Christmas Decorating 2013

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, but in my house, it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas until we put up our tree and decorations. We threw away out old tree after last Christmas. It had survived seven years, but half the lights didn’t work and it was starting to look pathetic. So, yesterday we bought a new one….a nine foot one. I LOVE it. Yes, it’s huge, but more room for ornaments, right?

Here are some pictures of us trimming the tree last night. I’m loving the way it turned out!

unnamed (11)

unnamed (15)


I have some stuffed animals I put out only at Christmas, and Bella particularly loves two beanie babies I put in our stockings that she KNOWS she isn’t supposed to have. I let her see them and she brought them all over to a blanket under the tree.


Bobby trying to tell her she can’t destroy mommy’s Christmas things.


“But daddy I was just telling Santa what I want for Christmas…”

unnamed (6)

Finished product!



unnamed (3)


Where are the presents, mom?!?

unnamed (10)

QOTD: When do you usually decorate for Christmas?

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  1. Heather, your dogs are adorable! And you talk to them just like my husband and I talk to our dog. Too cute! This is our first Christmas with our dog (we got him in February) so I can’t wait to see how he reacts to the tree when we put it up after Turkey day!

  2. I love your house, your tree, and your dogs! So adorable! The tree looks really great. I decorated our house last week, including the fake tree in our office. The real tree won’t be until next week, though!

  3. Loving the 9′ tree!! We have our “big tree” (7′ artificial) in the living room and a small real tree in the playroom for the kids that they think is pretty cool. We always wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations. Sometimes we will pull everything out the weekend after Thanksgiving, but the house is always decorated by the end of the first weekend in December. I love coming home to the outside lights glowing bright!

  4. So fun! The girls look adorable. We always get a fresh tree and like the smell to last through Christmas Day so we wait until a week or two before Christmas to decorate.

  5. Your new tree looks lovely and I love the sweaters on your cute little girls! Most of my house is already decorated due to late Thanksgiving this year. However, we do get a real tree (despite 5 artificial trees already up of varying sizes) and that won’t go up for a couple weeks. Happy Thanksgiving Heather!

  6. Adorable! Our cats always help us put up the tree too, then pile onto the tree skirt and don’t move until the tree is taken down. I won’t put up my tree until Friday, but now I’m itching to get it ready since I have two new Disney ornaments this year.

  7. Your tree is gorgeous! I love all the pictures of the puppies too! We always decorate the day after Thanksgiving…or if we are too busy shopping that day then that Saturday. I can’t wait!

  8. Those sweaters are seriously adorable! I don’t shop on Black Friday, so I always use that day to decorate and wrap some of the gifts I already bought. But this year I feel I have so much extra time and I have been dying to decorate and wrap gifts for over a week now, but I am trying to keep my tradition..haha. I’m a nerd like that I know! ~M

  9. Nicole @ Pink Elephant on Parade says:

    Oh dear god I miss my little doggie sister so much.

  10. Our tree, stockings, and outside lights are already up – I still need to finish the mantle. I love Christmas and my son loves the lights on the trees, plus our weekends after Thanksgiving are so busy we decided to put everything up early!

  11. Oh my goodness they are Soooo cute!!!

  12. Looks great, Heather! Love the new tree – we have a 9 ft also. Too many ornaments, not enough room! :0)

  13. Your babies are soo cute!

  14. Just started decorating today! Normally I wait until after Thanksgiving but I couldn’t resist. If I’m going to decorate why not enjoy it longer, right?

  15. Gorgeous tree! I love Christmas time too – the best time of the year :0) Your pups are too cute; I have two poodles mixes at home, they are such great dogs!

  16. That is a beautiful tree. I love how full the branches are. I also like the ribbon you added. Good work!

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    Christmas Decorating 2013

    Christmas is my favorite time of the year, but in my house, it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas until we

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