Eating Healthy

My husand and I have really been trying to eat more healthy. I am SUCH a picky eater though, so it’s hard. Here is a sampling of things I won’t eat:
1. Seafood
2. Salad
3. eggs (except in cakes and things. I have eaten omlets before but not often)
4. Most veggies
5. mustard, mayo, tomato, (things on a burger)
6. things used for flavor like onions, mushrooms, etc.
7. a lot of sauces/dressings

I know I know. How did I grow up outside of New Orleans and don’t like seafood. I don’t know! I just can’t stand the smell therefore I can’t eat it.
So this is where I have a problem, I don’t like most healthy things! So it has been a struggle for us to eat healthy. Any good ideas for recipes that don’t involve the above things? Oh, I will eat corn,potatoes, green beans…but thats about it for “veggies”

I have however come to love a lot of fruits. I just enjoyed a yummy yoplait smoothie after my 3 mile run today.
I add my own protein powder

and just because she is cute and was posing

so, seriously, anyone have any recipes or websites to share with me?


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  1. Yay for you guys for wanting to get healthier 🙂

    I would say don’t avoid veggies since they’re so healthy for you. But maybe 1) try hiding them in foods you already eat or 2) choose really flavorless veggies or drown them w/ some other flavor.

    1) There’s this book called the Sneaky Chef. She writes about different ways to sneak veggies into foods so kids will eat them. Definitely a cool idea:
    Or you could puree veggies like broccoli, peas, etc in a blender and add them to spaghetti sauce. You won’t be able to taste them.

    2) I know you don’t like salad. Sometimes when we want a different texture than lettuce we buy broccoli slaw. It’s just fine chopped broccoli, carrots and cabbage. But the only flavor I can taste is the carrots. Boil some chicken and shred it, add almonds, and an Asiany or peanut-based dressing (I know you don’t like dressing but you like Chinese food so I bet you’d like that flavor) to the slaw and mix really well. I bet you won’t taste any of the veggies!

    • thanks Jen. I think I have heard of that book, I will have to check it out. I am not a huge carrot fan so i don’t know about the other salad thing. I try and drink V8 light juice for some veggies when I can!

  2. Hey Heather! I’ve been reading the blog for a little while. Its great, and it reminds me I need to get my butt into shape.

    I’ve been cooking a lot from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. He offers tons of ideas for substitutions for things you don’t like. And its all pretty healthy and easy.

    Also, I love She taught me how to cook through her many pictures. Its all delicious, although not much of it is healthy, so nevermind.

    Hope ya’ll are doing well!

    • Hey Rachel! so glad you have been reading along! I need to check out that book. Sounds interesting! I will look at the other website too. We definately eat not so healthy sometimes, too, and that’s definately ok in my opinion lol! We are doing well, just putt putting along, ready for spring! Hope yall are doing ok!

  3. Do you like squash? Like butternut squash? Sweet potatoes? You can mash butternut squash with potatoes or sweet potatoes. Or have butternut squash ravioli (tastes mainly like parmesan and garlic).

    I second Jen on the broccoli slaw. We make this salad it’s really good…broccoli slaw, sliced almonds, craisins…the dressing does have mayo (and I know you said you didn’t like mayo) but it also has red wine vinegar and sugar, I think. I suppose you could substitute plain yogurt for the mayo! If you are interested I will dig up the recipe!

    I also like roasted root veggies. Take potatoes, carrots, winter squash, etc. Toss with a packet of dry lipton onion soup mix and some canola oil (maybe 1/4 c?, I’d have to check), throw in a baking dish and bake until golden brown and veggies are done. If you are so inclined, you can slice up a kielbasa and toss it in too…

    • i can do sweet potato fries…lol! i dont know if I like butternut squash actually. I am not verya dventurous. interesitng about the yogurt. I really just dont know about the broccoli stuff though!

  4. That smoothie looks amazing! So funny the things you don’t like, even burger toppings. Wonder if you’d like grilled veggies, which taste so different from raw, so like in a deli style sandwich or something. Am inspired now to eat healthier too!

  5. I use this website for those days that I can’t think of something to make-
    Super easy to navigate. If you have an iphone they also have a free app called dinnerspinner.

  6. robyneross says

    I love doing spaghetti squash and pretending it’s real spaghetti, then throw on tomato sauce and call it a day!

  7. Hi!

    I recently found your blog and am reading all the posts.
    This post has given me comfort because I also don’t eat any of the things you listed above plus some.

    This is an old post so I don’t know if maybe you’re not picky anymore and have some tips!

    • hi! thanks for reading! I am still totally picky! I have gotten a LITTLE better. I can eat a few of the things “mixed in” now, like I can eat SMALL pieces of tomato in chilli, and I put spinach in a smoothie to make a green monster and you can’t even taste it, I promise! i have a recipe for it on my rceipe page! I am trying to learn to be more “open” and I try more things now but after I try I still don’t like most things. But mixing things in a casserole etc does help!

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