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Unwelcomed Visitor


Yesterday morning, I went on a run. I was planning on 3 easy miles, but my legs felt dead from lifting weights yesterday, and I had just eaten breakfast (I usually have to wait a good 45 minutes after I eat to run) and so I ended at two miles.

As most of you probably know, I have some qualms about running in my neighborhood. It’s small so I have to do lots of loops. it’s hilly. It’s in the woods. I saw a snake once (which I HATE) and still have not been down that street. No lie.  So imagine my surprise, when Bobby gets home from work and tells me he ran over a giant snake in the neighborhood with his car, and had to run over it about 15 times to kill it because it was so big. Oh, by the way it was 5 feet long, a timber rattler, and was attacking his car as he rolled over it. OH. MY. GOSH. Oh, and did I mention it was in the middle of the road I had just run down TWICE that morning. I wanted to die. He, of course, was proud of his “kill” and made me take a ride on the golf cart to the front of the neighborhood to see it.

…..fair warning, if you don’t like snakes, please skip the pictures….








This first picture is when he had only run over it a couple times and it was still striking at the car and trying to get away.


this is from when he brought me back out. Trust me, Bobby’s feet are huge, that is one big flip flop. And one big snake!



the rattler fell off somewhere, so it would have been 5 feet with it. Plus we didn’t have it stretched out all the way straight


So…..let’s just say I am petrified and will NOT be running alone in my neighborhood anymore this summer. Our neighbor came by with a shovel and the tape measure, and told us he killed one when he was young, and the game warden told him they bite up close to your knees and it would have caused nerve damage and probably paralysis if it would have bit me while running. Not to mention, it would have KILLED my dogs! It was SO thick in the middle…I touched it, SO gross. Did I mention I hate snakes?

This girl will be running on the treadmill or with my husband until it gets much colder out. I hate that I am so scared of them that it is forcing me inside, but seriously, I am NOT taking any chances, this is serious, dangerous stuff. So, if you run outside, or on trails, etc. Please please be careful and watch your footing. I am talking about snakes, wasps, wild dogs, etc. Just a friendly reminder! Also, watch your pets!!! Especially little ones like my little monkeys.

Oh, the giveaway winner? I didn’t forget, don’t worry. Smile

The winner of the ROK Band giveaway is Tanya from Vegan Faith! Tanya, please e mail me at so we can get you the rok band of your choice!

A big thanks to all who entered the giveaway, stay tuned, a BIG raffle coming up soon!

QOTD: Have you ever encountered a snake while running? Or any animal for that matter? What did you do?

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Flexitarian Thoughts


Hi friends! Fall is in the air! I even bought pumpkin spice coffee for my Keurig yesterday AND a pumpkin pie Yankee candle. I am ready to go! Now if the weather would just cool off…Yesterday I had to bring the dogs to an appointment early and it ended up taking a LOT longer than I thought, so I went to the gym and ran 5 miles on the treadmill and lifted weights (bi’s back, and legs.) When I finally did get home after 2:30 I stayed busy until Bobby came home, so basically the house is still a disaster. OOOHHH well! This post is word heavy, but stick with me. I shall intersperse pictures of my cute puppies to keep you focused.


I am sure some of you are tired of hearing about the Healthy Living Summit, but I DID want to make sure I chatted with you all on my thoughts concerning the keynote speaker address. I am sure you have read on other’s blogs about what this plan consists of, etc. So I wanted to give my take.


The author of the book, Dawn Blatner, was a very well spoken, charismatic, beautiful lady who knew her stuff. I enjoyed her talk on action mantras, and her general sense of humor. Being a meat and potatoes kind of girl, I wasn’t expecting to get much out of this. I was quite surprised though. Let me preface….I have NO INTENTION of becoming a vegetarian. PERSONALLY,  I feel my body performs better as a distance runner and overall as a human being when I eat chicken, meat, turkey, etc. I do limit my red meat to once a week, but I have SOME form of meat at least once a day.

With that being said, I do feel that I did enjoy and appreciate some of the things she had to say. As a picky eater, I do realize I need to expand my horizons and learn to like more vegetables, and cook with a more wide variety of things. I have no problem having a meatless breakfast or lunch here or there, but being the good southern girl that I am, I need meat at dinner!

2011-08-29084900 2011-08-29141515

Sassy before and after.

