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The Boot


Good morning friends. Well, not a very good morning for me. As some of you saw on my Twitter and Facebook yesterday, I am not confined to the boot.  Meet my new friend. accessory.


You may remember I have been complaining of foot pain for about a month. I even took two complete weeks off running, and only logged about 20 miles in the month of November. In case you are catching up…it started hurting SLIGHTLY, more of just pressure on the top of my left foot, during the Rock n Roll St. Louis half marathon. I rested a couple days after the half, then ran an easy 3 miler in which my foot hurt AFTER I got back and for the next day or so. I took another couple days off, then ran 6 miles with Bobby, and it hurt badly about halfway through the run. That’s when I decided to ice it, take ibeprofin, and two weeks off.

After two weeks I ran twice, a 2.5 miler and a 3 miler. Both of which I got a little pressure towards the end of the run but not really pain if that makes any sense. So, I decided to run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. My foot started throbbing at mile 2, but I still managed to place in my age group! But, I knew something was really wrong after that. My foot hurt for days, so on Monday morning I made a Tuesday appointment to see an orthopedist. The doctor said it could have been a combination of things, but was most likely the fact that I raced half’s 3 weekends out of five while working three expos on my feet all day.

So This morning off I went, had x-rays done, and the doctor said they looked normal, BUT stress fractures often don’t show up on x-rays. So, as I suspected, it’s one of two things: a stress fracture or bad tendonitis. He said treatment for both is relatively the same, so I am to stay in the boot for three weeks, come back for more x-rays and to test it out. If it still hurts, it is likely a stress fracture and I stay in the boot another 2-3 weeks. If not, I can ease my way back into running.


I’m really ok with this!


Who am I kidding? this sucks!

Please excuse the mess, I was folding laundry today on the couch.

Anyway, I am really discouraged right now. I can’t run, I can’t do cardio. I can only lift upper body weights. And our YMCA isn’t officially open yet, just my luck.

Also, in an effort to keep it real here on RWS, which I always try to do, I am going to admit another fear I have….I am afraid I am going to gain weight. Some of you may be rolling your eyes, but I am just trying to be honest. I struggle with maintaining and indulging a bit too much around the holidays, so what’s going to happen when I can’t do much moving around? I have already sat around for two weeks not running, and now another three? I haven’t been inactive for FIVE weeks in several years. Maybe not ever now that I think of it.


I am being very careful how I word this, because I want you all to know I love food and would never starve myself to look a certain way, ever, but also I am not the type of person who says “I don’t know where it all goes, I eat whatever I want and I stay at my same weight!” I have to work HARD to maintain my weight, it has never come easy for me. I do not want to fall into a deadly trap of restriction, especially around Christmas, but I also don’t want to pack on several unnecessary pounds I have worked hard to keep away. I have always had a very healthy relationship with food, but I have also never been in a situation where I could not work out, so I am very curious to see how this all plays out.  I would much rather gain a little than starve myself, but I worry most about it constantly being on my mind every time I eat something. I will keep you posted on how I am physically and emotionally handling my new situation as we go.

QOTD: Have you ever had to wear a boot? Or a cast of any kind?

My Favorite Things 2011


Welcome to the Oprah Winfrey show RWS show! My mom keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, and I am not sure what to tell her. I thought maybe I could help some of you out with your lists with a few of my favorite things of 2011. Some are health and fitness related, and some are just plain ‘ole fun, and some I don’t own but think are pretty cool! So so no particular order…


1. Keurig single cup brewer:


I love this little baby. I am the only coffee drinker in my house, and always fond it a waste to make a pot of coffee for just one cup. Not to mention, I always made it wrong. Too watery, too strong, but this way it’s perfect every time! I also love trying out all the different flavors and love that you can make tea, cider, and hot chocolate as well!


2. Running Skirts Capri Skirt:


With the colder weather upon us, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a cute running skirt until spring. it just means you need to buy a capri skirt! These skirts have a drawstring and the same pockets, comfiness, and flattering fit as the regular skirts.



3. Acer Android Tablet:


Bobby got me one of these for my birthday and I use it every single day. It’s so nice to get online without having to turn on my computer or look at my tiny phone screen. We debated between the ipad and the android tablet, but in the end the android won because 1.) it was cheaper 2.) it has flash player 3.) has a full sized USB plug in. It’s great to take on a plane or to a hotel with free WiFi, I love being able to travel lighter!

