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Friday Favorites: Emergen-C


Good morning! It’s expo day for me! I am going to be so busy today and tomorrow, but I LOVE it! It’s a good busy. Smile I love Running Skirts! Anyway, it’s Friday, so that means, of course, Friday favorites! This Friday favorite is a little odd, as it really doesn’t have a whole lot to do with running directly….but INDIRETLY, it does. See, I managed to come home from Disney with a nasty cold (Jen it’s not your fault!) and knowing I had to go out of town again, I wanted to be sure to get well as fast as possible. I headed to the store and bought these little gems.



Yes friends, I bought me some Emergen-C! I haven’t been sick since well…January when I came back from Disney after running the marathon, and I have heard a lot of people talk about this stuff, so I figured I would try it. Now, mind you, I don’t even like orange juice, but for some reason I bought the orange flavor (see, told you I am sick!) I was dreading the yucky medicine taste, but I have to be honest, it’s not that bad!

It has vitamin C, 24 nutrients, 7 B vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes. It is supposed to increase your energy and boost your immune system (yes, please!)

You pour the little packet into some water, stir, and drink. I prefer to put it in a small glass of water and get it over with instead of dilute it in a full glass. I have been doing this twice a day, and while I still am not well, I really think it’s helping! I have felt yucky but not that full blown I can’t move I want to die feeling that we all know and love. So, this stuff is highly recommended by me! I think it was $11.00 for a box of 30 packets, so not too bad! Hopefully I will stop feeling sick and feel more like this:


in no time!

I really hope I do, because, well, I am running a half marathon tomorrow! I only ran twice on vacation, and only 2 miles each time. Oops. The air conditioning at the gym was broken so it was SO HOT, and it was even worse outside, so that’s all I could manage. Hopefully choosing to rest instead of run will do me some good!

QOTD: What do you take when you feel a cold coming on?

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Disney Day One continued September 2011


Hey guys! I am about to hop on a plane to Orlando to work with Running Skirts for the Disney Wine and Dine Half! Please come say hey and check out our awesome product! I will also be racing of course, so be on the lookout for me! Anyway, today I am going to give you some more Disney pictures and info from our trip! I left off with you after we got our awesome room and got some yummy food!

We walked around outside for a bit just soaking it all in!


Our room is the 2nd one from the top!


I WILL have a vow renewal reception out here one day….


We got ready for dinner and went to the lounge to chow down on some appetizers. In case you haven’t noticed the common theme through here, we like to eat. A lot.



After we ate, we went to dinner at Narcoossees to well…eat some more!


We split the surf n turf, and of course, got almond crusted cheesecake for dessert (on the house!)


The lighting was really pretty this time of day! I love just walking around the grounds of the resort!
DSC_0419 DSC_0422

We went to the lounge and ate yes….more dessert (what is WRONG with us!) and rented a movie from the concierge desk. We turned in early after the movie, it was a long day of traveling and we wanted to be well rested for more Disney fun!!!

QOTD: Do you change your eating habits on vacation?

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Adora Giveaway


Busy day! I have a TON to do today before I head out for Disney’s Wine and Dine tomorrow, so this is going to be quick! I am also still not feeling well so minimal thinking is best for me right now. Ha. When I was at the Healthy Living Summit in August, one of the things we got in our amazing swag bags was a bag of Adora calcium supplements.  You can also check out their Facebook fan page.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about why Calcium is important for women, especially this time of year, and tell you how you can get 100% for the day in two YUMMY Adora disks! check it out:

“Calcium is used throughout your body to help keep your bones and teeth strong.  When a
woman doesn’t get enough calcium from her diet, the body takes it from her bones.
Unfortunately, the average woman gets only about 700 mg everyday.  Adora™ Calcium &
Vitamin D Supplement in rich, premium, all-natural chocolate provides up to 50 percent of the
daily value of calcium plus vitamin D3 and magnesium for optimal absorption, supporting total
body health through a variety of life stages.”

With the fall fast approaching and sunlight dwindling, it’s important that we get out daily amount of Vitamin D.


