February Goals 2013


I can’t believe the first month of 2013 is coming to a close. I am finally getting used to writing/typing “2013” instead of 2012, which i got the hang of fairly quickly as opposed to previous years. Since February is looming close, it’s time to check in on my January goals, and make some new ones for February. First, let’s see how I did this past month:

1.) Finish Goofy in an upright position. (A+) It. was. awesome. Not only did I finish in an upright position, but I had a smile on my face AND a full marathon PR to boot. I couldn’t be happier with how this race went. Definitely one I will always remember.

2.) Vlog more. (C-) Well, I vlogged….once. But hey, it was one of my favorites, and I am really proud of it. Still working on this one, as it is really important to me.

3.) Stretch more. (B+) I know this was essential for getting through Goofy, so I actually did stretch, a lot. Before and after runs, Bobby and I both took the time to really work on this. It’s something I can always improve on though, so I’m not giving myself an A.

4.) Stay healthy. (A-) Knock on wood, I have stayed pretty healthy. The weather keeps changing so my allergies have caused a bit of trouble here and there but nothing major. Hoping to stay that way so I can get through Princess healthy!



Now here are my February goals:

1.) Comment on more blogs. Not going to lie, January was very busy and I barely had time to blog let alone read other blogs. I want to be supportive of our little community so I want to do better with this in February.

2.) Have a great race: I am going to try to run a 5k or two and then I of course have the Princess half at the end of the month. My goal is to have a great race in February. Not necessarily a PR race, just one where I am healthy, feel good about myself, and have fun with.


3.) Get my tax info together. We have an accountant, but we also have TONS of receipts, and I have done work for lots of companies this year which makes tax preparation quite a headache. We like to have everything totaled up for our accountant, put in spreadsheets etc. It’s a lot of work and I have done some but keep putting the rest off.

4.) Raise my weight at the gym. I have been kind of a lazy gym goer when it comes to lifting lately. I am consistent, but I noticed I haven’t raised my weight in awhile. I think i can try a lot harder to lift heavier weight, and I really want to push myself to do that this month.


There you have it, my mini goals for the month of February. it feels great to accomplish a few smaller things during the month as opposed to a huge looming yearly goal. This is how I operate best, and it’s a big confidence booster to see results!

*Sparkly Soul giveaway winners! A huge thanks to everyone who entered and I hope you will go check out Sparky Soul even if you didn’t win! Congrats to Amanda Reid and Courtney Norman! Look for an e-mail from me!

QOTD: Do you have a goal for February? Share!

Super Bowl Excitement


Yesterday, Bobby and I decided to drive downtown into New Orleans and hang out with some friends who are in town for the Super Bowl. We got there in the afternoon on a gloomy, misty, humid day.

photo 099

We parked in the French Quarter, and took a walk over to see some of the ESPN set up, and they happened to be filming while we were there. Some of you may have seen it on TV yesterday!

photo (9)

photo (10)

photo (12)

It was neat to see all of the behind the scenes action with the camera crews and directors.

photo (15)

There were a good amount of people mulling about for the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, and I know the crowds will ramp up the closer we get to the weekend.

photo (14)

photo (16)

I am quite sad it isn’t my boys in black and gold playing for the Lombardi trophy, but it was still awesome to see all of the excitement in the air. There were signs and billboards everywhere announcing the game, advertising merchandise, as well as Mardi Gras! Kind of neat that everything kind of coincided this year. It’s great news for the city of New Orleans, the publicity and tourists will give a much needed boost to the local economy.

After walking around a bit, we met up with our friends, at their hotel…which happened to be the team hotel for the San Francisco 49er’s. There were banners and photos of the team everywhere, as well as a lot of added security. We hung out with our friends and had some drinks at the hotel, and it was so funny to see all the fans lurking around the lobby waiting for a player to walk by. Then they would pounce, asking for autographs and shaking hands.

I am jealous of everyone getting to go to the game, but I am at least glad I got the change to hang out for a bit downtown and experience some of the fun and the hype of the week.

photo (11)

Darrell and I in front of the Super Bowl sign at the 49er’s team hotel.

Can’t wait for Sunday’s game, going to be a fun one to watch! Will anyone be watching from the dome?

QOTD: Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

Tips for Running a runDisney Race

Thanks so much for the encouragement and congratulations on my Disney marathon race recap. I enjoyed writing it and reliving that special race, and hope you will all sign up and run the next runDisney race with me!

