Crescent City Classic 10K


Back when I first started running in 2009, The Crescent City Classic was my very first “big race”. I had only ran one other race before that, a 5 miler, so I was very nervous about such a huge event. Luckily, I ended up having a blast and went on to run many more races. It has been since 2009 that I last ran the CCC, so what better year to get back to it and run in my home state than on the special 35th anniversary year! This year is different for a lot of reasons other than the fact that it’s an anniversary year.


Bobby and I from the 2009 CCC.

For starters,  The race has a new title sponsor, the Allstate Sugar Bowl. There is a new host hotel, the Hyatt Regency downtown. This is also where the expo will be held (new location) on Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 8:00 pm. (you can still register for the race at the expo!) The expo is open to the public and will showcase tons of fitness gear as well as host speakers and sessions. Be sure to check out the schedule. The expo is where you will pick up your bib and awesome new race shirt.  Also new this year is the starting/assembly area. The race will me making use of the awesome Champion’s Square downtown by the Superdome. Parking will be available at the dome for $5 a car, just take the Superdome exit off of I-10.

Another “new” thing for this year’s event is that the race will have corrals for the first time ever. Check out the starting area map for information on the breakdown of starting areas. Along with the new starting area is an all new race course! New Orleans is a great place to run a race because the weather will be mild and the course is SUPER flat. The course runs through the French Quarter and finishes outside of Tad Gormley Stadium. After you finisht he race and collect your awesome finisher’s medal, it’s time to celebrate at the Michelob Ultra Post-Race festival.


(photo courtesy of Larisa)

The festival is from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm at the Practice Track in City Park. Runners have free access, and family/friends are $5.  Free food, beer, water, and fruit will be served.  Live entertainment by Papa Grows Funk and Marc Broussard, as well as an Awards Ceremony, will take place on the main stage.  This is a great family event and the weather is supposed to be awesome this weekend. If you are on the fence about registering, come on down to the expo and sign up, you won’t want to miss this huge party and 10k race. I will be there with bunny ears on, ready to go!

QOTD: Thoughts on the 10k race distance? Are you racing this weekend?

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  2. Lindsey d. says:

    I love 10ks and the CCC is a goal race (alas, Easter weekend is spent at my parents’ house in north LA), but I’m not thrilled by the new course. After two years of Rock and Roll New Orleans half, I’m sick of running down Esplanade. That road is in such terrible shape, it makes my feet hurt to THINK about it.

    That said, good luck!

  3. Laure Simms says:

    Glad I convinced you to race this one. LOL
    Hope to see ya there.

  4. Sounds like a fun race! I really struggle with 10ks… I always seem to go out too fast and am dying at the end. I need a redemption race! 🙂

  5. This will be my first CCC and 2nd 10k. I signed up just for the bling!

  6. I wanted to run this race so bad but it didn’t fit my schedule with the holiday! Hate that I am missing out on such an awesome race so close (45 mins) away from home…

    BUT cannot wait to see your review! Good luck!!

  7. I love a 10K! I am running a 5K on Saturday.

  8. We are going to have so much fun!!!

  9. I remember when y’all ran this back in 2009! Gosh it’s been forever since I ran a 10K! Have a great race!!

  10. I’ll be there! This will be my first 10K, and I can’t wait!!

  11. I prefer 10K to 5K, but would still rather do a half. I am not racing this weekend, but have a 14 mile training run. Running in NoLa sound so fun. I have never been and have my sights set on a marathon there in the future.

  12. I have yet to do anything over a 5K but I am itching to do a 10K. I’m usually just getting into my groove around the 2.5-3 mile mark so I think I’d love running a 10K with other people. Unfortunately in south Florida it’s really unusual to see a 10K. I’m keeping my eyes and ears out for one though!

  13. I love the 10k distance. I’m not super fast, so a 10k allows me time to find my groove and enjoy a longer distance. Sometimes a 5k can be frustrating because I feel like I never settle in to the race.

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