A Vacation from Vacation


Hello all! Did you miss me? I missed you guys! A big thanks to all my guest posters, yall are awesome! Lots of things going on right now! We had a GREAT trip, but, as usual, it went by so fast! Lots of fun pictures etc. to share with you! I will also give a run down on The Disney Dream in comparison to the other two Disney ships. You may be surprised by my opinion.  But I am so wiped out I need a vacation from my vacation!

But, first things first.


huh? Where was I this morning? Well, I was at the New Orleans airport of course! But, where am I NOW?


Hellooooo Denver! I have never been here, so it’s kind of interesting to me. I have also never flown alone, so it was a little bit scary I will admit. So Have a totally confused you yet? Do you remember before my trip I told yall I had exciting news to share? Well…not sharing yet, but getting close. (I know, I am such a tease!) But that’s not all..I am not STAYING in Denver, I am just here for a three hour layover.


airport food


my “stuff” (laptop bag is QUITE heavy!)

Where am I heading? You will have to find out tomorrow. Smile I feel like Ryan Seacrest torturing everyone with voting results “after the break” heh. I need a little fun you guys! Anyway, here are a couple sneak peek pictures for you from our trip.

Remember, we drove to the Polynesian last Thursday, stayed three nights, then got on the Disney Dream for 5 nights. Got home yesterday evening, then I drove to my parents house so my mom could drive me to the airport this morning. WHEW I am exhausted!



More later! got to go, they changed my gate!

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  1. :0) Have FUN!!!!! Glad you had a great time on vacation! I can’t wait to see the pictures!!

  2. Emily @ Sweating Sugar says

    Lucky lucky!!! Can’t wait to see where you end up!

  3. Oh I love cliff hangers!!!! You got me hooked!

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