5 Reasons to Run a runDisney Race

It’s no secret that I love runDisney races. My very first one was in January of 2010, and I have been hooked ever since. The great thing about these races is that now there are so many, so there is something for everyone, at many different times of the year. If you are on the fence about signing up for a race, here are just a few of the many reasons why a runDisney race may make sense for you and your family.

5 reasons to runDisney

5 Reasons to run a runDisney race:

1.) Vacation for family: I like to call this a “racecation”. You don’t just have to come in the night before, run, and then go home like any other race. No no, you can make a whole week of fun out of a runDisney event! Many of the events are across multiple days, and then people sometimes choose to add a few days for relaxation after the race as well. With so many resorts, parks, and other activities to choose from, there is no shortage of fun. Just don’t forget to wear your medal around the parks, you earned it!


2.) Everyone can participate: What some people don’t realize is that a runDisney event consists of more than just a half marathon. Most of the event weekends also include kids races (all the way down to the diaper dash!), a family fun run 5k, and some even have a 10k and full marathon. So everyone from the smallest mouseketeer to grandma can join in the fun.


3.) Characters and course entertainment: Where else can you stop along the course to snap a picture with a few princesses or the big cheese himself? Not to mention the idea of running THROUGH Cinderella castle or around the World Showcase in EPCOT? There are plenty of things to see to keep your mind busy and a smile on your face as you race to the finish line. Not to mention, there are tons of awesome spectators along the routes!


4.) Great expo/speakers: One of my favorite parts of a runDisney race weekend would have to be the expo. So, so, so many vendors with great products for you to test out and purchase. There is also a plethora of official race merchandise, a speaker series where you can hear from some of your favorite knowledgeable runners, and not to mention those coveted New Balance running shoes.


5.) Amazing bling: I have a lot of race medals, but my favorites generally are those I earned from completing runDisney events. The designers do such a great job of incorporating magical components, shimmering touches, and even moveable parts. I always feel so accomplished after running a race, so having a beautiful medal to commemorate my experience makes it even more worthwhile. These guys are always outdoing themselves!


I could go on for days about why I love runDisney races and think you would too, but these are the top five that came to my mind. If you have any questions about runDisney, or want to know more about my personal experiences, I would love to hear from you or even help you plan your next trip! Email me at heather@travelwiththemagic.com so we can chat!

For more information on registering for a runDisney race, visit rundisney.com

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QOTD: What is the main reason why you run runDisney races? Is there something that just keeps you going back for more?

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  1. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    I love Disneyworld. Period. So Disney races were kinda a no-brainer for me. You mean I get to run through all the parks and see backstage areas? I’m sold!

  2. You’re right, there’s so many great reasons to run a Disney race, especially with all of the different themed options that are available! Love getting to spend time with friends…and wearing medals around the parks…the list goes on! 😀

  3. The one thing I was waiting for during Princess 2012 was running through the Magic Kingdom. I’d done it before for Mickey’s Halloween 5K, but we didn’t get to run through the castle.

  4. I’ve always said the only time I’d run a half marathon would be for a Run Disney race. I hope to do so one day!

  5. I’m planning to do the Disney Marathon Weekend in 2016. I’ve done ToT & Wine & Dine and absolutely loved them, but I have yet to run through Magic Kingdom.
    My question is how the heck you make a full day through the park in those medals? They are heavy and get so hot! You’re a trooper just for wearing them around your neck all day.

    • Oh girl, I did NOT wear them all day, just for the fun photos in front of the castle! I just wore the dopey medal. I think that one spoke for all. 🙂

  6. I absolutely loved my experience during Marathon Weekend this year, and can’t wait until we’re able to fit in another runDisney racecation!

  7. Agree with all these points! RunDisney is the best!

  8. Loved running in my first Run Disney Race this past year! IT WAS AMAZING! And my medal is hanging on my dresser as a reminder to all the hard work I did to EARN IT! So excited to run my next Disney race next year. (LOVE all the bling you earned with the Dopey challenge! One of my fav photos of yours, and while pregnant!) Way to go Momma!

  9. I recently started running BECAUSE of runDisney! I have never been a runner before, but I am a Disney fanatic and I read a lot of Disney blogs. I have read stories about how awesome these races are and how much fun everyone has. I often thought that I wish I were a runner so that I could have all of this fun! Well, the DAY BEFORE the tickets for this year’s Wine and Dine went on sale, I made an impulse decision to register. I signed up and it was perfect timing because the tickets sold out very quickly! So now I was signed up for a half marathon, and I had never run before! I got a book and training app from Jeff Galloway, and I started using his training method. I really like the run-walk alternation. I am really excited about the race! I found your blog accidentally just a few days ago, and look forward to going back and reading your tips! Being a Disney fan looking for new ways to experience the parks has caused be to adopt a healthier lifestyle and a new hobby after never thinking that I could be a runner. I’m going to be very proud when I earn that medal!

  10. They do have undoubtedly the bets bling!

  11. I love it for all the reasons you mentioned, but it has also been a great meeting place to meet other runDisney addicts! I love seeing you and other people that I have met through our shared passion out there on the courses–and saying hello out on the course! It’s crazy that I often see more people I know at WDW and Disneyland races than I do at my hometown races!

  12. I love running Disney! I love Disney, but there is something so magical unlike anything else with runDisney. My first half marathon was Princess so we could have a racecation!

  13. Pam@wishuponarun.com says

    LOVE this! Disney races are definitely the best (except the early wake ups…those are rough 🙂 ). We did the diaper dash for the first time this year. It was a lot of fun and hilarious to watch! I hang my son’s medal from my treadmill as motivation and love remembering his first trip!

  14. Disney is my happy place and I always feel at home while I am there! The fact that I get to run through the parks for some gorgeous medals is icing on the cake!!

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    5 Reasons to run a runDisney Race

    It’s no secret that I love runDisney races. My very first one was in January of 2010, and I have been

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