Bobby is 28!


Today is Bobby’s 28th birthday. We met when he was 21. I am starting to feel old. I am sad today, because this is the first time I have not spent Bobby’s birthday with him! We celebrated a little before the trip and for sure during, and I bet more birthday fun will ensue when I get back home!


Baby Bobby and siblings


yes! he had blonde curly hair, no lie!


with his sister Amy


high school. heh.


college, out to eat for my birthday. I was turning 20, he was freshly 22.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY! I hope you had a great 27, and that 28 is even better. I am so happy I get to share the years with you. There isn’t anyone I would rather share life with. You make me so happy, and make me feel so special. I love you and will see you on Thursday!!!

Be sure to Wish Bobby a good day, especially since I won’t be with him. Sad smile

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  1. Elizabeth@The Sweet Life says

    Precious old photos!

  2. Happy birthday, Bobby!

    Sorry you can’t be with him 🙁 But I’m sure he’ll forgive you and you can celebrate together when you get home!

  3. Yaaay birthday….okay, back to work ;-P

    Thanks for the post dedicated to me!

    Thanks Jen

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope your birthday is fabulous:)

  5. Awww… happy birthday to Bobby! Christopher is turning 26 this year and we’ve been together since he was 18… yeesh! Hard to believe how fast the time flies!

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