I read the entire book on the plane ride home (skimming the recipes portion) and she does have some great overall healthy living tips, meal ideas, and ways to incorporate more veggies, beans, etc. into your diet. I realize plant based/natural foods are very good for you, and feel I have grown a lot over the years in my cooking and eating, but I don’t feel the flexitarian way is for everyone (including me.)

2011-08-29084846 2011-08-29141452

Bella before and after. I love how happy she looks in the second picture!

The last thing I want to do is tell YOU what is best for you, because only you know that. (Wow that’s a lot of you’s!) I am just stating my personal beliefs and experiences. It was a good, interesting, and eye opening read. I picked up a few new things and ideas, but will not be “converting.”  I do realize the book is saying you CAN eat meat sometimes, but it wants you to wake up every morning with the intent of being vegetarian that day. Friends, that is not the way I choose to live my life. Mental health is important to me, and not eating meat would positively make me go batty. Please note I DO NOT JUDGE YOU if you are vegan/vegetarian. That is a personal choice, I do not look down upon you at all! I think it takes lots of discipline to keep up that lifestyle, so kudos to you for sure! You rock! It is just not for me. All you vegan/veg readers, I still love you, and hope you don’t hate me. Smile

To sum it up….

-engaging, well spoken author

-interesting book, learned new things from seeing her point of view

-good healthy living tips

-yummy new recipes

-great new ways to incorporate more plant based foods into my diet.

-whole idea in general personally not for me, but will incorporate a few of her “tips” into my life/cooking

-I love my vegan and vegetarian readers. MMMUUWWAAHH!


QOTD: What are your thoughts on this flexitarian idea?

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Yardwork Deserves Cobbler


Another Weekend has come and gone. I am sad, but at the same time, excited because some fun things are going on soon at RWS! First of all, soon, I will be hosting ANOTHER raffle for TNT and the Leukemia and Lymphoma society!!! I am working on an all-star lineup of prizes, so stay tuned!

Next, I will be going out of town in the middle of September, and I need YOUR help! I plan to pre-write a few posts for you for while I am gone, but also would love to feature YOU on RWS! Here on the blog, I am all about inspiration, hope, and determination. If you have a story to share, I would love to hear from you! How have you overcome adversity as it deals with health/eating/fitness? Send inquiries to about being featured here in September!

Ok, so yesterday after church, Bobby and I headed to Lowe’s to get some things to spruce up the yard. At our old house, we had mulch in our rose garden and not only did the red contrast amazingly well with the green plants, but it really kept weeds away well and stayed a lot longer than pine straw. After pulling a million weeds, we realized we needed more pine straw….but then decided to use mulch, and get some black garden edger stuff to hold the mulch in place.




After (sort of) we kinda grossly underestimated how much mulch we would need…yeah…


But doesn’t it already look so good? I love that Bella looks like she is smiling in this picture! She was busy tormenting tree frogs.


After finishing back there, we added more pine straw to the front (we spent an hour pulling weeds yesterday after our 10-miler.) So the yard is looking good for fall! While waiting to cool down, I decided to make a blueberry cobbler. We have a ton of blueberries and I didn’t want them to go bad, so cobbler it is! I used the same recipe that is on my recipe page for blackberry cobbler, just substituted blueberries!


2011-08-28172844 2011-08-28 18.12.58

Paired with ice cream, well deserved after an afternoon of yard work!

QOTD: Do you reward yourself after a day of hard work?

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A Boost


Happy Sunday! I am sorry for the late post. I was hanging out with hubby last night and then went to bed early so I didn’t schedule my post at night per usual.

Yesterday Bobby and I had a really good run with Team in Training. We woke up at the awful hour of 4:30 to be at the run for 5:30. Getting up was hard, but I am so glad we did. While it was still very humid, temps were in the mid 70’s and it was dark, and it made the run so much more enjoyable!

We had 10 miles to go, and honestly they flew by. We ran somewhere we had never gone before, so I think that made the time go by quickly. I didn’t really push at all until the last couple miles because the sun was coming up. We finished in 1:47, which made me realize if I would have kept going at that pace and run 13.1 miles, I would have PR’ed! and I wasn’t even “racing” or trying hard. That was seriously the confidence booster I REALLY needed! After running at 9:00 every morning in the oppressive heat and sun, I was starting to think I had actually gotten SLOWER! I actually do this every year…you would think I would have learned by now that when fall hits my life gets easier!


