Disney Trip Itinerary

As I have mentioned here before, we are taking a family trip to WDW at the end of October. My parents recently bought DVC, and the contract finally went through in the spring, so we planned our first trip for when the weather cools off just a touch. Having never been to Disney with a toddler, I am very aware that my “plans” may not end up happening, but I still wanted to (loosely) plan things so we at least have some sort of structure. As far as rides etc. at the parks, there is nothing that I just HAVE to do, except for the new Frozen ride and Soarin. This trip is about Emma Kate and what she wants to do. With that being said, here are our tentative plans.

Tuesday Oct. 25:

Depart Louisiana at nap time/after lunch/ Drive halfway, stop for the night in Tallahassee.

Wednesday Oct 26:

Drive the other four or so hours to Disney, arrive at Saratoga Springs around lunch. Check into 2 bedroom villa. Either go to the pool or Disney Springs after nap. Dinner at Rainforest Café at Disney Springs.


Thursday Oct 27:

Magic Kingdom in the morning. Back to Saratoga for lunch and nap. Back to the Magic Kingdom in the afternoon for early Crystal Palace dinner (3:30 was the only reservation open). We will stay until around 6:30, then back to the resort for bedtime.


Friday Oct 28:

Hollywood Studios in the morning. Animal Kingdom in the afternoon after nap. Mom and dad go to dinner alone at Narcoossees, Bobby and I watch Emma Kate. Not sure yet what we are going to do. Maybe Disney Springs to play in the water fountains and eat at Earl of Sandwich.


Saturday Oct 29:

Magic Kingdom in the morning. After nap, come back to that area for Chef Mickey’s brunch, then more Magic Kingdom in the afternoon if Emma Kate is hanging in there. Bobby and I go to dinner alone that night, and my mom and dad watch Emma Kate. We will probably just go to EPCOT and eat around the Food and Wine festival.


Sunday Oct 30:

EPCOT in the morning, nap at the resort then pool/grill/playground in the afternoon. We have some local friends coming over to BBQ. Disney Springs in the evening for ice cream.


Monday Oct 31:

Get up and drive back to Louisiana. womp womp.

Thoughts on my plan? A lot of the afternoons are kind of open planning. We may end up back at parks certain days, and others we may not. We will just have to see what EK ends up enjoying the most. I am getting excited! We can make out fastpass+ reservations at the end of he month!

QOTD: Thoughts on my plan? What am I leaving out?

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  1. I think planning 2 days for Magic Kingdom is perfect. My girls were 3 years old the first time we went to Disney and that was their favorite park. 6 years later and it’s still their favorite.

  2. So exciting!! Sounds like a good plan. 🙂 Good call on buffets- it’s a great deal at this age since the toddlers are free so you don’t have to buy their plate! Will EK nap in her stroller at all? Sawyer doesn’t always nap in his stroller, but he always will in the Bob (reclined) at disney because he gets SO beat! If she’ll do that, it may help give you more park time without the effort of going and coming. Disney can work some magic I think lol. Sawyer also is much more flexible with bedtime at Disney- we’ve been able to stay once for fireworks at Epcot and he hung in there just fine, and then fell asleep in his stroller and even transitioned to his crib- that would normally NEVER be the case. So you may have more flexibility than you think (hopefully?) so just roll with it I guess? Have so much fun! The boneyard at Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite places for toddler playtime- so much room to run and slides to go down…you’ll have to check that one out for sure! Also innoventions in Epcot is nice as it’s all AC and they can roam and check things out.

    • She usually won’t nap in the stroller but she may be so tired that she might. We are going to have to see what happens that first full day. We will have a car, so I would rather go back and nap than have a cranky toddler haha. We aren’t usually stay all day at a park kind of people anyway, so the break may be good, but who knows! Thanks for the tips

  3. Will you do a review on saratoga springs? We are staying there for princess ?

  4. Peggi Konvicka says:

    This sounds like a great plan. I have never gone with a toddler, but I like the open type of plan you have and fitting in the naps is SO important. I am so excited for you to take her and see Disney thru her eyes. Which Disney shows does she watch on TV? What about Hollywood Studios for the Disney Junior stuff, like the buffet with those? Maybe that is a bit scary for her with the characters, I know all kids react differently. We go in March and in a month I can book dining reservations, any suggestions of where I should try. I am thinking Napoli in Epcot (we did Biergarten last time), Tusker House at Animal Kingdom for the Buffet breakfast……my 10 yr old is such a picky eater so I am not sure if Ohana would be a good choice with him or the restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I would love some suggestions!

  5. We took my niece a couple of years ago at almost the exact age as EK. She normally would not nap in the stroller but on about the 3rd day she started getting so tired she did no problem but we did like you and planned time where some or all of the adults could go back to the room and nap which made things more enjoyable for everyone. My niece LOVED the Disney Junior Live show and the safari and Small World. Also not sure how EK is with the characters but my niece was terrified at first so we just sat her on the inside of the booth and when the characters came around we just asked them to wave to her and they were all very understanding. Have fun on your trip. I can’t wait to read all about it!

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