic. I have been wanting to write about this for awhile, but was just waiting for the right time. Since I haven’t been able to run for two weeks and weights have become even more a part of my routine, I thought today would be a good time.

Ok, so…..confession time…..

I used to be petrified of the weight room at the gym.

Is this not one of the most silly or irrational fears ever? I used to think NOT but now after actually USING the weight room, I have basically gotten over my fear for the most part. Some of you may be thinking “but Heather, you are a confident athlete who has been around the gym her whole life, how did this happen?!?” I know, I KNOW! I assure you, it baffled me, too. I have always done my “strength work” at home with DVD’s, a resistance band, you name it. But a couple of months ago we joined a gym, and I decided to become Bobby’s workout partner. (Do you remember this guest post he did on lifting weights?)

I knew I would never “learn” on my own, so I basically followed him around the gym doing as he told me to do, and it seemed a LOT less intimidating than going alone. Not only that, but he was able to tell me how much weight he thought I should put on each machine, and he made sure I was keeping the proper form. After a couple of weeks of doing this, I decided to venture out on my own one day while at the gym without him, and it was fine! Granted, doing this still makes me a LITTLE nervous because I forget what weights to use on certain things etc. But at least I am willing to go over there alone now.


Let me tell you, in just a couple of short months, I can TOTALLY tell a difference in my body! I am already getting more toned all over, and I feel stronger when running. I don’t jiggle as much, and I just feel all over more fit, which was my goal. I cannot BELIEVE all these years I have been “missing out” over a silly fear of being in a room full of bulky guys and not knowing what to do.

So, I BEG you. If a fear of not knowing what to do, or of being intimidated is keeping you from lifting weights, overcome it!!!! You will be SO glad you did! A lot of gyms have people that will take you around to the different machines etc. showing you how to properly use them, or take a friend one day who knows what they are doing and have them help you. I hate that all this time I could have been stronger faster, and less injury prone, but I let my fears get in the way of being the best me I can be.


I love the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that says “do one thing every day that scares you.”  It really makes life in general seem not so scary when you are tackling fear after fear.

Since I have been on a running hiatus due to a stubborn knee problem, I have ben doing a LOT more lifting and cross training, and I am so glad I have something more “to do” than just sit on a bike or get on an elliptical. I feel like even though I can’t run I am still keeping up my fitness in the weight room. So, what is your excuse?


QOTD: Do you lift weights? were you ever afraid to lift? How did you overcome it?

Finally Home


Hi! It’s raining here, so no running today (not that my knee is cooperating anyway, ggrr…) Anyway, I made it home about 10:00 last night, and I am still tired this morning. luckily I have the rest of the weekend to catch up on sleep and unpacking etc.

Yesterday morning we had breakfast and left early and drove about 1.5 hours to Louisiana.

2011-07-22065728 2011-07-22070100

Skirted up in: Midnight RS, Sparkle hearts strappy tank, pink swift sox, and pink half zip

We DID get lost ones, because there was a lot of construction/detour stuff, but we made it to my next appointment.


Dis-assembling and re-assembling the rolling rack 13 times got really old, but I think I have it down to a science now!

After that, we drove 3.5 hours to Lafayette for my next appointment, and then we met Karen for lunch at McAlisters! (duh, where ELSE would we eat?)


The my mom and I drove back to my parents house…right through baton Rouge Friday afternoon 5:00 traffic. Holy moly. We sat at a standstill inching forward for 45 minutes. It took us FOREVER to get back. After being in the car since 7 am, and knowing after I let my parents I still had over an hour to drive I was getting unhappy. 3 hours later, we made it to my parents and I got to see my NOLA BEAR! She is getting HIUGE, but still just as spastic. SO spastic in fact, it is near impossible to get a picture of her being STILL!


wwweeeee I go round and round


sit? sit? what does that mean? I don’t kknnnooowwww


I am a lap dog yes I am!


I like to pounce on things like a cat, and can now jump in the chair all by myself!


I love you and I don’t even know you!!!!


Ok I will be still for ONE picture and one picture only…ccchheeessseee!

WHEW! She wears me out. I drove home after dropping my mom off and it was so good to see hubby and my pups! Also so nice to sleep in my own bed. Road trips are fun, but home is better.

Here is a little run down of my trip.

Stores visited: 13

Miles driven: over 1,900

Hours driven: 1 day 12 hours (my mom only drove about 3 hours!)

Number of 1 way streets I went the wrong way up: 1

Number of workouts: 1

Amount of $ spend on tolls: around $23

Number of hotels stayed in: 3

fast food eaten: too much

times we got lost: 1

here is an idea of the route we took leaving from Mississippi…yeah. A giant circle.


Thanks so much for following in my travels! I will now be back to regular blogging…temporarily…because….

I AM GOING TO ROCK N ROLL PROVIDENCE! That’s right folks, I will be working the Running Skirts booth at the expo! I am so excited! So, who is going to be there? hhmmm?

QOTD: Do you like road trips? what was your most fun one?

Oh, Look, More Corn!


Hi from Texas! How yall doin? So since Monday I have been in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and now Texas. I am a busy bee! One thing is for certain, putting a heavy rolling rack and 9 mannequins in and out of my car 3 times a day all week has been quite the sweaty chore in this heat! Good thing the Running Skirts line is sweat wicking, eh?

Yesterday morning we packed up at the hotel and headed to my first of three appointments in Tulsa. I met some great people at all three and had a great time talking skirts.

yesterday I was skirted up in…

2011-07-21074744 2011-07-21074849

Mums midnight RS, purple swift sox, midnight strappy tank and azure LS run love top.

After my second appointment, we had some time to kill so we went to Red Robin. We have Red Robin commercials at home but NO Red Robin which really annoys me, so I was excited to try it out. It was yummy, two thumbs up!



After the third appointment, we started a 4.5 hour drive to Texarkana. It was LONG. down winding country roads, through podunk towns where you have to drive s-l-o-w, etc. Oh, and we saw a LOT of corn.


Hi Texas!

photo (4)

Here is my moms’s attempt to take a pic of me with the corn…yeah…


So, we passed a LOT of corn. A lot of crops, really. I felt like I was in the musical Oklahoma. Fun Fact: in 3rd grade my school put on the play/musical Oklahoma and I was in it. Fun-ny!

We finally made it though!


Hello Hampton Inn, good to see you…again…a few hours after checking out of another one…


I decided to hit the gym, I haven’t run in two weeks sue to some knee pain. Unfortunately, I am not quite ready to run. It didn’t HURT per say, but felt “weird” makes total sense, right? So I did one mile and called it a night.

Lookie, my purple socks match my purple shoes!


Today is the last leg of our trip. I have two appointments heading back down to the NOLA area, and I get to see Karen! So excited! Then I will head home to husband and the pups and I get to spend the weekend with them. Woot!!

QOTD: Do you have Red Robin? Like?

PS: I am FIVE followers away from 900 on Twitter. Help a sister out!