4. Tall Boots:


I got a brown pair and black pair from Shoe Carnival on Black Friday and I love them. They are comfy and you can wear them with cute sweater dresses or with skinny jeans or regular jeans. I am generally not a trendy person but they are everyone this season!


5. Alarm Clock on Wheels:



That’s right, you read it correctly. I do not have clocky here, but think he’s pretty cool. Clocky will give you one chance to get up and turn off your alarm like a normal person. If you don’t, he will literally jump off your nightstand and run from you, beeping and flashing until you get up, catch hi, and turn him off. That will wake you up in the morning!


6. Tervis Tumbler


I pretty much only drink out of these cups. If you live in the south, you understand how humid it gets here and how much glasses sweat and then water gets everywhere. Not to mention it helps keep your drink hot or cold due to the insulation. I also love the cute logos you can buy! You can also get a lid and/or straw to go with it.


7. Running Chics shirt

2011-08-31154105 2011-09-09155126

No lie, these shirts are so soft I want to wear one every day. There is a great selection and the logo is really cute, too. Great for wanting to be cozy and comfy in the winter months ahead. You must buy one!


8. Digital Picture Frame:



I got a Kodak digital picture frame for Christmas last year and I love it. I have mine in the kitchen, so it’s fun to be able to look over at pictures of my family while I am cooking or doing something in the kitchen. It’s also nice when you have company over, they seem to really like looking at vacation pictures, etc. in that way instead of flipping through a photo album.


9. Brookstone nap blanket


This is the softest blanket every created. Bobby bought one for me a couple years ago, and somehow the dos managed to steal it, but I am taking it back. It’s the perfect Sunday-afternoon-on-the-couch blanket. If you are ever in Brookstone, go check out how soft this thing is!


10. iPod nano


This is one gift I may ask for. I have a very old school iPod mini. Remember those things? I usually just bring my phone and listen to Pandora but I hate carrying my phone but I know this would easily clip onto my clothing, Now, which color should I ask for?

*Check out last year’s Runner Gift Guide!

QOTD: What are you asking Santa to bring you for Christmas?

Turkey Trot 5k 2011


Good morning! IN an attempt to not be sad that the holiday weekend is over, I thought I would do a race recap of the Turkey Trot Bobby and I ran on Thanksgiving morning.

When my alarm went off at 6:00, I seriously considered just not getting up. I knew once I was up I would be fine, so I forced myself out of bed and to the kitchen for some coffee. We got ready to go, and left the house at 7:00.


It was a beautiful day, sunny about 50 degrees. We made it to the little downtown area where the race was being held, and went to register.



Yes, those are people dressed up like giant bananas, and yes, they danced for us.


They had nice long sleeved shirts for us, but they ran out of small so I have to go pick mine up next week after they order some more. We warmed up a bit, put on our bibs, and then it was 8:00!


I was a little nervous about how I was going to hold up for this race. I have been battling a foot injury that I wasn’t convinced I had seen the last of. Due to said foot injury, I had run a total of 12 miles in 3 weeks. Very slow miles. I haven’t run a 5k since the spring nor worked on speed since then, since I have been focusing on half marathons. Also, the registration form stated it was “a challenging out and  back course” which could only mean one thing, hills.

I told Bobby to have a good race and we took off! I paced myself well in the beginning and didn’t let myself just take off. We went down a long street then turned a corner toward the beach and started to go downhill. Crap. This meant when we were exhausted coming BACK up the street it would be all uphill. I made it down to the beach road, and I was feeling really good. We ran along the beach (where I run often) and right before the turn around I spotted Bobby. I was probably only a minute or so behind him and still feeling good. I made it back to the other road turning back north and got warm so I unstrapped my Garmin to roll up my sleeve…and I dropped my Garmin, so I had to stop, run back and go get it. oops.

I hit the first uphill and got an immediate familiar pain in my left foot. AAARRRGGHH! The stabbing pain did not let up for the rest of the race unfortunately. I was really loosing steam having to go up these dang hills, and I knew it was killing my time. I finally made the last turn back onto the street the race was on and I could see the finish line. I thought “wow I must be so close since I can see it, I am going to PR!” Well…how deceptive. It is a LONG street. I kept running…and running…and it took forever to get to that dumb finish line. I was sprint/hobbling as fast as I could and managed to finish in 28:20, just a few seconds off of my PR. I was a little frustrated because I knew my foot slowed me down and I really wanted to PR and run a 5k injury free for once!

I caught up with Bobby who ran right at a 25:00 (he has run maybe 3 times in 2 months?) We got some water and a banana (of course, but not one of the dancing ones.) and hung out in the sunshine waiting for the results.

