A Day in the Life…October 2014

I haven’t written one of these posts in awhile, and I definitely haven’t done one since Emma Kate was born. I thought it would be fun to document what I do in a day so you can see what things look like right now.

5:00- The baby starts fussing in her sleep. Her eyes are closed and she isn’t wake, but is being so noisy I can’t sleep (anyone else have a noisy newborn when they sleep?!?) She was last up right around midnight to eat, so this is a good stretch of time for her since she went back down a little after 1:00.

6:00- After staring at the ceiling for an hour, I finally decide to get up and feed Emma Kate who is now actually waking up. First we have a diaper and outfit change.


6:15- I let the dogs out to potty, and feed the baby. Then let the dogs back in, and feed them.

6:30- Drink a glass of water then fix some coffee. Put baby in bouncy seat where she looks at the mobile hanging from it for awhile.

6:35- Get on my laptop and check my email and blog, check Facebook and Twitter etc. as long as EK is entertained.

6:50- Well, that didn’t last long. Get baby out of bouncer, try to burp her again, change her diaper, and talk to her and the dogs for a few minutes.

7:15-Put Emma Kate on her activity mat where she looks at her mobile for awhile. I hop back on the computer to do some more work.

7:30- Baby is bored, so we talk and play and sing and look at books until she gets sleepy. After some rocking and a pacifier, she drifts off for a nap, which is good because some days we don’t really nap at all during the day aside from 2-3 fifteen minute cat naps. I put on a load of laundry and jump back on the laptop for some work and emailing clients.

9:00- I realize I am hungry and that I haven’t eaten breakfast yet so I grab some Chobani out of the refrigerator and eat it in front of the computer where I start on a blog post.

10:00- I hear the baby fussing, and she is ready to get up and have her diaper changed. I feed her again, and put her in her swing for a few minutes so I can let the dogs out and grab a glass of water. I sit on the couch and turn on the tv for a few minutes while I hold and snuggle with EK.

10:30- The phone rings, it’s a client who says they will be quick but we end up on the phone for 45 minutes. I tried to keep Emma as entertained as I can while on the phone but she still fusses a bit. Luckily, the client has kids so they are understanding.

11:15- It’s a nice day so we decide to get out of the house and go for a walk, and I hope that it will help Emma Kate drift off to sleep, she loves the motion of the stroller. She does fall asleep, and I am afraid she will wake up so I end up walking for 45 minutes.


12:00-I bring the baby carrier inside with the baby in it and thankfully she stays asleep for awhile so I can grab some lunch, put the clothes in the dryer, and text Bobby at work.

1:30- EK is awake again and not too happy to be in her carrier. Another diaper and feeding later and she is happy again. She sits in the newborn Boppy lounger and looks around for awhile. I fold clothes on the couch next to the baby and talk to her, then do some dishes in the sink.

2:30- I try to get her to take a nap but she is having none of it. She starts crying and fussing and yawning but refuses to sleep. I swaddle her, put on the white noise app on the iPad, give her a pacifier, and walk her around her rom trying to calm her down. We go back and forth from the rocking chair to walking around and homegirl still won’t give up.

3:30- She finally dozes off and I put her in her crib for a nap. I am excited that I can get a couple hours of uninterrupted work done and finish my blog post, and open up my laptop.

3:37- EK starts screaming. So much for a nap. I try to pat her and shush her and get her to doze back off but she is full blown awake and unhappy. I try putting her in the swing, bouncer, boppy, and just holding her but everything seems to tick her off, especially my singing. I go from sitting to standing to walking, slowly losing my nerve. I feed her again at 4:15 hoping it will calm her down but no such luck.

unnamed (17)

5:00- I text Bobby telling him I am having a hard time and he tells me he is on his way home, thankfully.

5:15-I pass EK off to Bobby and go into the other room to decompress. Bobby takes her upstairs and we basically play pass the baby for the next couple of hours. She will get so close to sleep and then wake up again.

6:45- I tell Bobby she likes walks, so he puts her in her carrier and takes her for a stroller walk. She screams the whole way so he gives up and comes back, but I am not giving up so I start running with her in the stroller, looping around the driveway over and over and she stops crying. Bobby takes over because I got a side stitch, and he takes her around the block. He comes in, takes the carrier upstairs, and she stays asleep for exactly five minutes before she wakes up unhappy.