I didn’t take any pictures because I am lazy, but wore preppy pink argyle athletic skirt, and there were two other girls there in running skirts, I think I am slowly converting people!

Anyway, don’t you just love it when you have a great run after a lot of a bunch of not so great ones? Sometimes, they are so few and far between that I forget what a truly good run feels like. Well, it felt GREAT! Only negative is my IT band is slightly sore today. Boo! back to foam rolling…

I also wanted to mention a fun blogger meet up I had the day before I went to Philly for HLS, Rach was coming through town, and we decided to meet up for coffee at Starbucks. I am so glad we met up, they are super sweet, and we have SO much in common! They are going through some of the same things we are in life so it was nice to have someone to sympathize with! I hope they come back down again so we can hang out again!


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*I am working on hosting another blog raffle to benefit Team in Training, and I think it’s going to be a good one with a BIG prize pack! Stay tuned!

QOTD: Do good runs boost your confidence? How often to do you have them?

HLS in Pictures


Hey guys! I am currently on a ten mile long run, so I thought today I would just leave you with some fun pictures from Healthy Living summit (some I borrowed from other bloggers!) Happy Saturday! Have a good one!

Photo booth at the cocktail party! Brittney, Tanya, and me.




me and Andrea



Diana, Brittney, and me



Erin, me, and Stephanie at the airport ready for some fun!

DSC_1602 (1)

Allison, Kelly, Erin, Brittney, me, and Caitlin

DSCN2589 (1)

lunch at the Pumpkin Market! (photo courtesy of Kath)


Saturday breakfast!


roomates! (photo courtesy of Brittney)


why am I squatting like I have to go pee? Way to ruin the picture Heather.

Courtney, Julie, me, Allison, and Tina


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QOTD: Would you rather run a race in Hawaii or Australia?

Friday Favorites: Rok Bands


TGIF! What better way to kick off a Friday than with a giveaway? Also, it doubles as the return of my “Friday Favorites” posts. If you want to look back at some of my other faves, just type “Friday Favorites” into the search box on the right side bar. Easy peasy!

Today’s favorite/giveaway is courtesy of Gone For A Run. When I was working the Running Skirts booth at Rock ‘N’ Roll Providence, I had the pleasure of being across from the one for a run booth and meeting these sweet people! We got to talking, and I told them I was a blogger and they asked if I wanted to do some product reviews/giveaways. Um, of COURSE! Up first is the Rok Band! I will admit, I had never heard of such an animal until I saw it at the expo.

The thing I like about these babies is they are more versatile than your average performance headband. Check out the ways you can wear it in the picture below:

I also love that guys can wear them too, unlike some of the other performance headband brands. (No stealing husband!) I opted to try out the cute paisley one, so it will go with a lot of my outfits.


At first I wasn’t exactly sure the best way to handle this one! I ended up folding it over twice, and it worked like a charm. I like that its thin enough that even doubled up, it wasn’t super thick on my head. Also, it was tight enough to stay in place, but not so tight that it gave me a headache as some tend to do. I can’t wait to try wearing it a different way!

check out these before and after shots from my run. I didn’t touch the Rok Band once the entire run and it didn’t move an inch!

2011-08-23084010 2011-08-23092013

(Please ignore the gross sweatiness, I live in the south, people, it’s hot and humid here!)

Also, there are a multitude of great colors and patterns to choose from, and guess what? YOU can win one!! Yahoo! You can pick your very own color/pattern also. How sweet is that? Ok, so here is how you enter (please leave a SEPARATE comment for each!)

1.) MANDATORY: “Like” Gone for a Run on Facebook

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3.) “Like” Running with Sass on Facebook

4.) Go to Gone for a Run’s Website and tell me which Rok Band you would choose if you win.

You have until Tuesday, August 30 at 8 pm central to enter, I will post the winner on Wednesday, August 31.

*I was provided with a free product to review for this giveaway

Writing A Better Recipe


Good morning! First of all, I loved the discussion/comments on yesterday’s blog post about blog negativity. I am so glad so many of you haven’t had to deal with negative comments yet, but, it’s always good to be prepared, and know in your head ahead of time HOW you will deal with them if the time comes!