Much to our surprise, Bobby placed third in his age group…and so did I!

2011-11-24 09.20.19

I was very very shocked but pleasantly surprised.

2011-11-24 09.36.37

We headed back to the car, took a couple more pictures, and headed home for some cooking and eating!


tweeting about the race. I definitely did not tell him to take that one. Thanks dear.


So now, today, I am going to call a doctor about going to get my foot x rayed. I have to find out what’s going on here.

QOTD: Did you turkey trot Thursday? Or race this weekend?

Black Friday Deals


The last day of a holiday weekend is always hard. I am sad that Bobby will have to go back to work tomorrow. Oh how I long for the days we were in college and we would go to class in the morning, play sand volleyball after lunch, and hang out all afternoon/evening without a care in the world. Boo.

Anyway, a few of you have emailed me/asked about the deals that yours truly got on Black Friday. I would love to show you, I am quite proud. If you missed my Black Friday madness post go check it out first then come back for this one!

J Crew:

White v-neck regularly $22.50 —> $9.99

Knee high boot socks Regularly $12.50 —-> 7.50


Bobby also got some boxers regularly $16.50 for $9.99 each (3 pair) and some jeans regularly $59.50 for $35.70, so total we saved $60.84 off of the outlet price.

Ann Taylor:

Striped shirt regularly $29.99 —-> $11.99

Grey shirt regularly $39.99 —> $19.99


Obviously, Bobby didn’t buy anything here, but I saved $38.00 off of the outlet prices.

Banana Republic:

Feather shirt regularly $49.99 —-> $24.99

Grey boot socks regularly $12.99 —-> $6.49

Dot shirt regularly $29.99 —-> $14.99


Bobby got another paid of boxers regularly $12.99 for $6.49, a nice pair of Khaki pants regularly $49.99 for $24.99, and a polo shirt regularly $32.99 for $16.49, so we saved a total of $84.50.



I got a dress from Kohl’s regularly $58.00 for half off. It has pockets and ties in the back.

I got several Christmas gifts for 40-60% off, and a nice area run (5 x 7) for the living room regularly $99.99 for $29.99!!! I spent $102 and saved $119! PLUS, I got $15 in Kohl’s cash to use next week.

Shoe Carnival:

I bought 2 pairs of boots, a black and a brown, they are the same brand. I got a steal on these babies, the boots are regularly $59.99 each —> $29.99 PLUS I had a $10 off coupon from the paper. My totally came up 3 cents shy of being able to use the coupon so the think thinking cashier told me to buy a 39 cent lollipop so I could use the coupon. Smile


So what should have been $120 plus tax —-> $50 plus tax. I was one happy girl!

I still have a little but of shopping left to do for a couple family members and for Bobby, but I was pleased with my Black Friday experience. It was stress free because I didn’t go into it with anything I just HAD to have, I think that is the key!


We are at my parents today and will be heading back to Mississippi this afternoon to start the work week again. Bummer! Hopefully our gym REALLY opens this week so I can get some workouts in, my foot is still hurting. Speaking of which I will be making a doctors appointment tomorrow so I can get to the bottom of this injury. I hope you all had a safe and happy weekend, and enjoy today.

QOTD: Now that Thanksgiving is over, what are you most looking forward to about the Christmas season?

Black Friday Madness


Happy Holiday weekend! Who is still eating leftovers from Thursday? Last night we ate our fourth meal off of our Thanksgiving spread from lunch. It’s so nice not having to cook! It has been a great weekend so far, I am really enjoying having Bobby home for a couple extra days.

Yesterday morning we went to bed at 3:00 after black Friday shopping. Oh yes you read that right. While some were waking up for shopping, we were just going to bed! All day Thursday I tried to take a nap because I knew I would be out late but no dice. We left about 10:00 and headed to the local outlet mall, but first we drove by Best Buy which was not opening for two more hours. I know these pictures are blurry, but you get the idea. The line wrapped almost ALL THE WAY AROUND THE BUILDING!




We of course did not stand in line. That was one of the great things about our shopping trip, there was nothing we just HAD to have so it wasn’t stressful. Ok so back to the outlet mall. Half the stores opened at 10:00 and the other half at 11:00, and I was NOT anticipating the masses of people that we encountered. The line of cars trying to pull into the parking lot was quite indicative of how the stores were.

We first hit up J Crew and the line was wrapped halfway around the store. Bobby got some boxers and went ahead and got in line while I finished shopping. Then I handed him my clothes and headed to the next store to start shopping and trying on, and then he met me there. It worked out really well for us and he was so sweet to stand in line for me.

