A Day in the Life: January 2016

I realized I haven’t done a day in the life post since the summer, and things have most definitely changed around here! Let’s take a peek into what a day looks like when Emma Kate is home with me, which is 4 out of 7 days of the week.

7:00 AM: Emma Kate has been in a REALLY good night time sleep routine lately (knock on wood). She wakes up at 7:00 or a little after most days, which is totally fine with me. I get up, throw on my workout clothes, and go get the now very unhappy toddler who wants OUT of her crib.

7:05: Diaper change, outfit change, hair done, milk. I take the dog out and feed her before I forget, which has happened, not gonna lie.

7:20: We usually watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or some other variation of Disney Junior show while she drinks her milk and I suck down some coffee. Bobby is long gone, he gets up at 5:30 to be at the gym for 7:00, so we are on our own. Emma Kate has been doing this adorable dance to the hot dog song every time it comes on, so I rewind it a few times to watch her moves. She cracks me up!


7:45: We play in the living room with toys, the dog, and sing songs.

8:00: Little bit is getting hungry, so I fix her some breakfast while I eat a quest bar. I try to hide that I’m eating, because she is in the stage where she wants whatever I have, and I want her to eat her breakfast, not my quest bar. She eats (typically yogurt and cheerios, or fruit, waffle, etc.) and I get her diaper bag ready for the gym. Snacks, sippy cup, diapers, wipes, all there.

8:20: I fill up my water bottle, put on my shoes, fix my hair, and finish getting ready for the gym while Emma Kate tries to open every cabinet in the bathroom. I put her shoes on, bow in her hair, and we head to the car.

8:30: We are finally out the door and on our way to the gym. I left a little early, but I have been late the past few times, which I hate, so I left extra early.

8:45: Get Emma Kate to child watch at the gym, put my stuff away in a locker, and get ready for boot camp.

fuzex shoe

9:00: Boot camp! I get my butt kicked for an hour. It’s fun. Sort of.

10:00: Go into the locker room and grab a quick shower. If I don’t shower at the gym while EK is in child watch, I won’t get a chance until naptime, and that’s just gross.

10:20: Get Emma Kate from child watch. On this particular day, we went to the store to go see Bobby, but some days we go straight home, go to the park, or run errands.

10:30 Surprise Bobby at the store, and I let Emma Kate run around while I help get the shop ready for opening.


11:00: we decide to grab a quick lunch together before I take Emma Kate home to nap, so we walk across the street to McAlisters after a diaper change.

11:50: EK behaved well at lunch but was ready to be out of the high chair. If it wasn’t so cold and rainy I would have taken her to the park for a few minutes to burn off energy, but at least she got to run around the store for a bit before lunch.

12:00: I drive home, and Emma Kate falls asleep in the car, which is always tricky. Sometimes I can successfully transfer her to her crib without her waking up, but the majority of the time…she wakes up.

12:15: We get home, I carefully move her to her bed, and success! She fell right back to sleep. Whew. I take the dog out and immediately get to work. My time is precious as I have a lot of work to do and if I don’t get it done now, I will have to work after Emma Kate goes to bed which I don’t do well because my brain is fried by evening. I email some clients, start working on a blog post, and do some social media postings. I don’t stop or even look up and just keep trying to get in as much as possible.


1:00 I hear crying on the monitor. Darn it. Sadly, this is pretty typical for her. She sleeps so great at night, but naps are about 45 minutes, an hour tops. I give her a few minutes to see if she goes back to sleep, but it’s not happening.

1:10: I save her from her room, change her diaper, and give her a snack. She is loving graham crackers and goldfish these days. I finish up a couple of emails while she snacks.

1:30: I follow Emma Kate around as we play. She goes from her room to the living room to my room, destroying everything in her wake. I don’t even bother to pick up after her, because, really what’s the point? We play a game where I chase her around the kitchen counter and she laughs and laughs, and it wears me out! Oh to have the energy of a toddler. We snuggle on the couch for about five seconds because she doesn’t know how to sit still, and it’s back to following her around while she plays. She is really into organizing things and stacking them all in one place these days.

