Disney Fantasy Part 3


Thank you to everyone for their kind words on my race recap from yesterday. I am definitely ready for a break from distance running, I literally have been in training mode since last July, (except for when I had my stress fracture) so it will be nice to not have a big race on the schedule for awhile.

Today taking a break from running related talk to share a few more photos with you from the Disney Fantasy. If you missed part one and two, check them out first.

Today I just am going to share some random photos from around the ship, no particular theme today. Enjoy! First up is the sail away party. Since it was a special cruise, they had free champagne and glasses for everyone. it was a nice touch!





Plenty of character opportunities. Minnie only had one person in line!


The theater




Nightly turndown


Buzz had maybe three people in line


Food up on the pool deck







Ok that’s enough for one post, more next week!

Remember, I can book your Disney cruise for your family, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra to use me! e-mail me at heather@travelwiththemagic.com for more info.

QOTD: Favorite cruise activity? We like the eating and going to different beaches.

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  1. thehealthyapron says

    In about 5 years when my baby finally comes I will have to get you to book one of these cruises for my family! I LOVE Disney and this ship looks fantastic!

  2. SO pretty! Wish I was there right now!

  3. Tara Burner says

    soooooooooooo cool
    and OMG every time I open your posts seems my daughter is lookin over my shoulder & whining about how badly she wants to go!!!
    once I get it together, will be calling you to make arrangements…have to get through all the weddings this summer first though!

  4. Girl! You so have me wanting to go on a disney cruise!!

  5. Amy Lauren says

    The ship looks so nice! And it’s really neat that they gave you the glass too, great souvenir from the cruise :).

  6. looks fun. and you look WAY taller than buzz lightyear. 🙂

  7. OMG how freaking cool!!!! I’ve been on a cruise once, but it certainly wasn’t a Disney one 😉

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