After J Crew I headed to Ann Taylor and then we went to Banana Republic which didn’t open until 11, so we had to wait in line outside.


It opened about five minutes later, and we shopped and then I headed to Gap while Bobby stood in line again. I found a really cute shirt I liked and saw the line had about 40 people in it. I immediately put the shirt back. Saving 25% on one shirt is not enticing enough to make me stand in line for 30 minutes!

We headed to the food court and got a snack and rested for a few minutes. We soon had to shop more because I was getting very sleepy just sitting. (Remember, we got up at 6 that morning and ran a 5k turkey trot!) We walked around a couple more stores but the lines were just getting longer and longer so we decided to leave. Bobby wanted to go to the other Best Buy (there are two close to our house) so I agreed because I was curious to see just how crazy it was.

The parking lot was crazy (shared with other stored like Target, Dick’s, Kohls, etc.) and there was still a short line outside. We only had to wait about five minutes, and it made me think about the TV shows you see where people are waiting outside of a club to go inside, ha. Anyway, we finally got inside and it was very crowded. The line to check out wrapped around half the store then looped back again. They had aisles blocked off by TV boxes to create makeshift lines.

Bobby, started talking to an employee about picking up an item he had bought and paid for online. (Apparently when he bought it the site told him he could pick it up in store.) So then I find out this is my main Christmas gift, and so I was going to get it now instead of Christmas morning because logistically it just wouldn’t work out any other way. Ok, I didn’t really understand, but I went with it. We were given a pick up slip and told to drive around the back to get the item. We were SO happy we didn’t have to wait in the two hour line to pick it up!

So the item gets put in the back of the vehicle, and then Bobby tells me I can turn around and look.


Wwhhhaaaa? a 60” smart tv?! Crazy! Apparently he got it for 50% off. We had been talking about getting another TV because the one in the bedroom is an old box TV I had when I graduated high school. So we put the flat screen from the bonus room in the bedroom and the new one in the bonus room. So, I got my gift early, and we got it all set up yesterday before the LSU game.


Do I have the best husband or what? I can’t believe he was able to get it for 50% off. What a great deal! Ok so let me back track a little. So we get home with the TV and have to get it out of the car and up the staircase that has two turns in it. That box was so heavy (one of the reasons he had to tell me about it, so I could help him get it inside.) As we were trying to drag the thing up the stairs, I kept yelling “PIVOT! PIVOT!” from the Friends episode where Ross and Rachel are trying to get the couch upstairs. It was a riot, so funny, and at 2:30 in the morning everything is funny.


So we finally fell asleep at three and I was so hoping to sleep in, but I woke up wide awake at 7:15. After a little over 4 hours of sleep. I decided to get up and go do a little solo shopping. I hit up Kohls and did some Christmas shopping and also got some new boots at Shoe Carnival. The stores were crowded but not as bad as the night before. Luckily there were enough workers at the stores so there was no waiting. I did get annoyed when I saw a woman in Kohl’s with a Target shopping cart. Really? Target is in a building way away in a separate parking lot. Girlfriend really wanted a buggy. (yes, I call it a buggy. No laughing, please.)

I of course watched LSU destroy Arkansas yesterday afternoon, and then Bobby helped me start on the outside Christmas decorations. It got dark so I didn’t get to finish, but plan to this morning. I can’t ait to show yall the decorations they are really looking great. It was a fun, relaxing day with my little family. Later we are driving to Louisiana to see my parents for some more fun!


A big thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. If you didn’t win, you can still buy your own timer on the Gymboss website. The winner of the giveaway is


Comment 45: I Tweeted about it! (@bonnielang) Thanks!

Bonnie, please e mail me at to claim your prize!


QOTD: Did you go Black Friday shopping? Any good deals?

My Thanksgiving 2011


Happy Black Friday! We did all of our shopping late last night so we are sleeping in today (I types this post Thursday night.) I hope you ate lots of turkey and made lots of memories with your family and friends. My Thanksgiving was a bit different than years past, but Bobby and I had a fun time making new memories.

We started the day off bright and early with a 6:00 am wake up call for our Turkey Trot. I SERIOUSLY considered turning off the alarm, but I knew the hardest part would be getting out of the bed so I got up anyway and am glad that I did! I will post more about the Turkey Trot in it’s own race recap, but here is a picture from the morning:


We got home about 10:00, and I immediately started getting busy cooking in the kitchen. I had DVRed the parade, so I watched it while I cooked.