3:45: Bobby is home, yay! He takes Emma Kate upstairs to play with toys in the bonus room so I can get some more work done. I do some quotes for clients, answer emails for my blog, and schedule some things to go up the next day.

4:45: Time to start diner. I’m making chili tonight because it’s so cold and dreary and that’s the best time to make it, plus, honestly, it’s easy and I am not feeling like doing anything gourmet…not like I EVER do anything gourmet, but you get the point.

5:30: I call upstairs to Bobby telling him it’s time for dinner. Emma Kate LOVES beans, so I put a bunch on a plate for her, which she promptly dumps out onto her high chair tray. Ok. Whatever floats your boat kid. We all sit at the table and eat.


5:45: We know EK is done when she starts throwing her food on the floor to the dog. I clean her up, get her down, and she plays by herself while Bobby and I finish eating.

6:00: We all hang out in the living room playing, talking, watching TV just unwinding, not really doing anything in particular. I remember I haven’t fed the dog (oops) so I take care of that and let her out again.

6:30: Bath time! Emma Kate LOVES bath time and I am pretty sure she could sit in there for hours if we would let her. We put her in a laundry basket so her toys won’t float away, and she plays and splashes.

6:50: With some protest, I get her out of the tub, and we tag team getting her into her PJ’s. We have a nice system down that works for us. Then it’s bottle (we are trying to get rid of this but haven’t been successful yet), and relaxing before bedtime.


7:15: Bedtime! We say prayers, rock her for a minute, and put her down in the crib. She fusses for about two minutes and is out. I guess that 45 minute nap is catching up with her. I finish up a few things hanging over my head for work, and call it a night.

8:00: I grab a snack and head to the bedroom to veg out and watch Hulu. I chat with Bobby for a few minutes, and he goes to play video games as he has no interest in watching the Bachelor, and well, that’s fine with me.

9:45: My eyes are getting heavy. Since I have been doing boot camp four days a week plus my running, I have required more sleep. Tomorrow is a daycare day, so after boot camp I will be at my computer working the majority of the day, so I know I need my sleep.

10:00: lights are out, time to sleep so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow!

QOTD: Do you watch TV at night? What time do you go to bed?

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  1. Thanks for sharing a day in the life with your readers. It “sort of” makes me miss those baby days, but my kids are 6 and 9 now and they are so much more independent. Since I would out of the home 40+ hours a week, I am strict about getting in bed by 10:00 PM each night (sometimes earlier). I am not a big TV watcher, I prefer to read while my husband watches sports. Well, I do watch NFL football (Go Saints)! Be sure to get your rest momma!

    • I’m ready for a little more independence over here lol! The following around is mentally exhausting. But I know one day I will miss it!

  2. I usually try to catch up on some tv before bed. Enjoying When Calls the Heart Season 2 right now. My teenage boys come in and throw a blanket on me and kiss me goodnight at about 9:00. Oh how times have changed!

  3. They do grow up so fast! I remember your first day in the life post!! Hope to see you guys soon!

  4. Getting them off the bottle IS hard! My oldest was probably 15-18 months before we tried hard. Have you attempted straw cups yet? They make ones with the soft squishy straws that have a valve (so it’s flexible like a bottle nipple and leak free!). We had to wrap a towel around the cup to hide it’s identity and distract him with TV or something to get him to drink while we cuddled him like it was a bottle but it did work! We tricked him a bunch of times until we could just use the straw cups only and it was done. Finally. And straws are supposed to be better for their oral (speech) development than sippy cups anyways.

    • She has been drinking out of straw cups for water during the day since about 8-9 months. Actually, last night she took a sippy cup instead of a bottle so hooray! now to just get rid of the morning one.

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