I have gotten a lot of questions from people about runDisney races in general. Tips for getting the most out of the weekend, what to expect, when to go where, special things to note that are different from regular races. Well, I thought it was high time to compile all of my info into a blog post of tips for running a runDisney race to share with you all!

tips for running a runDisney


Expo: Try to get to the expo the first day it is open if you are able. Merchandise can run out, especially in popular sizes, after the first day. Not to mention the first day is typically less crowded. For marathon weekend, all the Goofy merchandise was sold out by Friday afternoon, and the expo had a line to even get into the building!


Race retreat: I have done the race retreat once, and while it was very nice, I don’t thing it’s “necessary.” When it’s very cold outside it’s nice to have somewhere to go and relax and eat, but it’s definitely not a “must” and you will be ok without it, so don’t fret if you didn’t get in before it filled up.

Characters: There are plenty of characters along the course, especially within the parks. Have your phone or camera out and ready to hand to the cast member, and give them any instructions you want to give. They aren’t all “great” at photo taking, I had to tell the to tap the screen to focus the picture after getting a few blurry ones. Bummer. There will also be professional photographers on the course and at the character stops, so be sure your bib is visible to the camera when they are taking your photo.


Fueling: There are PLENTY of aid stations and I have never brought my own water bottle. There was water and Powerade available about every 1.5 miles. I do bring my own fuel/gel minus one for the half and two for the full (there is one clif shots stop during the half, and two during the full). If you aren’t used to taking Clif’s products, be sure to bring your own or practice with them before the race. These are the ones I take and love. They taste like vanilla frosting!

Hotels: Be sure to stay at a host hotel on property for the least amount of stress come race morning.  Not only will you be surrounded by other runners, but it is the only way to have official race and expo transportation, which is important when you don’t have a car!


Transportation: There are busses outside of the host resorts to take you to the expo and the race and back. Typically there are big signs out front of the resorts directing you to race transportation pick up. If you aren’t sure be sure to check with the front desk at your hotel. After the race, there are busses near the family reunion area to take you back to your resort, just look for the signs so you know which line to get into. Also, be sure to get to the busses EARLY. There is a LONG walk from the family reunion area to the corrals, and it is a slow walk full of people, so allow yourself even more time than you think you would ever need. Trust me on this one!

Sweepers: You have to keep a 16:00 per mile pace or you will be swept off the course. They have busses at certain cut off points to transport those who cannot maintain pace. Keep in mind Disney doesn’t start the timer as far as SWEEPERS go until everyone crosses the start line, so you have a bit of a head start as long as you aren’t the last one to start. Smile

Weather: You can’t control the weather, neither can Disney. I have run in Disney in weather in the 20’s and in the upper 70’s. Be prepared when you pack for ALL weather situations, they can quickly change. A garbage bag is a good alternative to a poncho, and remember that if you throw off old sweatshirts, etc. Disney picks them all up and gives them to charity.

RELATED: I love this jacket for running!


Finish line/family reunion area: After you cross the finish line and get your medal, Disney will give you water, Powerade, and a little box of snacks. Then you can take photos, get your bag at gear check pickup, and meet your family in the family reunion area. There are big signs with letters on them so plan a meeting spot to meet up with friends and family after you finish the race.

Training: There are training programs on the runDisney website to help you get ready for your big race day!

Gear check: Disney gives you a big clear bag when you get your race shirt, and there is a sticker with numbers on it, you put it on the front of your bag and this makes it your gear check bag (be sure to tie a knot in the top of the bag so your stuff doesn’t fall out!) I pack a pack ticket for walking back through EPCOT to our hotel if I feel like it and am staying in the EPCOT resort area, flip flops, a jacket, a towel, and my hotel room key.

Corrals/proof of time: You are put into a corral based on your proof of time from a 10k race or longer. If you have no proof of time, you will be put towards the back. Be sure to put an accurate proof of time, runDisney checks them and puts you into a corral accordingly. There IS a cut off date for proof of time! The volunteers DO check corrals and have flashlights to read your bib to make sure you are going into the right ones.

photo (24)


Bathrooms: There are plenty of port-o-potties at the start, but there will still be lines so arrive early. There are some at the family reunion area but we usually skip these and use the ones right before you get into the corrals, they usually have shorter lines. There are also potties all along the course, but we usually try to wait and use the “real” bathrooms in the parks. There are some you run right by in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom, as well as in Frontierland. When running the full we have stopped at the ones at the Ticket and Transportation center as well, and you run right by some in Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Meet up/Tweet Up: You may have seen blog posts about the cool runDisney social media meet ups that are held during race weekends. These meet ups are typically held on Friday morning, very early. If you want to try to get in, keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog and the @runDisney Twitter feed for information on when you need to keep an eye out for registration. The meet up for marathon weekend was full in three minutes!