Last night I went to the gym even though I very much so didn’t feel like it, and I am so glad I did! Funny how that works? All it takes is a little will power! Bobby and I lifted weights, it was my off day from running. Back at it today though!


Anyway, one of the HLS sessions I went to (and learned a lot from) was the writing a better recipe session. I will be honest, I was a little skeptical because 1.) I don’t write a lot of recipes on RWS, and 2.) I thought really, how can you mess up a recipe? just write out the directions and there you have it!


bake cobbler.


eat cobbler. No? I need to be more specific?

hhhmm….apparently I am a major FAIL at recipe writing! I am so ashamed! Here are some of the things I learned. The basic steps for recipe writing are:

1. Title- Pretty self explanatory, make sure to put the title in the body of the post and not just as your post title, wow that sounds more confusing than I actually meant it to be, but you got it, right?

2. Headnote and tips for the recipe- one to two sentences after the title where you should offer tips, give credits, or offer substitutions for certain ingredients.

3. yield/serving size- well, that one is easy enough.

4. prep AND cook time- most people (myself included) leave out the prep time and just include the cook/bake time, but prep time is just as important so readers can plan accordingly!

5. ingredient list- use the whole name of items in ingredient list, and write out words like “tablespoon” for clarity.  Also, be sure to put the ingredients in the order in which they will be used in the recipe. Also, don’t sue brand names like “Campbell’s cream of chicken soup” if at all possible.

6. instructions-be descriptive, start with a verb when describing how wonderful your recipe is! Also, it’s ok to use articles, a lot of people put thinks like “melt butter” instead of “melt THE butter”.” Also, BE SPECIFIC! Don’t assume your readers know what you are talking about, don’t leave anything out!

I guess I had just never really thought about some of these things before and I do a lot of assuming in my recipes. As I get time, I will go in and correct mine!….A few other tips I got were: don’t post pictures in between steps, it makes it too easy to miss something. Also, choose your words wisely, and don’t use random capitalization’s of words. example: Chicken Breast is not a proper noun!


Use all 5 senses when describing a food….This cupcake is fluffy, decadent, rich….etc. etc. (ok ya I can’t think of anything else right now…)

Now I challenge you, to go take a look at your recipes and see if you make any of these common errors!

QOTD: Do you make any of these common errors? (Come on, you know it was coming!)

Dealing with Blog Negativity


Hi everyone! First of all a warm welcome to the new readers coming over after Healthy Living Summit posts, sent from other people’s recaps, etc. Welcome to RWS! Sit down, stay awhile! Check out the About Me section and my Top Posts section for starters!

One of the sessions I attended at HLS was on dealing with blog negativity. Imagine that, someone leaving mean and negative comments on a blog!

blog negativity

Who would EVER do a thing like that, hhhmmm? If you have a blog and have not yet had to deal with this, consider yourself lucky. I feel like I get a fair share here because I choose to be very real on my blog. Of course, I like to try to keep things positive and upbeat, but at the same time, I don’t gloss over real issues, problems I am dealing with, and the way I really feel about things.


life isn’t always rainbows and flowers. I am NOT perfect!

Constructive criticism vs. mean comments

As much as I would love to give everyone the benefit of the doubt (and I REALLY try to) some people are just what I like to call “a bad egg.” They are going to find something mean to say, and then cover their backs by saying it was “constructive criticism.” This is one of the things the panel at HLS talked about…there is a difference in CONSTRUCTIVE (building up and helpful criticism) and just being mean , hurtful, and evil for no good reason.

I think the biggest problem is, we have these people hiding behind their mask that is the computer screen, and who feel like it gives them free reign to say whatever to whomever they choose. I mean really, is it something you would say in real life to a friend? Then why would you think it’s ok to say to a stranger? You don’t know what people are going through behind closed doors.


mommy says not to talk to strangers

Creating your own reality

Another thing we talked about is creating your own reality. Hate to break it to the haters, but it’s my blog, my space, and I can write on it whatever I choose, and I can choose to hit the button labeled spam. Not to mention….I can track your IP address and see if you have ever commented before. If I don’t want mean comments on my blog, I can block them. If I want to share my opinion on a controversial topic, I can. If I KNOW there is a blog out there that is going to upset me, I can choose not to read it. (Why people waste their time reading and commenting on blogs that “annoy” them blows my mind. Time is so precious, friends!) I remember the first mean comment I ever got…I was devastated, and it upset me for days. It seemed to be all I could think about, until one day I realized by letting it disrupt my day, that person had WON! I refuse to give people the satisfaction, so now I just get over it and move on. Not everyone is going to like my blog and I am totally ok with that.


