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Good morning! I am actually away/busy this weekend, but here is something fun I filmed for you yesterday before the craziness started. I decided due to some coaxing from some blends to do some more vlogs. I have some great ideas for some fun and action packed ones for when I am out of the boot, but for now you just have to listen to me talk. Smile

Today’s vlog is about something near and dear to my heart, the childhood (and college student) obesity epidemic. Hear what I have to say on the matter, and I would LOVE your feedback! I will “recap” below the post in case you don’t have speakers/don’t want to wake your entire family up by listening to my dog growl at me in my video. Enjoy!

Oh boy. Yes, my dog DOES growl to be held, like a child. Well, kids don’t growl…I hope. Anyway, as a recap:

-Obesity in children and young adults is worse than ever

-College students need better education on healthy habits and eating/exercise coming into an already overwhelming Freshman year.

-kids need to step away from the screen and go PLAY outside.

-PARENTS need to take responsibility for instilling healthy habits, and with the help of schools and the community, we need to come up with more ways to fix this problem.

QOTD: My questions for you:

1.) What can we do as a parent/teacher/member of a community do to fix this

2.) What do you already do/implement as a parent/teacher/community member to teach children and young adults healthy habits? I would love to start some discussion!

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…aaannnddd for your enjoyment, I present you this six second little gem. By the way, the last word I am saying (which sadly got cut off) is “fail!”

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  1. I am a first grade teacher, and I have implemented the “thank you bite” my mom FORCED on us (and is still forcing on us). My students have the option to buy snacks in the cafeteria, but before they can eat their snack, they have to try everything that is on their plate. With 1st graders, they don’t know what they like food wise yet. The Thank you bite makes them try the food (usually those healthy treats). I tell them it is called a thank you bite because they might be thankful they tried it.

  2. I’m a teacher and was just having a discussion about this the other day at work. I always try to get in at least 1 “movement” activity every day, even if its just a 3 minute song and some of my kids don’t even want to do that =/ its sad! I remember last year, we had a big snowstorm and the next day at school I asked the kids how any of them went outside to play in the snow and maybe 2 raised their hands…the other ones said they played video games or the computer…!!! I really just try to make movement a part of my classroom and encourage students to play!! I can’t believe I just read recently that schools are attempting to eliminate phys. ed requirements. For some kids, that’s the only exercise they get!!!!

  3. Great vlog. I love your cute southern accent…it’s fun! Thanks for bringing more awareness to those MAJOR issue facing society right now. It’s hard to know what to do. From my end, as a counselor, I try to discuss health, personal responsibility, and owning our choices. I also try to help others deal with the emotional stuff in life that sometimes leads to obesity or other health concerns. i don’t really work with little kids at all, or come in contact with them at this point in life…

  4. I think your dog deserves smartydog award for growl/purring to be picked up. Let’s face it — your pup was dressed and primed for a big video cameo. I got an ab workout just laughing at the fun Santa outfit.

  5. I totally agree that the responsibility is on the parents and the schools can only reinforce. As someone who grew up overweight (but not obese) I think schools need to encourage activity for all students, not just those who are athletic. We played dodgeball and prisoners and I just wanted to get out asap so I wouldn’t get hurt by aggressive students. If there were more activities to cooperate with, that would have been better.
    I have noticed that obesity rates are worse in urban areas, and I notice many children picking up breakfast or lunch at fast food places. Children get in the habit of eating a quick meal and family dinners are a thing of the past in many places. Many fast food places even accept food stamps.
    Another problem is lack of safety. There have been two shootings in my small town in the past month and parents feel safer telling their children to stay inside. This is getting worse with places laying off police officers.
    Parents need to stay informed and not take the easy way out. It is hard to supervise children outside and it is hard to make a healthy meal each night, but that is what children need. Schools and government can only encourage that. It all comes down to personal responsibility.

    • such great points. We def. want kids to be safe, but like you said, just saying they need to stay inside for their safety is not trying hard enough to find a safe place, or being outside and watching then.

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