***These meet ups have been discontinued***


Family fun run/5k: The 5k is typically the day before the half marathon, early in the morning. It is an untimed fun run, but you still get a shirt, bib, and (rubber) medal. There are characters along the course, and it’s a fun relaxing way to get a taste for runDisney racing. The 5k typically doesn’t fill up as fast as the half marathon.

2012-02-25 08.05.56

Kids races: The littlest runners can take part in runDisney races too! There are kids races at the Wide World of sports (think diaper dash and kids one mile run).

Spectating: Have a plan! Disney has info for spectators on their website. The chEAR squad packages are nice, but not necessary to see someone at the finish. I know a lot of spectators that catch their runners at multiple points during the races, relying on Disney transportation to get them around and the monorail to the finish line.


I also have some personal tips….

-Have FUN! runDisney races are great for running with friends and family Don’t take yourself too seriously!

-Take lots of photos! Where else do you get to run through a castle and get character photos in your running gear? Enjoy the cool things you don’t get to do at other races

-Be prepared. All right boy scouts, always be prepared for any situation. Don’t forget things like chapstick, tissues, layers to keep warm, sunscreen, and your camera.

-Wear your medal around the park after the race, be proud!

-bring extra safety pins in case there aren’t any or enough in your bag

-If you are wearing a costume practice in it beforehand to make sure it doesn’t rub or chafe. I use body glide especially when wearing costumes!

-Need packing advice? Check out my “packing for a runDisney race” vlog to make sure you have everything you need!

-Check out the runDisney website and Facebook page, they are always updating them with great info!

QOTD: What are your best tips for running a runDisney race I have left off?

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Weekly Recap: January Week 4


Good morning! It has taken some time but I feel like I am finally getting my legs back after Goofy’s challenge. (Part two of the marathon coming up tomorrow!) I had a really good run yesterday, and feel like I am getting back on track after being gone.

photo 766

After 6 tempo miles on the treadmill, felt great!

So here is what my workout week looked like:

Sunday: rest

Monday: Stationary bike 30 minutes, chest and tri’s (weights)

Tuesday: Stationary bike 20 minutes, bi’s and back (weights)

Wednesday: elliptical 20 minutes, chest and tris (weights)

Thursday: rest

Friday: Ran 3 miles on the TM, back and bi’s (weights)

Saturday: 6 mile tempo run on the TM

Didn’t run as much as I would like, but feel good about my efforts especially with cross training and weight lifting, and my run yesterday was a big confidence booster. I am still having some trouble with my left leg, and am actually going to an orthopedist tomorrow to see what’s up. Fingers crossed it’s nothing major!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, don’t forget to enter my Sparkly Soul giveaway!

QOTD: What is your favorite thing to do on Sunday?

Favorite Apps For the Windows 8X Phone


I have spent the last month getting used to the Windows 8X phone, and have finally discovered some of my favorite apps. It is true that the app store is a bit lacking, however I have found some great substitutes, and new favorites, check them out!

photo 49

Fhotoroom- Mobile photo editor, good substitute for Instagram. Filter your photos with 50+ filters, then share to skydrive, Facebook, twitter, or flickr. There is also a basic editor to tweak your photos.

Allrecipes- Delivers thousands of recipes featuring photos and reviews, and it’s free! Choose by ingredient, time it takes to cook, or type of dish 9appetixer, dessert, etc.)

The Emergency Kit– Store your blood type, allergies, medications, or your emergency contacts. A personalized lock screen will contain your emergency contacts even if screen is locked. You can also turn your phone into an SOS light beacon and learn how to treat different injuries.

Pinspiration – Browse and post to Pinterest from your mobile phone. You can even sign into your account and share images.

Rowi- Third party Twitter app. You can use multiple accounts so you can “tweet as” different accounts.

QOTD: What phone app could you not live without?

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*Disclosure: I was provided with a device and phone service from Verizon Wireless

Sparkly Soul Giveaway- Closed


Happy Friday! The second part of my Disney marathon race recap will be up on Monday!

Awhile back I was contacted by the wonderful folks at Sparkly Soul and asked to do a review and giveaway on my blog. Yes please! I picked out one thin (silver) and one think (rainbow) band, and I love them! I not only wear them for running and working out, but also just around town, or to dress up an outfit with a little sparkle.


