Mardi Gras Weekend


Happy Monday! Normally I don’t welcome Monday’s but this one I do because I want it to be Thursday. That is the day I leave for the Disney Princess half marathon weekend! So stoked, but SO MUCH to do before I leave! Oil change, vet appointment for pups, clean house, grocery shop for Bobby, blog, call some clients for both my jobs, etc. etc. But, I am starting things off calmly this morning with some yoga at the YMCA before things get crazy. But first, this is what you missed this weekend:

Princess Pampering

RWS Features #12

Weekly Recap February: Week 3


Friday evening, Bobby and I drove to my parents house. We were in a hurry because Orpheus, the Mardi Gras parade that goes right outside my parents neighborhood, was rolling at 7:00. We made it just in time and headed for the parade route.


The weather was perfect, mid to low 60’s and the rain was supposed to hold off until after midnight, yippee!


We arrived about twenty minutes early and waited for the sounds of the bands.



Soon enough, the first floats started coming down the street. Side note: This is a small potatoes parade compared to the ones downtown NOLA we used to go to. But, it’s still fun, and so close to the house you can’t not go!

We have a roller derby club????




The bands are my favorite part, I love the music! Lots of dancing went on…




A Saints float!


yay beads!


Throw me somethin’ mister!!!





Some guy threw me a heart, aaawww


aaaaannddd some women threw me a hat. Specifically saw me, reached down, got the hat, and gave it to me. Not so sure what to think about that one.





Ok, here are two short little video Bobby took of me and my dad trying to get beads from some of the floats.

Ignore the spastic dancing please. I was having fun!


2012-02-17 20.05.49

Parade night would not be complete without King Cake with cream cheese filling. yyuuummm.

DSC_0143 DSC_0144

Saturday, we were supposed to do our long run, but instead spent some of the day under a tornado warning. My parents ditches are deep..and water was flooding over the driveway.



Sunday, Bobby and I got up and ran ten miles. Mom ran as well but not with us.

We then threw a surprise princess party for my aunt who was turning 70. It was so cute. She had NO idea.


I was in charge or decorations.






DSC_0163 DSC_0166

There were 18 family members over, we had a really good time. All too soon, it was time to clean up, pack up, and head back to Mississippi. A great, but exhausting weekend.

QOTD: Have you ever had or thrown a surprise party? Any special theme? We threw my dad a 40th surprise “over the hill party” when I was younger, we went all out, so much fun!

*More Rouge Orleans recap coming up tomorrow!

Love Story


I first saw this cute survey on Brittany’s blog and knew I had to post as well! So in honor of Valentine’s Day (a day late) here are my answers to our Love Story:

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?

We started dating September 2004, then we got engaged December 2005, and married January 2007…so…7.5 years? WOW! Doesn’t seem that long.



2. How did you meet? {What’s your “love” story?}

Bobby and I met a couple of times my freshman year of college but were both involved with other people. Both single, we really “met” our first weekend of college my sophomore year, his senior year. We were playing on opposing sand volleyball teams in the intermural tournament. He started talking to me and asked for my number “so he could let me know the next time they were playing volleyball so I could join.” Rrriiggghhhttt….



3. If married, how long have you been married?

We celebrated out five year anniversary on January 6 of this year.

4. Where did you get married? Big or small wedding?

We had a big New Orleans wedding, over 200 people. The ceremony was at First Baptist New Orleans and the reception was at Southern oaks Plantation. It was amazing.


January 2007

5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!

Honey, sweetheart, hon, sweetie…boring stuff. :0P

6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.

I could name a bunch but 1.) he loves God more than anything 2.) He would bend over backwards (and has) to make me happy. 3.) he has strong family and moral values that fit in with what we both want out of life.

7. Tell us how he proposed?

The day of my last winter exam Junior year. In the living room of my apartment after we watched an episode of Friends and ate dinner on TV trays. he said he just couldn’t stand it another minute.


December 2005

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberries, champagne, and rose petals?

Really not either. He can do both and has, but we are more low key and don’t tend to do traditional Valentine’s day gifts.

9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch?

Once again, really both. We love the beach (and food!) but also love just relaxing together at home.

10. Tell us one thing you’d like to do with your significant other one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere?

Hhhmm…we love to travel, so just travel more I guess? I’m boring, I have come to grips.



11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine’s Day.