Quick Facts:
-High quality calcium carbonate, vitamin D3,
and magnesium that meet USP standards
-Antioxidants from all-natural premium
-Only 30 calories to support weight loss goals
-A smooth, chewable, easy-to-digest
-No gluten, artificial sweeteners
-Dark chocolate is lactose free
-Minimal added sugars
-Stringent manufacturing process regulated by
the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
-MSRP:  $7.99 – $9.99
-Available at CVS/pharmacy, Whole Foods and other fine retailers nationwide.

I can attest, these things are So yummy! I look forward to taking them, and never feel guilty about eating “chocolate” because of all the health benefits in an Adora disk! Guess what? The awesome people at Adora are giving one lucky RWS reader a chance to win a bag EACH of the milk and dark chocolate supplements! Here is how you can enter, please leave a separate comment for each.*

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Disney September 2011 Sneak Peak


Good morning everyone! I spent yesterday hanging out with my family, watching football, and loving on my puppies. I have either caught a cold, or am dealing with some serious allergies. I got some meds yesterday and spent the day on the couch so hopefully I will be fine!

Today’s agenda includes unpacking, laundry, and repacking for Disney’s Wine and Dine! I leave on Wednesday. Crazy, huh? I am so excited to work this event! I will be there through Sunday, if you are at the event please stop by the Running Skirts booth to check out the new fall prints!

Ok, so I know you all want to know who won the raffle prize packs, right? First of all a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated and got me one step closer to my goal. I haven’t quite reached it (you can donate here) but hopefully I will in the next couple of weeks!  If you will remember, I had two prize packs up for grabs. The winners are as follows:

Grand Prize: Ros from Life’s a Wheeze

Runner Up: JoLynn Barnhill

Please e mail me at to claim your prize packs! Thanks so much guys, with your help, we really are making a difference!

Ok, so let’s move on to Disney! Today I am just going to give you a sneak peak of the first day of the trip. We left Friday after Bobby got off work and drove halfway, got up Saturday morning and got to Disney after lunch. When we checked in, our room was ready, and we were lucky enough to get the room right below the one we had for our Honeymoon at the Grand Floridian!

DSC_0347 DSC_0349

DSC_0352 DSC_0363

DSC_0351 DSC_0356

oh, what is that out the window?




We were stoked to get this awesome room!


Here is the rest of our panoramic view:

DSC_0372 DSC_0373

DSC_0375 DSC_0376

Before long we realized we hadn’t had lunch yet. Oops. The excitement of Disney will do that to you I guess! We headed to the concierge lounge for some snacks.

DSC_0396 DSC_0397

DSC_0398 DSC_0400

aaannnddd because I am not feeling well and have a million things to do I am going to totally leave you hanging at a really random point in the day. Sorry guys! That just means you have to come back. Ha!

QOTD: What is the best “room with a view” you have ever had?

Back Home


Hi friends!
I know I say this every time….I love vacation but its so good to be home! We spent a LONG day in the car yesterday, and made it hl e just in time to watch the LSU game! I have so much fun tl share with you! Disney stories, reviews, giveaway, and today is the last day to enter my raffle!

I will probably alternate Disney posts with regular posts as to not bore the non Disney readers.  🙂  I am going to get all of my pictures together today and figure out how I want to go about posting about my trip. We had a blast, and I am so tired, I am glad we came back on a Saturday so we have today to recover! My parents are bringing my girls home today and are going to watch the Saints game with us. I can’t wait to see them.

I am off to church, but be sure to come back and see how my trip went! By the way, I can’t wait to be in Disney for Wine and Dine in 3 days. Pleases come by the Running Skirts booth and say hi and check out the new fall line! Have a super Sunday, and GO SAINTS!

By the way, the picture in this post is one of the views from our room!

Trails of Disney: My Guest Post


Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend! I thought today I would do something a little different and share with you the link of a Guest post I wrote for Healthy Disney. You have never heard of Healthy Disney? Well you need to get over there and check it out! Great references for healthy eating in Disney, running in Disney, and of course Disney races!

I recently wrote a post about the running paths you can take running around the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian, so go check it out!

Trails at Walt Disney World: The Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resorts


I ALWAYS wear my red dot skirt at least once when running in WDW!

QOTD: Do you workout on vacation? Why or why not?