Sparkly Soul is based in NYC, and was started by a runner/triathlete who want to push their athletic limits, and also needed something to keep their hair out of their face without giving them a headache.


I especially love the rainbow option because it matches so many different things.


I have gotten so many compliments, and even wore my rainbow headband during the Disney half marathon! They don’t give me headaches, they stay put, and are a very reasonable price. What’s not to love?


Be sure to check out Sparkly Soul:

Facebook (www.facebook.com/sparklysoulinc),


Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr (SPARKLYSOULINC),

Google + (Sparkly Soul)

LinkedIn (Sparkly Soul, Inc.).

How would you like to win a headband of your own? The company graciously offered to give away headbands to two RWS readers. One of you will get a thin band, an done a thick band. Ready to enter? See below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Try Something New 2013


Good morning! I was hoping to have my half marathon race recap up today, but I am having some issues with the professional photos and I am still waiting on answers. I haven’t forgotten, don’t worry! Today I wanted to talk about trying new things.

I was worried about running Goofy…really worried. I had been injured, didn’t train properly, and wasn’t sure I was going to finish in one piece. Not only did I finish, I knocked it out of the park, and I am SO proud of me and Bobby. It really helped me to restore my faith in myself, and made me remember that I can accomplish my goals, even if it takes a little longer than anticipated. It got me thinking about doing something I have never done before, something I thought I could never do, that I want to do in 2013.


I have never been a huge fan of fitness classes, not sure why. I prefer to workout whenever I get a chance, and I have a crazy schedule so it’s hard to predict. I easily get bored, and sometimes get intimidated by trying new things, especially when I feel like everyone in the class already knows what they are doing. I was brave and did some yoga classes last year, but it was in my neighborhood with some friends so it wasn’t too intimidating. However, some new classes are starting up…ones I have NEVER done, and honestly it scares me to try something new like that. SO, I have decided to just do it. To make the time, get over it, and dive right in. I’m not sure what I will do first, but I am going to make an effort. Here is how:

1.) Make the time. Whether I have to schedule it into my calendar or set an alarm on my phone, I am going to make the time.

2.) Get over my fear. I am going to mentally make sure I am prepared, stand in the back, and just try my best. I know it may seem SO silly, but I have always struggled with this. I get scared in the beginning, then after awhile realize what the heck I was so worried about? So I just need to mentally get over that first time.

3.) Remind myself it will make me a more fit person. I have been running, and running, and running, which I love, but I want to be much more well rounded and in shape than just running shape. This is a big motivator for me.

4.) Talk to other who have taken the classes. Talking to friends with first hand experience is very helpful, and gets me even excited about trying something new. If they can do it, so can I!

I will let you know how it goes!

*Do you want to win fitmixer product? Just follow this link and tell them something new you want to try in 2013 (don’t forget to mention Running With Sass!)

QOTD: No questions today, just go enter the giveaway! You can always let me know you did it. Smile

runDisney 20th Anniversary Marathon Weekend Meet Up


Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the WDW runDisney meet up held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. My husband attended as well (it was his first!) and we had an absolute blast. Some of the photos I will share are my own and some are from Disney, being used with permission. Enjoy!

Friday morning, we were up bright and early at 5:00 am to get to the meet up for 6:30. I was so excited about what runDisney had in store for us!

photo (18)

We headed to the lobby and chatted wit the lovely Kelly for a bit before it was time to go.

photo (17)

We made our way to Hollywood Studios, checked in and changed into our cute 20th anniversary shirts.

photo (15)

Let the massive amount of photo taking begin! I spotted my blogger pals, Jenn and Sara

photo (13)

and some #team runDisney friends as well

photo (16)

After chatting with some friends, it was time for our run. We broke into two groups, the run/walk Galloway group, and the straight run group. Bobby and I chose to go with the straight run group, since they were running a 9:00 minute pace, but we soon realized we were running an 8:00 minute pace, which made me nervous the day before goofy started! So we took it easy and ran in the back, taking pictures and having a great time. (We may or may not have cut some corners to catch up. ssshhhh.) We stopped along the way to take a photo with Buzz Lightyear.


