Baby M’s Gender Reveal Party

Ever since we found out we were pregnant, my mom has wanted to throw us a gender reveal party.

gender reveal cake

I always liked the idea and thought it was a fun way for your closest friends and family to all find out the sex of the baby together, so we planned it for right after my 19 week anatomy scan.

I set up a secret Pinterest board that my mom and I shared (it’s public now in case anyone is looking for ideas, I will be pinning my party stuff to it, too), and the “team pink vs. team blue” sounded right up our alley. We invited my parents neighbors who we are close to and who watched me grow up, as well as some of the extended family. Bobby and I both had a couple friends come into town, too.

The plan was for a casual party. My dad was going to BBQ until he was put in the hospital, and we weren’t even sure we were having a party until Thursday afternoon. We decided to get catered BBQ instead and everything ended up working out just fine with the food.

I decorated Friday night after discharging my dad from the hospital and all Saturday morning before the party started at noon. We went with a simple pink and blue theme with candy and fun decorations. The fun started right when you walked in the front door with balloons on the mailbox and signs up in front of the house.

team pink team blue


We had a tally board and everyone had to pick a “team” when they arrived, and wear a “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” sticker during the party. We also had a bowl for name suggestions for baby M.


I also had these cute Under Armour onesies up when you walked in the front door.


The girls were even dressed up as new big sisters.


I decorated the dining room, kitchen, living room, and sunroom since people would be eating wherever they found a spot to sit.





For food we had BBQ pulled pork and chicken as well as potato salad, baked beans, corn, salad, cracker and dip…and of course, cake.



I made little signs for the food and drinks labeling the different options.

In the dining room we had the cake set up with some candy, as well as the drinks on the buffet table. We had a champagne punch for the pink drink, Hawaiian punch mixed with lemonade for the blue, and almond tea along with soft drinks.



The cake table was of course my favorite. We bought a helium tank and my dad was in charge of all the balloons.



I even put glow cubes in the wine glasses with the candy, and I had some up along the tulle on the fireplace in the living room.


We ate first, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the food. I hardly ate anything, I was ready for the main event and couldn’t concentrate.







Finally, it was time to cut the cake! I was shaking I was so nervous. It all kind of seems like a blur now, so I am glad we have it on video! Be sure to watch AFTER the graphic comes up showing the gender, there is more to the video.


unnamed (4)

unnamed (8)unnamed (5)

unnamed (7)

unnamed (10)

unnamed (13)

team pink


Now to buy all things pink, frilly and fun! #TeamPink coming your way September 30!

unnamed (14)

QOTD: Have you ever been to a gender reveal party? Did you think I was having a girl?

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  1. Congratulations! I think gender reveal parties are adorable 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Congrats Heather. What an incredibly sweet idea!

  3. I already knew Girl from the posts this weekend but your post today gave me the chills and excitement all over again! Congrats again to you and Bobby on your Princess!!

  4. Congrats to y’all! What a great way to find out 🙂

  5. Jessica @ pugrunaholic says

    So freaking cute! I totally wanna do this when I get pregnant! 🙂

  6. You and your mom did such a great job with everything! So excited for you!!

  7. We thought about doing a gender reveal party, but our lives are so crazy right now. I love all your ideas and decorations! So much fun, especially for your first.
    Congrats again on the baby girl. Girls are so much fun to dress and you’re going to love mommy/daughter activities later on. I know I do!!!!

  8. I KNEW you were having a girl!!! A little Disney princess!!! Congratulations!!!!

  9. What a beautiful party! I’m so glad it worked out! I would have been DYING of anticipation, lol.

  10. So did your mom know? How was the cake done if she didn’t? Did you give the envelope to the bakery? Very curious. Oh and congrats!!

  11. Congrats Heather and Bobby! I had a feeling it was a girl! I love Bobby’s reaction to finding out the gender – he looks worried about adding another female to the house!

  12. You are so patient. I couldn’t have waited that long. The party looks so fabulous though!

  13. Hi Heather! Congrats on the baby girl! I’m due with my first girl late July. 🙂 Anyway, had to let you know about a $25 Pink Blush maternity online giveaway I’m hosting this week! Don’t miss out! 🙂

  14. yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! congrats!!! i love this idea but not sure i could wait, or read that info in front of other people! i would cry haha.

  15. I MIGHT have teared up a little bit! Congrats!! 🙂

  16. I love that party idea and the under armour onsies were awesome! I was just waiting to see pink AND blue, a set of twins! But yay for a little girl, they are so fun. 🙂 Maybe we will do a gender reveal party the next time we expect, looks like so much fun.

  17. You did such a great job decorating for the party! Everything looked so nice and I love the team blue vs. team pink idea!

    Congrats on your new baby girl!

  18. Congratulations girl!! Your pictures turned out beautiful! Can’t wait for all the pink and frilly!!

  19. Congrats Heather. Baby girls are the best!

  20. Congrats on your Princess!!!

  21. Awww I love that video!! Congratulations Heather!!!

  22. Heather you look beautiful! Congratulations! That is such exciting news!!!!

  23. steph @FitMomTraining says

    I knew you were having a girl! Congrats and I can’t wait to see which Disney princess she’ll be for Halloween!

  24. Rick Stiles says

    It sounds like you had an awesome party – thanks for sharing! Time to make plans for everything you can do with your soon-to-be baby girl / princess!

  25. Melissa M says

    Congrats! I was so excited while watching the video even though I already knew you were having a girl from the Instagram pics over the weekend LOL and I’m not going to lie….now I want cake!

  26. So much fun! I’m glad we were able to be at your party!! :0)

    BTW, my legs look way tanned in that picture…I like it! Haha!

  27. I was a bit in shock.

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