5 Things Friday XII

Happy Friday! Not only that, happy GOOD FRIDAY. This is such an important weekend to me, yall. So much to be thankful for! Let’s jump right in to 5 things Friday

1.) Easter Fun: Ok, who dyes Easter eggs this weekend? Bobby and I have always done it together, and Emma Kate is now 18 months so I think she would enjoy it, so I think we may go for it? Thoughts? Any other fun things we can do besides an egg hunt?

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2.) The Crescent City Classic 10k is Saturday! We will be staying the night in New Orleans tonight and racing tomorrow. I was pretty confident in a PR, but now the weather is going to be hot and rainy so I’m really nervous and wish I never would have voiced my PR intentions! Yikes! I promise to post updates from NOLA over the weekend so be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (or all 3!)


3.) Bible Study: I mentioned last week (or maybe the week before, it all runs together now), that I had started a small group Bible study with some friends from church, and now that I am on the third week I can vouch for the book and say it is wonderful! Definitely steps on your toes a bit which I love, so if you are looking for a good devotional, I highly recommend this one!


4.) Iced or Regular? Ok, so now that it’s getting warmer, I have started craving iced coffee. Anyone else? Let’s vote. Do you drink hot coffee year round no matter the temperature, or do you switch to iced in the spring/summer?


5.) Easter Sunday Meanings: This is such an important weekend. Today, on good Friday many years ago, Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins, then rose again on Easter Sunday. what a huge blessing it is, as I did nothing to deserve His love and sacrifice. If you have any questions about Easter and the Bible, I would be happy to answer/help!


I hope everyone has a great weekend, I will see you all on Monday. Happy Easter!

QOTD: Iced or hot coffee (from #4 above), and what are your Easter plans?

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  1. No to all things coffee! My plans are whatever you tell me they are.

  2. Hope you have a Happy Easter! I haven’t colored easter eggs in years. I should though!

  3. I live in Florida so I it has to get really cold for me not to be drinking iced coffee!

  4. I don’t drink coffee, but I drink iced tea year round. I do have hot tea on occasion, but that’s usually when I need extra caffeine and there’s no ice tea machine at work.

  5. Have fun dying easter eggs!

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