7:30- We feed her again and go upstairs to attempt to watch TV. We put her on the boppy lounger with the white noise app, gave her a baby massage and she finally fell asleep. We are able to watch TV, and I get back on the computer to get work and blog stuff done. I hate working at night since it’s the only time I get to see Bobby, but I don’t have much choice these days.

9:45- I empty the dishwasher, do a little picking up in the living room, and realize how tired I am.

10:00- I take an extra long shower, hang up some clothes in my closet, and check my email one more time before getting in bed where I read for a total of four minutes before falling asleep at 10:45. Bobby has the late shift, so he will take care of the baby’s feeding around midnight, and then we play the rest of the night by ear. Sometimes she’s up at 2 or 3, sometimes not until 5 if we are lucky, then it’s time to do it all over again!

QOTD: Does your baby like your singing? Do they like to ride in the car or stroller?

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  1. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    I got tired just reading this! So much respect for new mommas. I don’t know how y’all do it!

  2. Thank you for this post! My newborn is two weeks older than yours, and that is his day exactly. Hopefully they will grow into being better sleepers! He does like singing and walks, but wakes up MAD the second we’re back home. They’re tricksters!

  3. Have you tried putting her in her car seat and just going for a drive? Mine loves that.

  4. I can’t help but smile (and laugh a little I admit) reading this. Those first months where everything changes and suddenly EVERYTHING revolves around baby. You’re tired, you’re sleepy, you have a million things to do (which you never get to do) and yet the love that this little being has brought into your home is so huge that you don’t even care. Really special. (And exhausting)

  5. I cannot believe how similar our days are! Everyone asks if Caleb is a good sleeper and it’s so hard to answer. He sleeps well at night until he wakes up wanting to eat (usually around midnight, 2-3, 4-5, and 6…sigh! It’ll be less one day, right?!) but goes right back to sleep. He then eats again around 730-8 and will take a pretty good nap then. However he doesn’t take any other good naps, which is SO hard.

    He DOES love walks, so I can usually take a walk with him and calm him down; though, i better not hope he stays calm. Within 2 minutes he’s usually fussing to be out of carseat. His time limit in his swing and lying down is about 20-30 minutes as well. He also loves the car…almost always falls asleep when we go somewhere.

  6. My first was such an easy baby. He slept plenty, and didn’t care where he slept. There was no routine or schedule exactly, but it was just easy.

    Second? Had to be touching mama at all times, even in sleep. He’s 3.5 years old now and holding my arm in his sleep right at this moment. I invested in a large variety of slings and wraps and carriers to be able to do the minimal household functions with a baby who HAD to be held at all times. It’s not for everyone, but for those who like it baby wearing can be a total game changer.

    As for walks, both boys enjoyed them. Singing? No. My singing made them both cry. By the time my oldest was about 3-4 if I sang he would cover his ears and scream “please stop you’re making my head hurt!”

  7. Awww girl! I remember these days! It definitely gets easier! Just love on her as much as you can because she will grow faster than you can imagine!

  8. Carol Landry says

    I do NOT miss those days. My kids are 13 and 9 now and I enjoy them so much more. Just reading your post made my shoulders tense up. You brought back memories. Good news is that they quickly go from one phase to another and eventually she will be a better sleeper. It’s tough in the moment, though.

  9. Babies are time consuming! I’m excited for one one day but in the meantime am cherishing my sleep! 😀

  10. Madison is sooooo talkative in her sleep. She makes so much noises!! She usually likes to sleep but hates the falling asleep part. xoxo

  11. She’s at about 6 weeks right? There’s a sleep regression there and it’s so frustrating! I remember breaking down with my first at six weeks because she would not sleep, we were both so exhausted and frustrated. It sounds like you’ve got some great tricks up your sleeves and you’re handling it really well. You’ll get through it. ((Hugs))

  12. Wow! Something to look forward to when I have my first little one in February 🙂 Love your blog!

  13. Have you seen “the happiest baby on the block”. It’s a DVD by Dr. Karp. It was a lifesaver when I had a newborn. Hang in there, the newborn days are tough!

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    A Day in the Life…October 2014

    I haven’t written one of these posts in awhile, and I definitely haven’t done one since Emma Kate was

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