Well I can tell you what we DID, since it was yesterday. We both worked and then met at our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. Then we had to go to Wal-Mart and buy him some specific clothes for a TV show he is filming in today as an extra, then we came home and hung out.

12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine’s day?

I didn’t ask for anything in particular but got two amazing gifts. A new piece of furniture and a trip to Disneyland to run the half marathon! I get my coast to coast medal!

13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love.

Communication. I know it’s cliché but your spouse cannot read your mind, so talk and share.



14. Show us a picture of what love means to you.


QOTD: What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Doesn’t have to be sappy, romantic, or even have to do with love!

*Rouge Orleans recaps start TOMORROW!

Coming Up


Morning friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! Bobby bought me a piece of furniture that goes with our bedroom set for Valentine’s day. It’s a media chest and it’s so pretty! I will have to take pictures and show you.

I decided to wait and work on my Rouge Orleans recap until I have amazing photos from the lovely Erin, who happened to be on my team and who happens to be a photographer! Trust me…her photos are way better than mine and you will like the recap much better, so it will be worth the wait!

In the mean time, you can check out this recap video that Claim Your Journey put together. You can see my shoes (haha) at the 1:53 ish mark, and my team crossing the finish at at 4:30 mark! It gives you a small taste of the race.


There are a LOT of things going down in my life in the next few weeks, so that means there will be a lot going on here on RWS! I am home recuperating the rest of this week (even after 10.5 hours of sleep Sunday night I felt spacey and groggy all day yesterday). This weekend we are headed to my parents house for the weekend for….a Mardi Gras parade! I am excited to share a bit of my growing up/NOLA area southern culture with you all. Even though I was living with my parents in LA last year at this time, we didn’t end up making it to a parade because Mardi Gras was late and we were moving and it just didn’t work out. But this year, we are going to a parade right outside my parents neighborhood and I will take lots of pictures for you all. King cake MAY be involved.


Who ate all the king cake?!

We are also going to see some family on Sunday so it will be a jam packed weekend.

The next weekend, is the Disney Princess! We are leaving on that Friday morning EALRY and heading to Florida for 4 nights. It will be my mom, me, Karen, and her mom. I am so excited to run this race. I just had my tutu made, and I can’t wait to show y’all my outfit.

Bloggers, don’t forget, meet up on SATURDAY afternoon, details HERE.


We get back from Disney on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday I turn around and go to my parents house and then Thursday I’m heading to NOLA to work the Running Skirts booth for RnR New Orleans (and Bobby and I are running the half.) I will finally go home on Sunday afternoon. WHEW!


So that’s last weekend gone, then the next three. At least it’s all for totally fun and exciting things and I can’t wait to recap them all for you.

QOTD: Do you have anything exciting going on the next few weeks? Share!

Beach Vacation part 2


In case you missed part one, you can find it here: Beach Vacation part 1

I will finish up the recap in today’s post, and include a video tour of our condo. I highly recommend the Beach Club, so if you are ever headed to the Gulf Shores area and would like more detailed info feel free to contact me.

I left off with dinner, hot tub, and a movie on Friday night. Saturday we woke up to some sunshine and not near as much wind. I was hoping to get some sun!



Sun on the balcony!


We ate breakfast on the balcony again, and then decided to go for a run on the beach. I read online that the clouds and rain may roll in after lunch so we wanted to take advantage of the clear(ish) skys.

2012-02-04 10.19.39

We ran 2 miles in the sand. I felt like I was pushing so hard but we were barely moving!

2012-02-04 10.26.57

2012-02-04 10.27.07

We finished out the third mile on the pavement around the cottages you can rent right behind the condos.  There is a path that goes through the middle of some of the cottages and it has a peaceful fountain and some swings around it. I wanted to stop and sit…but we kept running.

2012-02-04 11.01.11

We also saw…um…yeah. This lovely sign. (You can see the condo buildings in the background.)

2012-02-04 11.09.37

We finished the run and ate lunch in the condo. We went to rent another DVD and sat on the swings again for awhile. (Did I mention I loved the relaxed pace of this trip?!?)

2012-02-04 14.16.53

We then sat in the sun out on the balcony and took advantage of the free Wi-Fi. I ended up getting sunburned in just about an hour of sitting out there. I guess I was way more pale than I realized! The sun went down, and we ate more leftovers for dinner and then headed back to the hot tub. This time it was just us.


