Cruise on the Magic Part 4: Pirate Night


AAARRRGGHHH! We left off with part three at pirate night aboard the Disney Magic.




Dinner was at Parrot Cay again, with a pirate menu of course.


The food had a Caribbean flare, and after we were done with dessert we headed up on deck for the party.


The actual party itself is more geared towards kids, we walked around another part of the ship and then waited for Mickey to come in and save the ship from those blasted pirates!



Then, it was time for fireworks at sea! Being the smart kids that we are, we had already positioned ourselves on the correct side of the ship at the railing for the best viewing.

DSC_0677 DSC_0678

DSC_0680 DSC_0682

Right as the fireworks were ending we did something else because we are veteran Disney cruisers and smart kiddos…we started heading down a deck to the pirate buffet! (Like we hadn’t eaten enough at dinner!) Bobby loves this part most because they have whole turkey legs like you can buy in the park, of course these are included in the price of your cruise!


There were two different stretches of tables, one of “real food” and one of desserts. They had tacos, crepes, turket legs, fruit, cake, chili, it was wonderful.



We took our plates back to the adult section and found a table. They had started playing one of the Pirate’s in the Carribean movies on the big screen outside at the family pool and it was loud and very busy over there with all the tables set up. Word of advice, don’t wait until the fireworks are over to get in line. The lines got SO LONG, SO FAST. When I was on the Fantasy they had the buffet in Cabanas where they have buffets every day so it wasn’t bad, but on the Magic and Wonder they have had them on the pool deck and it’s chaos.


The happy boy with his turkey leg


We waddled back to our rooms with very full bellies. Why do they make Pirate night right before Castaway Cay day when everyone will be in their swimsuits? I was feeling QUITE bloated the next day! My next installment will be Castaway Cay day!

Remember, I am a Disney travel planner. I have been on all four Disney Ships and would love to help plan your next vacation! It is no additional cost to you to have me book for you! e mail me at for more details.

QOTD: When heading for a buffet such as this, would you head to the “real food” table first or the “dessert” table?

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  1. DESSERT of course…cuz Id be chasing the husband and six year old 🙂

  2. Dessert for me! Thanks for posting the pics of fireworks. Younger DS was nodding off during the Avengers and told me he wanted to go back to the cabin for a quick nap. Needless to say he missed it all … And me too. Will have to catch it next time.

  3. Tara Burner says:

    totally dessert for me!

  4. So much fun! I wish the fireworks weren’t so late but I know why they have to do it that way. I love the cake on the pirate buffet!

  5. what a cool party! i love that american eagle top, i totally recognize it. that food looks so amazing. gotta love the eyepatch!

  6. Real food first…save the ‘best’ for last 😉

  7. Looks so fun! I love themed things and Disney does things write. I really want to go on a cruise!

  8. Looks so fun! I love themed things and Disney does things right. I really want to go on a cruise!

  9. Write…right…same difference! That’s what I get for blog reading in class.

  10. we always hit the regular food first! Dang, I’m having DCL withdrawals now…I luv me a disney cruise, as you are well aware…lol

  11. love the pic of Bobby and eye patch!

  12. Definitely dessert first!! Looks like so much fun!!

  13. Looks like so much fun! My son just learned that there are things called Disney cruises and needless to say, he’s been asking us to go. Maybe one day soon!

  14. Found ur write ups on the Castaway Cay 5K…awesome! Thank u for writing about ’em. We’ll be on the Fantasy at the start of Nov and the 5K makes the trip that much better! Very excited.

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