Beach Trip 2013: Day 3

Tuesday was our last full day at the beach. The sun was out in full force and it was a gorgeous day.


We had another delicious breakfast then Bobby left for his conference and I hit the beach.

photo (22)

I hung out all morning until lunch when he came back. We ate and hit the beach again of course! If you look close in the next picture you can see Bobby out in the water.

photo (23)

photo (32)

We enjoyed happy hour at the outdoor bar again, the setting is just gorgeous. We decided to just order pizza and have it delivered and eat out at the bar. Best decision! We ended up having a blast and I really enjoyed just hanging out looking at the water.

photo (24)

photo (31)

After we ate, the sun was setting and we decided to walk on the beach. We were treated to a gorgeous sky!

photo (30)

photo (29)

We had a little fun as we went.

photo (28)

photo (27)

photo (25)

We headed back and sat outside on some chairs for a  bit, I didn’t want the evening to end I was having so much fun! We did end up renting another movie and the heading to bed. It was the perfect evening for our last beach day!

photo (26)

QOTD: Would you rather watch a sunrise or sunset?

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  1. Heather (Where's the Beach) says

    Simply gorgeous. There’s nothing like a beautiful ocean sunset. But at home, I like the sunrise.

  2. SO pretty!

  3. I’m usually driving to work when the sun is rising, so definitely a sunset.

  4. Oh what a beautiful sunset, so wonderful. I prefer sunsets because I’m generally more relaxed, end of day/chores 🙂

  5. We don’t go enough, but so glad we live so close to the beach – something about being on the edge – literally – that’s relaxing and freeing

  6. Nicole Bynum says

    I love Sunrises, because it usually means I’m up for a race!!!!

  7. What a lovely evening!

    I would love to get up super early and watch the sun rise while hiking. Although watching the sun set over the Golden Gate bridge was beautiful, too. 🙂

  8. I love both, but if I had to choose, I’d go with sunset. There’s something serene about watching the sun go down and the day wind down.

  9. Glad you guys had such a great time!! Love the sunset picture! :0)

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    Beach Trip 2013: Day 3…

    Tuesday was our last full day at the beach. The sun was out in full force and it was a gorgeous day….

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