We grabbed a cart so we could start packing up, and you guessed it…watched a movie then turned in for our last night.

2012-02-04 21.04.56

Sunday, we packed up and headed out of town. We hit up Lambert’s….again…

2012-02-05 10.08.47

We were sad to go home, but all good things must come to an end, right? I want to leave you with a video tour of our condo.

QOTD: Do you tend to go back to the same vacation spots or try something new every time?

Beach Weekend part 1


I know I have touched a little bit on our vacation in posts from the weekend, but now I am back and have my laptop and my pictures from my good camera, so I apologize if a bit of this is a repeat!

Thursday I picked Bobby up from work after loading up the car myself. We headed out of town and got to Lambert’s in Foley about 5:30. We love this place but haven’t been since the last time we were at the Beach Club in 2009.

They have amazing sweet tea. I die.

2012-02-02 18.21.17

We stuffed out faces (and had plenty of leftovers!) We were checked into our condo by 7:30, excited for a long weekend of relaxation.


King bed with access to the balcony from the bedroom


Finger in front of the lens? Seriously? Who am I?!


I love that on the booking website you can see pictures and virtual tours of each unit, so you know exactly what you are getting.



This one bedroom condo really sleeps six people and has 1.5 bathrooms.


Although, I think 6 people would be too many for this space! The sofa folds out to a bed, and there are bunk beds hidden in the wall. Although, I did start to hyperventilate a bit at the thought of someone closing those doors while laying in a bunk bed.


Kitchen, and to the left next to the refrigerator was a closet with the washer and dryer.




One of the things we love about The Beach club is there are free DVD rentals, you just have to rent one at a time but can watch as many as you want. There is a kiosk in the clubhouse and they give you a special coded card to swipe. After we unpacked, we walked to the clubhouse and rented our first of many DVD’s. After the movie we turned in early, leaving the balcony door cracked so we could hear the ocean. aaahhh…..

The next morning, we ate breakfast on the balcony. It was gloomy and chilly, but we were just happy to be there.




See the covered roof area above the pool? That’s the hot tub. So relaxing.


After breakfast we walked down to the beach. It was really more windy than cold at this point.

2012-02-03 11.21.57

2012-02-03 11.21.03

2012-02-03 11.22.19

Makes me smile.

2012-02-03 11.26.22

2012-02-03 11.22.34

2012-02-03 11.22.49

We saw a very large amount of these small crazy blue jellyfish. Does anyone know anything about them? I am used to seeing the big clear ones washed up (we saw several of those, too). But, every twenty feet of so was one of these guys.

2012-02-03 11.30.40

On our way back we saw this beautiful (but slightly creepy looking) bird perched on the walkway. Did I ever mention birds scare the heck out of me? It’s like they are always up to something…

2012-02-03 11.49.58

My very favorite spot at the Beach Club would be the swings right outside the pool. They are covered, and look out into the ocean. We spent some time sitting and swinging before going back up to the 9th floor.

2012-02-03 11.18.20

That night, we went to dinner at the restaurant at the clubhouse. Check out my snow birds post for more on how that went. Dinner was very good, I got the fillet with mashed potatoes and zucchini, and Bobby got the catch of the day.

Of course, we had to take obligatory balcony pictures at some point, right?



He did wear a belt, I promise. We just had to stop and get it in the car. No belt = pet peeve


After dinner, we hit up the hot tub for some quiet relaxation, but were quickly joined by 6 snow birds in town for two months. They were super sweet and fun to talk to, but it definitely wasn’t the relaxing quiet we had hoped for. Oh well! We got to hear all about the activities they have for the snow birds like yoga, cribbage, casino night, bridge, etc. I hope I can come to the Beach Club for two months when I retire!

We watched another movie then went to bed, fingers crossed for a warmer sunny day!

QOTD: If you could spend two months somewhere, where would it be?

Snow Birds

Good morning! Bobby and I have had a great time away. Just what we needed. We knew coming in we would probably be one of the youngest couples here, but we were not prepared to be the only couple here under 60! Its kind of been our running joke. We went to the hot tub Friday night and were soon joined by three sweet couples who just got here and will be here for TWO MONTHS!  Talk about jealous!
    Also, eating at the resort restaurant the night before we were the only ones with brown hair. Ha. Everyone is so sweet though and its much better and quieter than I know it would be in the summer. We were even able to sit ln the balcony yesterday in the lounge chairs and get some sun!


