December Weekend Happenings


Good morning! I can’t believe Christmas will be here in six days. Wasn’t it just Halloween? Time is flying! Some of you have asked what I have been up to lately since I have been MIA a couple of weekends. Wedding fun has been the theme of December. Here are a few pictures I finally uploaded of my sweet friend Lindy’s wedding to show you what I’ve been up to!

Rehearsal Dinner


Wedding Day!


Beautiful bride!



Two of TWELVE Bridesmaids!



So the groom is in dental school. How funny is his cake?


Reception fun


Cake cutting


great husband who came with me


Sparklers for the exit to the limo


The beautiful Lodge we stayed in for the weekend





Good times!


Tomorrow I go back to the doctor to see if I can get out of the boot. I am so nervous as to what the doctor is going to say. Until then, it’s back to the YMCA for more weight lifting and bike riding. Hopefully a run is in my near future!

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QOTD: What is the best wedding food you have ever eaten? This wedding had grilled cheese sandwiches, no lie!

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  1. You look GORGEOUS! Did you wear the boot underneath the dress? I hope you get fantastic news at the doctor.

  2. the lodge is so pretty–where is it?
    Best wedding food—Fried crab claws at my wedding (Naomi’s Catering, Gulfport) and my hubby’s groom’s cake-spice cake with cream cheese icing (Sweet Stuff, Biloxi)
    Fingers crossed for good news from the doctor!

  3. oooh, I love weddings! You look great, and the lodge is so pretty!

    Best wedding food…I may be biased but I also haven’t been to many weddings…definitely the food at my wedding! LOL. Disney certainly knows how to do a party right. Anyway, the most memorable stuff from our wedding buffet consisted of: pepper crusted prime rib, cioppino, PUMPKIN ravioli (oh yes, we did), and the absolutely incredible desserts (several passion fruit and chocolate thingys, chocolate ganache tarts, oh and so many others I can’t even recall) PLUS the BEST WEDDING CAKE EVER…vanilla cake with white chocolate mousse and passion fruit…oh yeah, can I do it all over again just for the food?????????

    • your’s does sound awesome!

      I didn’t eat a ton at my wedding but everyone said the food was awesome. My cake was awesome, too. I love classic wedding cake flavor and so that’s what I got!

  4. OMG! Y’all got to stay in the Bird’s Lodge. I LOVE that place! That also means you were just a mile or two from my church. You look gorgeous in the dress, by the way! Where was their reception? I didn’t know we had anywhere that nice in Brookhaven, ha! Hope you get good news tomorrow.

    • Yes! The Byrd’s lodge was so awesome. the first night it was Bobby and me and a few Bridesmaids, then the second night Bobby and I had the whole place to ourselves. Kind of creepy out there all alone but still awesome.
      The reception was at the mary lampton auditorium or something like that, like a block from the church.

  5. That dress (bride and yours) is gorgeous! I have my fingers crossed for you and hope you hear good news at your appointment. I just got the clear to start high impact exercise on Thursday.

  6. I have never had good wedding food, or wedding cake for that matter. Now wedding alcohol is another matter…
    PS What a beautiful bridesmaid’s dress!

  7. What a gorgeous wedding! The lodge looks like a great place to stay any season during the year.

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