Cool off before responding

This is where I have failed in the past and let my temper get the better of me. It is in my nature to immediately write out a snarky response, and have kind of a “take that”attitude, which isn’t very kind on my part, and won’t help the situation. I am human, I make mistakes (a LOT of them, trust me!) But this is an area where I feel I have really grown over the past years of blogging. If someone leaves a negative comment instead of responding right away, I get away from my computer, think about it for awhile, and 9 times out of 10, I end up responding differently (and more ladylike!) then I would have if I had answered right away. Let cooler heads prevail!


This cream colored puppy has TOTALLY taken the spotlight, I need to take a w-a-l-k and cool off before I deal with her.

Ultimately, how you choose to handle negativity on your blog is up to you, it’s YOUR blog! Yahoo!!! Some may ignore, some may delete, and some may confront. You have to choose what is right for you, your personality, and your blog. My main takeaway would be to not let a naysayer control your emotions. They aren’t worth it! For every negative comment, think of the dozens of comments you get telling you how much people love your blog, how inspiring you are, etc. THOSE are the ones you want to stick with you, and that is why I blog. To help, to give hope, and to inspire. If it ever becomes more hurtful than helpful to myself, my relationships, and my readers, then I know it is time to stop. Blog negativity is real, it’s rampant, and there is only so much we can do. I think it’s wise to have an action plan in place before it happens to you so that you don’t make a decision you will regret later. I am rooting for you and hope you don’t let blog negativity get you down!



QOTD: How do you deal with negativity on your blog? Do you get negative comments on your blog?


Super Sunday at HLS


Howdy! Sadly, today’s post will wrap up the “overview” recaps from Healthy Living Summit. Don’t worry, I still have a lot to share with you about things I learned in the sessions, etc, so never fear, you won’t have to wonder what was said/learned in Philly this weekend.

Sunday morning was our Together Counts fun run.

2011-08-21075638-1 2011-08-21075742-1

Stephanie, me, and Tanya all in skirts!


Well….There were so many of us and a ton of crosswalks, so we made it kind of a fun walk to the “Rocky steps.”


and we’re walking….we’re walking…






LLLOOOVVEEE these awesome ladies!

Courtney, Julie, me, Allison, and Tina! Had great conversations with ALL of them this weekend. I heart blogger conferences.

Where’s Waldo? Brownie points to whoever can find me!


Bloggers are awesome! I totally stole this pic from the HLS Facebook page (by the way, fellow HLS attendees, feel free to “borrow’ any of my photos from the weekend!)


ooohhh do you see what I see? I will give you a hint:


Eye of the Tiger is totally playing in my head right now.

I got to run up the steps!


and geek out like a totally nerdy tourist.




After having a total FAIL trying to take jumping pictures on the steps (check out Stephanie’s blog for fail shots) We were happy to see that a lot of people had decided to RUN back to complete our 5k fun run. We kept a good pace (I think we were all starving!) and headed to brunch at the hotel. No lie, I was so hungry I took no pics. But it was good. I also got to chat with the Together Counts folks who sponsored the fun run!

Everyone went to shower (we all smelled wonderful by this point. Sorry staff of the Marriott!) and pack up. I SOMEHOW miraculously fit all of my swag into my suitcase I had carried on. I may or may not have had to sit on the thing to close it…..

We met up with some of the girls with later flights to grab lunch at the Reading Terminal Market. I settled on a yummy turkey sandwich!

2011-08-21123113 2011-08-21123532

For dessert, we hit up the Flying Monkey (the Wizard of Oz freaks me out to this day so I was a it skeptical…) Kelly and I split some sort of Smoreo thing which ended up being a good but VERY sticky marshmallow and Oreo concoction. We had our fingers all over this joker, good thing we like each other. HA!



Blurry picture FAIL


Sticky fingers!


It was so fun walking through the terminal seeing several purple shirts!


Everyone else had to go to the airport, so it was sad to say goodbye, but Stephanie and I had flights at the same time (after 6:00) so we had planned on hanging out for the afternoon together! Look how hilarious this is…I am squatting and she is on her toes, bahhaha!