We were even able to go for a nice three mile run. We ran most of it out in the sand (my calves are going to kill!) I will have a more in depth recap later with more pictures. We come back to reality today and I will get back to my regular blogging. I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend!

QOTD: would you run a race all in the sand? After running only three miles today I would say NO!

Relax, you’re here

When you pull into the Beach Club, there is a sign that says “relax, you’re here.” That is exactly what we have been doing. We arrived about 8:00 Thursday night after a stop in to Lamberts for dinner. Yesterday morning we slept in, ate breakfast on the balcony, and enjoyed the view.

Unfortunately,  it was too chilly and overcast to hit the beach, but we did walk on it and later watched a movie (free DVD rentals!) Lunch was leftovers from Lamberts and now we are getting ready for dinner here at the resort. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70 and have a little sun. Ready for a run on the beach!



Have a great day everyone!

QOTD: where is your favorite place to relax?

Back Home


I love going back to my hometown to visit my family. It’s always like I never left, and and hanging out with my parents is always a treat. I came to get the dogs groomed and bring them for a visit to grandma and grandpa’s house (my parents, of course).

I dropped my babies off at Petsmart and met my mom for some shopping. We also hit up the brand new Steak N Shake in town. I will admit, I have never been to one of these bad boys, and wow was it good!


I haven’t had a milkshake…or a cheeseburger for that matter…in months! So I happily dug in to this heath bar shake and my mom and I split a burger and fries. It was just one of those days where calories just didn’t matter. Everyone needs to splurge sometimes!


We were pleasantly surprised and will have to be back when we are wanting to splurge!


It was raining while we were eating, but finally let up so we could go for a run. But first, we had to pick up the babies from Petsmart.



Look how precious these bows are!


Look how fun, mom and daughter running skirt duo.


We ended up running five miles, which went by quickly with good conversation. I can’t wait until we run the Disney Princess Half together! Today I am headed back to Mississippi but it was great to see my family for a short visit.

QOTD: Do you run with anyone in your family or are you on your own?

The Beach Club


A few of you have asked me via e-mail about the place we like to stay at the beach. Growing up, we always went to Destin, FL and have a favorite spot, which we stayed in last summer when Bobby had to take some legal classes to keep his law license current. But, we have also gone to another beach a few times, and really love it because it’s two hours from our house, The Beach Club. This beautiful place is just outside of Gulf shores in a more secluded area called Fort Morgan.


The last time Bobby and I were here was in September of 2009 for a long weekend. We had a great one bedroom condo with an amazing view of the beach.


It was nice to be there in the off season when it wasn’t crowded at all. I know it will be a little bit cooler this time around but really, we are just wanting to get away so we don’t really care.


We really like how “off the beaten path” this place is. They also have free dvd rentals and a few different dining options. We of course will be hitting up the gym and running on the beach!



When we go to the beach, we like having a condo, so we can bring a lot of our own food. it makes it healthier and cheaper!



Plus we really love sitting on the balcony eating breakfast.


Or a late night snack!

DSC04444 (1)

Hopefully it will be warm enough to hit up the pool, but they have an indoor one too if it’s not.



So ready to go! Hurry up week!


QOTD: Where is your favorite beach spot?

Mental Break


Ever just feel like you need a little mental break? Bobby and I are very much feeling that way right now! Just when you think you are done handling a certain situation, a BIG one mind you…one lasting almost a year and a half…it creeps back up when you least expect it. Blah.

My parents are currently at the beach, and my mom sent me these two gorgeous pictures:



Sigh. Gorgeous.

So, we are thinking we may take a spontaneous early Valentine’s Day-we-need-to-get-the-heck-out-of-town-before-we-lose-it trip next weekend. I love and miss the beach, and our favorite spot is only two hours away, so we may just go for it. I think I need to take my own advice (number 5) on my blog post about things not going as planned!

Sometimes, don’t you just wish you could snap your fingers, go back in time, and change something that would avoid a WHOLE lot of future drama? Oh boy do I ever with this one! (Nothing I did…preventing someone else from doing something stupid basically.)

Sorry to be less than stoked today guys, I try to always look for the positive and in a situation and make lemonade out of lemons, but trust me, this one is a toughie.

I love y’all and hope you have a fabulous weekend. I am heading out to run six miles with Bobby.

QOTD: If you could get away for the weekend, where would you go?

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