Emma Kate: Month 6

Happy half birthday to my baby girl! This seems like such a huge milestone, and se is getting more and more fun every day. A lot has happened this month, so let’s jump right in!

IMG_3922 (2)

Emma Kate loves:

making any and all noises

watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

petting Bella

playing with her feet

eating her bib/chewing on her clothing

when I dance, do jumping jacks, hop around, or act silly

IMG_3472 (2)

Emma Kate does not like:

sleeping in her crib


When she can’t reach something

being woken up from naps

taking her medicine

IMG_3958 (2)

We now have two teeth! One popped up soon after she turned five months, and the other came just a few days later. She was a little fussy but took it like a champ. We have been consistently walking with her the correct way in the jogging stroller (no car seat) but not running that way just yet.

FullSizeRender (18)

At her 6 month appointment, we got EK’s stats. She is 18 pounds two ounces (84%), and is in the 97% for height (no surprises there!) and 92% for head circumference.

IMG_3456 (2)

Emma Kate is in size 3 diapers, and is busting out of her 6 month onesies. She is in 9 month sleepers full time, and most of her pants are 9 months. She is eating about 34/35 ounces of formula a day, and the new thing that was “big” this month, was starting solid food! It took her about a week to get used to and figure out the spoon, but home girl really loves her some bananas!

IMG_3918 (2)

She is now officially in her bed full time. We had a bit of a setback when we came back from staying at my parents for a week where she slept in the swing, but we powered through and after a few rough days, she is accepting the crib (still taking SHORT naps) but she slept all night in the crib last night without waking up, hooray!

IMG_3867 (2)

We are having a great time learning more and more about Emma Kate and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring. She is such a sweet smiley girl.

QOTD: When did your baby get their first tooth? Who thinks EK needs to do a diaper dash?

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  1. So, so sweet! I cannot believe how big she is getting! After 6 months things get a lot easier, in my opinion. Also, I love that she loves bananas — that’s the one food Hadley has always refused haha.

  2. She just keeps getting prettier and prettier Heather! I LOVE her smiles! They are contagious! And yes…she DEFINITELY needs to do a diaper dash!!! 🙂

  3. So sweet! Love the pictures and her update! Her outfits are too cute! 🙂

  4. Have her do a diaper dash and reward her with bananas 🙂

  5. I can’t believe our girls our 6 months old!!! crazy!! I hope Emma starts liking naps 🙂 thinking of you!! She is such a cutie!! Madison has no teeth yet, I am a little nervous for it.

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    Emma Kate: Month 6

    Happy half birthday to my baby girl! This seems like such a huge milestone, and se is getting more and

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