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Waiting is a Waste of Time


Today’s guest post comes from Laura. Please read and take to heart her story. Remember readers, beauty isn’t in a clothing size or in a number on the scale.  You are all beautiful! Have a great day and enjoy the post!

Most of my life I struggled with food. I was the chubby kid growing up always being told “you have such a pretty face, why don’t you lose the weight?” I thought there must be something wrong with me since I didn’t have the “willpower” to lose the weight once and for all. Therefore for most of my life I spent hiding because I was too fat.


Only prom picture that I have and I am wearing red

I avoided relationships, dating, shopping for clothes, trying out new things because I was fat. In my head the only reason that is keeping me from living life is my weight therefore I needed to do something about it. I rather be skinny and miserable than fat and happy. Crazy thought, huh? Well the chasing to be skinny took over the years took a deadly turn  as I developed severe eating disorders.

After hitting countless of rock bottoms, four years ago I asked for help. I went to therapy, group, 12 step, writing and started to live life. The process hasn’t been linear. The weight didn’t dropped right away yet my relationship with my body shifted. I now exercise 6 days a week because it is my source of sanity. I eat real food. I live a full life taking on new challenges on a regular basis. My life is full of love.


Me Today!

This past summer I decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone and signed up to take an 8 week burlesque course. My intention for taking this class was to really walked the talk and come to a place of love and acceptance of my body as it is. I wanted to move away from hiding and finally be seen.


Me in my dress rehearsal attire.

This class gave me permission to stop hiding and be a girly girl that I always wished I could be but I thought I was too fat to be. I have walked through the fear of going to Sephora and MAC  store and asked for help regarding makeup. I have learned how to walk in heels. I now look myself in the mirror and my first thought is “I am gorgeous. Look at my body that continues to get stronger and sexier everyday.”


Kitty Cavalier, teacher in the middle, me and a classmate at a fabulous Hotel in downtown NYC

As part of the class, I learned a routine that I would  perform at a show in NYC to friends and strangers. I am excited to really walked through the performance and prove that old storyline that is wrong once and for all.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that waiting to have the perfect body to start living life is truly a waste of time!

Be sure to stop by Laura’s blog and say hi!

QOTD: Have you ever done anything outside of your comfort zone like Laura? Were you glad you did?

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IT Band Exercises


Hello! My name is Megan and I blog at RunningTowardThePrize.


I’m excited to be a guest blogger for Heather as she is at the Most Magical Place on Earth! (And also my all-time favorite vacation location!) She has truly been an inspiration and huge help on my running journey!

Like Heather, I have struggled with IT band issues. Since this is something many runners battle with, I’ve decided to show you different exercises that I do to help combat this issue.

First, we’ll start with my story. I ran a little last summer (along with other forms of exercise), and began to have pain on the outside of my left knee.


It actually got to the point where running more than a few steps was not possible. So off to my physical therapist I went, where he informed me that I had one of the tightest IT bands he has ever seen. (Hey, when I do something – I do it well!)

The first exercise he had me do was a stretch on one of the beds. (This can also be done on the couch.) Lay on your side, facing the back of the couch, and let your top leg hang behind your bottom leg. If your leg doesn’t go down very far, it’s a good indication that your IT band is tight.



As you can see, my left IT band is much more tight than my right.

Next is the evil amazing foam roller. (Some days it’s evil, some days it’s amazing.) The first time you do this, you may not be able to stand putting your body weight on the foam roller. If this is the case, have your spouse/friend roll it gently along your IT band while you are laying down on your side.

If you can stand using your body weight, put your hip on the foam roller and roll from your hip to your knee. Be careful not to go on your hip or knee ‘bone’.



It is best to do this not only after a run, but every day. It truly will keep your IT bands loose, which means less pain!

My PT also suggested doing some strengthening exercises, as a tight IT band is not always due to running, but actually due to an imbalance in your hips. Usually the hip rotators need to be stretched out. Another potential issue is an imbalance between your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Here are a few of the exercises he suggested:

Hip Thrusters

Stand on a step with one foot (the other foot will be ‘dangling’ off the step). With the leg that is ‘dangling’, thrust the hip up, and back down.