We ended up walking down to some stores so Stephanie could buy some work clothes.


I gave her my opinion as she tried on different outfits. She got a lot of cute stuff for cheap at H&M. We saw the weather was getting dark after that, and decided to head to the airport and use the free WiFi to blog and hang out. We got there before the rain started, stood in a crazy long security line, and found a random empty gate with outlets to plug in at and blogged away.

BOTH our flights ended up being delayed, but I finally made it back to NOLA and to my parents at 9:45 last night, then made the final leg of my journey home this morning. WHEW! What a fun but exhausting weekend. I already can’t wait till next year! (and to load my Google Reader down with new blogs to read! eeekk!)

CRAZY story of the day:

So, we are sitting at this random gate with a flight going to LA, and a couple walks up that looks really familiar. I look at the guy and point, and he sees me and smiles and nods. I get up and go over, and the guy gives me a hug. His wife was totally confused, then it hit her finally…..Two weeks ago remember I was stranded in Charlotte overnight at Jen’s house and then left Charlotte the next morning? Well, that day I stood in a LONG line at security and befriended the couple in line behind me. It was a nice couple going to Rome, they had been stranded overnight in Charlotte when their flight to Rome was cancelled. They were from LA. They were super sweet and I wished them luck and a good trip. So…yeah. IT WAS THE SAME COUPLE! what are the odds I would ever see them again…they were coming home from their Rome trip and I was on a TOTALLY different trip, at a RANDOM gate with a free outlet to blog. It totally made my day, it was the COOLEST thing! I still don’t even know their names, but it sounded like they had a great trip!

Ok so that is it for my HLS highlights, but come back to learn more about what the sessions were about Saturday at the conference! Now, back to normalcy….for now!

QOTD: Have you ever had anything random ever happen to you like I did a the airport? What is a topic you would love to learn more about at a blogger conference?

Saturday Night Fun in Philly


Good morning all! Happy Monday! I am SO SAD Healthy Living Summit is OVER! It went by so fast, I blinked…and that’s it! Sad times. In case you were busy having your own fun this weekend, (although there is no way you had as much fun as I did!) here are the posts you missed:

Arriving at the Healthy Living Summit

Sleepy Saturday at HLS

Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party

Healthy Living Summit Saturday Sessions

After the actual sessions/day things were over, we all started planning out our evenings, which of course revolved around food. A group of us decided to go walk around the Reading Terminal Market (during operating hours, which is where we had our cocktail party.) It was neat to see the place “in action” after it was so empty and dark for our party the night before!




Allison, Tanya, Erin, me, and Andrea


After that, we wandered around the city a bit


Look at this hilarious pet store we found. Bahaha!



We wanted to work up an appetite for dinner so we decided to walk down to the liberty bell, then come back for dinner.

DSC_0308 DSC_0309

DSC_0310 DSC_0311

I am so glad we did, I haven’t seen it since 8th grade, and it was so cool to be there again. I need to find my old picture so I can put them side by side for y’all to see nerdy 8th grade Heather and well…nerdy grown-up Heather. I love history, especially colonial history, so I was totally geeking out and taking a million pictures.





We had just enough time to walk back to the restaurant for dinner. It was a cute little place called the Corner. They had a little bit of everything which I think suited most in our group.


I’m sure they will totally appreciate these action shots!



Our group, yay! Great fun with great bloggers!


The food came….and of course out came the cameras! People kept looking at us from other tables wondering why the heck there were ten DSLR’s at our table, snapping away at our food.


I was totally craving meat, chicken…SOMETHING, after not having any at lunch, so I of course ordered the cheeseburger. It was pretty good. I think I was so hungry it didn’t even matter. I ended up eating only a little bit of the bun because it was so fluffy.


After dinner, the group split up again. Some headed to the hotel bar, and me, having the total sweet tooth that I do, headed up a group to go get some froyo, of course!


Half peanut butter half watermelon, with some strawberries on top.


NOW I’m a happy camper.


Yes, it truly was a sweet ending thank you very much.


After Froyo, I got immediately sleepy. Me and Stephanie decided to call it a night. My roommates ended up coming back soon after. I was already in my PJ’s, blogging, and watching the Saints game. Who is surprised? You really shouldn’t be by now, people. We went to sleep ready to get up for the Together Counts fun run the next morning.

QOTD: Have you seen the liberty bell?