Intently watching the parade.

Since it was just going to be the two of us, we didn’t want to cook a whole turkey, so when we saw Honey Baked Ham had a special little meal you could buy where you could get ham, turkey, and two sides, (they threw in some rolls, too) we jumped on it. All I had to make was twice baked potatoes, green beans, almond iced tea, and a pumpkin pie.


We still had to cook the sides in the oven along with all the other things I had made, and this was one of those days I wished I had two ovens. It took a lot longer than I anticipated to get everything ready so we were starving by time it was all ready at 1:00.


Food, why aren’t you done!


Captain Mickey entertained us while we waited.


Getting delirious from hunger.


Bobby insisted on holding the can upside down since the “bottom” said “open other side.”


The girls may or may not have gotten a good bit of people food today…


My first pumpkin pie!



A lot of food for two people.


Notice Bella sitting in my chair, like a person, ready to eat.

We sat, we ate, we tried not to go into food comas, so we took the girls on a long walk. It was the most gorgeous day, sunny, about 73 degrees. Perfect. Then it was football, naps, and late night shopping. More on that later, too.

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and remembered all the things you have to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from the Montgomery’s!


QOTD: What was your favorite food you ate yesterday?

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Happy Thanksgiving 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! We kicked the holiday off with a bang last night by…eeerr…Staying home and doing absolutely nothing! Today we are rocking it out at a 5k turkey trot then will be cooking and eating ourselves into a food coma.


Don’t worry, I will be back tomorrow with pictures of food and fun and will have a race recap up soon as well. I hope you get off the computer some today and have a fabulous day with your family and friends! Go make some memories. Stay safe, eat until you have to unbutton your pants, and watch some football. Don’t forget all of the blessings in your life and all the things you have to be thankful for. I know my list is many, many pages long. I love you all, have a great holiday!

And now, for your enjoyment (ok, you know you are going to get on the computer for a LITTLE while today!) the first installment of my “RWS features!” In case you missed it, I will be featuring a blog probably every week that you need to go, right now, and put in your Google reader.

So be sure to go over to their blogs as they are posted and say hi, and that you came from RWS. New readers are always appreciated and new blogs are always fun to find. You never know, you may find a new favorite!

Meet Kelsey from


How/Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as a way to keep my family up to date with my life as I grew independent while starting college. I started reading other healthy living and food blogs, so eventually mine shifted into a healthy living blog because fitness and healthy eating is a HUGE part of my life and I was blogging about it so much already. I just decided to add my recipes into the mix! I saw that a lot of bloggers did product reviews, so I was fortunate enough to do a few by asking companies. Now, I have done over 40 reviews!

Sum up your blog in a couple of sentences: The Secret Life of Kelsey is … about my fun life, new recipes I’ve tried, my babysitting and teaching adventures, product reviews and more!


What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging? My goal with my blog is just to have fun and inspire some creativity in the kitchen! I love experimenting and posting new recipes and recipes I have tweaked to my own desire that I have seen on other blogs. I would love to have more readers!

What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment? My biggest healthy living accomplishment is definitely completing a half-marathon! I am NOT a natural runner and I actually hate running. But, I really wanted to accomplish a goal that I had to work hard at, and I did! Full post here: and more pics here:  I have no desire to run another half-marathon, but I can PROUDLY say I did one in my life!

Thanks so much Kelsey! You can also find Kelsey on twitter: @Christianqt07 So go check out her blog and twitter and make a new friend.

QOTD: What is a new (to you) blog you have “discovered” lately you want to share with the group that you love?

Thanksgiving Traditions


Happy Thanksgiving eve! It’s almost turkey time, yummy! This year is going to be a little different for us. What am I saying, every year is a little different for us! We typically do the traditions and seeing lots of family over Christmas, so the past few years Thanksgiving has been much more low key. I used to go with Bobby and his family to see their extended family, but due to some…family issues surrounding his father’s death, we don’t speak to that side of the family anymore. We since have seen Bobby’s mom and her side of the family, and last year, were with my parents.



Once again this year will be different. My parents are going to Houston to visit my sister and her husband. Unfortunately for us, they have two enormous dogs, so we cannot take ours, and I refuse to board my babies. Someone please tell me I am not crazy for not wanting to board them…I would be miserable and worrying about them the whole time. They have never been boarded and are used to having free reign of the house, and are used to be being home with them all day.