Oh yes, that would be Desiree Davila on the other side of me and Buzz.

photo (12)

We finished up our run and ended up at the Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show area where there was food and drinks for us, as well as amazing people for us to mingle with! I started chatting with Desiree, she is so quiet and so tiny, but super sweet and answered all of my questions. (She is coming back from an injury, but when she is healthy she runs every day, a lot of times twice a day!) Chatting with an Olympian and Boston marathon runner up was so surreal. In the presence of greatness I tell you, I was in awe.

photo (10)

Bobby and I took our seats up in the bleachers, and before I knew it, Des had come and sat next to me, and Adriano Bastos came and sat on the other side. You have GOT to be kidding me. Seven (now eight!) time Disney marathon winner from Brazil on one side, and Des on the other. I thought I was dreaming. If I thought it couldn’t get any better, I would be wrong. I was on the second row of bleachers, and then all of the amazing running legends were told to come sit on the first row…right in front of me. More friends for me to take photos with!

I got to meet Bart Yasso for the first time, super nice guy, who I called trouble maker whenever I saw him for the rest of the weekend.

photo (9)

And it doesn’t matter how many photos I get with Jeff Galloway, I always need one more. Love this guy. I want him to be my grandpa. He makes you feel like your questions matter and will stand around and talk with you forever.

photo (8)

Soon, the presentations began! We got to hear from some amazing folks, including the New Balance team. You may have seen the amazing runDisney running shoes they came out with (that I am determined to get my hands on!) They made 1000 pair, and sold out of all they had in stock at the expo by lunch on the first day. Madness. They even overnighted some from California that were going to be for the Tinkerbell half so they could sell more at the expo Friday!


The New Balance folks talked about finding the right shoe fit, while the attendees Tweeted away and took plenty of photos.


We also got to hear from some runners who helped make the sport what it is today. It was great to hear some wisdom from these legends.


Jeff showing off his 20 year anniversary marathon ring he was presented with for running all 20 runDisney marathons.


Seen above: Jeff Galloway, Olympic Gold Medalist Joan Benoit Samuelson, New York and Boston Marathon winner Bill Rodgers, Runner’s World columnist Bart Yasso, TV host Dick Beardsley, and Olympic marathoner Desiree Davila.

The surprises just kept on coming though. I heard a familiar voice but didn’t see anyone until I saw this truck come flying around the corner…it was Joey Fatone from NSYNC!



Joey was running his first Goofy, just like me. He was very funny and personable. I may have screamed like an eighth grade girl. While Joey was talking, Adriano Bastos caught me looking at his tattoos, and was more than happy to show them to me. We took a couple photos while Joey was talking, and I even got caught in the act! (Check out the 3rd photo down, you can see me about to take Adriano’s photo in the background behind Jeff Galloway!)

photo (6)

photo (5)


photo (7)


After Joey spoke (no there is no NYSNC reunion tour in the work, and yes he ran the half with his wife) another guest made a surprise appearance, Drew Carey!




This guy is super funny. He told some funny Price is Right stories, and also told us about how he knew he needed a lifestyle change and decided to lose weight and start running. Super inspiring to see how thin he is now in person! His best advice was to put the Plinko chip right in the middle. Smile

We also got to hear from Eddie Mason, former NFL player, who talked a lot about balance and core strength, which I thought was a great reminder for all runners. He spoke about Cigna and the NFL Total Wellness workout.


Adriano Bastos was also introduced, and we wished him luck in trying to win the marathon for his eighth time. (Check out his calf tattoos!)

photo (4)



Just when we thought the fun was over, out came Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, and Goofy in their running gear to take photos with us. I was stoked about this because I missed taking pictures before the event because I was too busy running around talking to people. We ran over to Mickey’s line first.


After that we went over to talk to Drew Carey, who was so nice and told me to tweet him the link to my blog when I told him I was a blogger.

photo (2)



Next we went to Joey’s line, which was the longest of all, which was pretty hysterical. As are these photos. When it was my turn, I asked if I could give him a hug. He said sure, and Bobby took photos…which made it look like I was making out with Joey. I die.


BAHAHA. I love it.

photo (21)

This is where I told him I saw the No Strings Attached concert in New Orleans and that I lost my voice screaming like a little girl. (His daughter is in the background in the pink polka dot skirt)


And this is where he probably thinks I am insane and is slowly backing away.


I’m not awkward around famous people or anything….



photo 00


I had a heart to heart with Minnie but then it was time to go.


runDisney gave us all goody bags which included all of the below plus a one day park hopper ticket! So nice and generous.

photo 65

It was an amazing way to kick off the weekend, and I felt so lucky to get to hang out with some amazing people and make some new friends as well! A huge thanks to runDisney for working so hard to put on such a fun meet up and for inviting a bunch of runners to have some fun before the race. I had a blast!