Hamstring Curls on Stability Ball

Lay on your back and put your heels on a stability ball. Thrust your hips up (into a ‘bridge’) and curl your heels toward your butt, then back out straight.



Moving Squats with Band

Put a band around both thighs. Get into a squat position. Stay in that position while moving sideways to the right (the full length of a room), then go to the left. (This video shows where to position the band)


Wall Sits

With your back against a wall, lower into a squat position and stay there.


Dynamic Stretching

Runner’s World has a great article showing how to utilize dynamic stretching before and after your run.

Most of all, it is best to make sure that you are listening to your body! If it needs a break, give it one – the last thing you want is to be sidelined for a few weeks (or months) due to an injury. And…the foam roller really IS your friend 😉

QOTD: Have you ever struggled with your IT band? If not, have you dealt with any other fitness related injury? Do you do exercises to help it?

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Tips for Training While Dealing with Injury


Hi Running With Sass readers! I’m Amanda, and you can usually find me over at Running On Waffles. Today I’m really excited to share with all of you the lessons I’ve learned while training for my first marathon.

In the spring of 2009, my love affair with running began when I stepped on the treadmill to lose weight. After my first semester in graduate school, I was close to 200 lbs. As an athlete almost my entire life, I knew I needed to get my weight under control. Never did I think running would become anything important in my life.


It all started after I ran my first 5K. I got addicted to the energy of everyone at the race, and one of my good friends easily convinced me to enter my first ten miler. Somewhere in the process of training for this race, running became more than a way to lose weight. It’s now part of how I define myself and how I get through the week. I love training for races, and I love pushing myself to run further, faster, longer.

This past spring I decided to run my first marathon on October 30: Marine Corps Marathon. I would fall asleep at night thinking about my training plan and what it would feel like to cross the finish line.

Then on my 25th birthday I developed a lower back injury. I tried running through it, thinking it’d eventually go away. But 5 miles in to my long run that weekend, my back started spasming and I could no longer stand up straight. My back looked like a question mark, and running was out of the question for several months.

That was Memorial Day Weekend, and today I’m still dealing with my injury. It is finally getting better after hours doing physical therapy, stretching with my foam roller, and icing. And I’m still planning on running my first marathon on October 30.


Am I going to run the sub-4:30 marathon I hoped for? No. Have I gotten to do the kind of training I was excited to do? No. But because of the following lessons I’ve learned from this injury, in the next month and a half, I will still get to complete half marathon #4 and marathon #1.

What I’ve Learned from Marathon Training While Injured

1. Listen to your body and respect your limitations. There’s a difference between good pain and bad pain, and as tempting as it is to ‘run through’ the bad pain, I still wonder if I would have recovered faster if I hadn’t tried to do that.

2. Sports medicine specialists and physical therapists are awesome. Every GP I saw just gave me muscle relaxers and sent me on my way. I wasted time and money, and should have gone straight to a sports med practice. That’s when I started to get better.

3. Advocate for yourself. Many injuries require time away from running, which I was willing to do as long as it was necessary. But I was never afraid to remind my doctor and therapists that I still had my eye on the marathon. Although they thought I was crazy, my doctor has asked me to send him a photo from the finish line.

4. Utilize intervals and cross training. I’ve done all of my running with run/walk intervals, which has helped me pick up my mileage faster without risking additional injury. I bike almost every day for cross training to help me maintain my endurance and stamina.

5. Rest days are important. I can’t stress this enough. Warm up, cool down, stretch, and rest. Your body needs an opportunity to recover.

6. Sustaining an injury doesn’t mean you have to give up on your goals. It just means you have to adjust your expectations. My goal for the marathon? To finish. A 14 minute pace is required, and with the amount of walking I’ll likely end up doing, I’m just hoping to avoid the sweeper van. I’ll be ecstatic to get to the finish line.

7. Never take your ability to run for granted. When running gets tough, I just think about how fortunate I am to be able to run, and it gets a little bit easier.

This fall, getting to the start line of both of my races will be my biggest challenge, not either of the races themselves. Will I make it? I don’t know, but I’m doing everything I can to get there. Join me over at Running On Waffles to see how my Oct. 1 half marathon and Oct. 30 marathon go!


Keep on running!

QOTD: How do you deal with training when injured?

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