Anyway, the girl who dog sits for me when my parents cannot is not returning my calls or texts so I assume she is out of town. Bobby’s mom and her husband have a playoff football game (her husband coaches a high school team) on Friday so they can’t come see us like we thought would happen.

So for the first time ever it will be just me and Bobby and the girls.


It will still be a lot of fun as long as you give us some turkey, mom!

But, no worries, we have laid out some fun plans so we won’t be bored and lonely! So, here is our tentative schedule:

Thursday morning we plan to run a turkey trot 5k (don’t worry, I WILL be DVRing the Thanksgiving Day parade, I CANNOT miss it!) We ordered turkey from honey baked ham, and I will be cooking some sides and a pumpkin pie to go with it, so we will of course, eat, nap, and watch football. Then, we may hit up some stores for black Friday sales that night (our outlet mall opens at 10 pm) and then sleep in on Friday, maybe go see Breaking Dawn (eeekkk! Scream like a little girl!)

Friday we will hang outdoor Christmas lights and the LSU game comes on after lunch. Then Saturday afternoon we will drive to my parents and see them once they get back from Texas. There will be more eating and football watching.  I am kind of excited about doing something new and different, and at least I will get to see family on Saturday. I will be sure to take pictures though to post about our first “family Thanksgiving” with just our little family.


My hair was so short a year ago!

QOTD: Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions with family? What will you be doing?

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A Friends Thanksgiving


Yesterday, I may or may not have spent several hours on the couch watching TBS, they were airing all the FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes, and I have to say, they are my favorites by far…and I have every single one memorized. You know a TV show is really funny when you are sitting home by yourself and you still laugh out loud.

Here are some of my favorite clips of all time from Thanksgiving FRIENDS episodes.

Lightning confessions…..

Monica’s Turkey Head…

The I hate Rachel Green Club…

Chandler in a box…

I could go on and on with my favorites but those are just a few. I do have a question though….how come none of the Friends ever were with their own families for Thanksgiving? HHhmmm? Either way, I always wished the friends were MY friends, anyone else? I also wish my Thanksgivings were as fun and eventful as theirs!


Yesterday I ran an easy paced 2.5 miles. My foot didn’t hurt, I just felt some pressure on my foot in that area. Does that make sense? I am thinking of running a Turkey Trot on Thursday so hopefully my foot will hold up for a 5k.

THANKSGIVING WEEK THANKFULNESS: Today I am thankful for the ability to run. I know I get minor aches, pains, and injuries, but even through all of that I still have the ability to put one foot in front of the other, and I try not to take it for granted.

QOTD: Did/do you watch Friends? What is your favorite line from the show? Or favorite episode?

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Gymboss Interval Timer Review/Giveaway


Good morning, I hope you had a fab weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing. I am loving sitting on the couch and watching TV with the Christmas tree next to me. Today I am headed to the store for the last time before Thanksgiving. I hate going *too* close to turkey day because it gets so crowded, so hopefully I won’t get mowed down by crazy old ladies trying to get the last pie filling.

Today I have a fun review and giveaway. I was asked to review the Gymboss Interval Timer awhile back, but then I hurt my foot and wasn’t able to run and review it! I was able to check it out this past week and now you can have a chance to win one!


I really liked that there is a clip on the back (kind of like a beeper) so I could easily clip it to my waistband while running or working out. You can use this timer for many things other that just running sprints though:


The timer was really easy to set up and use. Here are some of the features:

  • 1 or 2 intervals – 2 seconds to 99 minutes
  • Repeat up to 99 times
  • Beep and/or Vibrate alarm
  • Alarm duration 1, 5, or 10 seconds
  • Stopwatch function
  • Secure Belt clip
  • Compact Size (1 ¾ x 2 ¼ x ½ inches)
  • Water and shock resistant

I personally have used the timer for circuit training and for running sprints. The alarm is plenty loud, and I like that if you want it to just vibrate and not beep, it has that option. Personally, I give this product a big thumbs up. If you don’t want to wear a watch and want something for timing that is portable, this is a great option. Those of you that love running with the Galloway method? This is the perfect thing for you! Did you know the Gymboss timer is the official timer of Jeff’s RunWalkRun program? It also comes in a variety of colors. The nice folks at Gymboss are going to give one away to a lucky RWS reader!

Here is how to enter. Please leave a separate comment for each entry:

1.) Like Gymboss on Facebook

2.) Tell me what you would use this timer for if you were to win

3.) retweet, post on Facebook or your blog about the giveaway and include a link to this post

You have until Friday night at 8 pm CST to enter, and I will announce a winner Saturday morning. Good Luck!