QOTD: Who would you like to see at a runDisney meet up?

*Disclosure: I attended this weekend as media thanks to runDisney, however all opinions are my own

Tips for Starting Out: Running


Good morning from the Beach Club! It’s our last full day in Disney, so we will be hitting the parks enjoying it. here is a sneak peek picture of our room.

photo 33

Today, I want to share a guest post with you from Vanessa at http://www.confessionsofacrazymom.net be sure to read her words of wisdom and then go visit her blog!


Most mornings I hit the ground about 4:20. From that moment I do not slow down. I workout and then come home and get my son ready for school and get myself ready for work. After driving 45 minutes each way to work and working all day as a CFO, I come home and help my son, who is dyslectic, with his homework. During all of this I try to put some sort of supper on the table and do some laundry. On the weekends I try to get in a few runs and catch up on my housework. At 40 years old, I am currently training for my first half marathon.

People ask me why I do it. I do it for myself, for husband, for my son, and for the challenge. I hear many people say they would never get up that early to workout. I remind them that it is not about how early you get up. It is about scheduling your workouts and keeping your schedule regardless of the time of day. I workout in the mornings because my family is asleep and I am not taking any time away from them. Plus, I haven’t had all day to think about all of the laundry I need to be home doing instead of working out.  That is just how I prefer to do it and it is not for everyone.

Honestly, it is not always easy. Truthfully, sometimes it is down right hard. I have cried, laughed, prayed, and even cussed on this journey, but I have kept my eye on the goal.

So if I could give any tips to people just starting out:

-Realize some of the friends you have now will not be your friends once you seriously start this journey. If family members are negative, let that be your encouragement. Just because you failed before, does not mean you will fail this time. You will find a whole new group of friends that want to be there to encourage you along the way.

-Search for groups of people who will encourage you. I was involved in starting a running group in our small town called GRITS (Girls Running In The South). We are all newbie runners. This group helps motivate me.

-Make your goals known publicly. Once you know people are watching, you are less likely to quit.

-If you feel self conscience exercising in public, look around. You are probably not the only one. The truth is people are probably in awe of your courage to get up and start.

-Find an app on your phone that will help you achieve your goals. There are lots of great Couch to 5K programs out there.  There are other workout journal apps if you don’t run. If you are not into technology, get a cheap spiral. Just log!

-If you trying to lose weight, log everything you put in your mouth.  I mean everything! I personally use an app of my phone called My Fitness Pal.  I would be happy to share with anyone and add them as a friend on my app. However, you can just write it in a spiral. Again, just log!

-Don’t stop because of one bad meal or bad day or one missed workout.

-Eat for goodness sake! Don’t skip meals or you will never have the energy to workout. Just watch what you eat.

Obviously, these are things you have heard before.  I read somewhere that every 1 woman that starts her fitness journey encourages 20 other people. Even if you only encourage 5, and they encourage 5, and so on, we are doing great!

Best Wishes in 2013,

Crazy Mom

QOTD: What would you add to this list?

RWS Features #48


It’s race day! Today is the first of two races I will complete this weekend. Today is a half marathon and tomorrow is a full marathon, to complete Goofy’s challenge here in Disney World. Please say a prayer for me, and check out Twitter and instagram, (both @runningwithsass) I will be posting! While I am out running my booty off, you can sit comfortably at home and read about sweet Emily from Travel With Emily!


1.) How/Why did you start blogging?

I like to travel and found myself sending out lots of emails to friends and family describing my various trips.  I started my blog as a concise way to share my travels.  Along the way it has grown from recording my travels to sharing my journey to find my inner athlete, albeit a slow one. 🙂

2.) Sum up your blog in a couple sentences:

My adventures and misadventures as I travel, train, race and take photos along the way.

3.)What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging?

Blogging is a way for me to be creative, and a place for me to document my life.  An added benefit has been the connections I’ve made along the way.

4.) What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment?

I would say my biggest healthy living accomplishment so far was completing my first half marathon.  I discovered the joy of crossing the finish line and realization that you can do anything you put your mind to.  Since then I have gone on to cross the finish line many times.

5.) What is your blog URL and twitter handle

Blog: http://travelwithemily.wordpress.com

Twitter: @em425

Thanks for sharing Emily! Everyone be sure to go visit her blog and say hello!

QOTD: What is your favorite part about traveling?