Emma Kate: Month 9

It recently dawned on me the other day, that before long I will need to start planning Emma Kate’s first birthday party! Mind blown. Also, this week marks her 39th week of life, which is the same amount of time I carried her. Weird to thing she has now been out just as long as she was in.

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Summer has officially arrived in the south, so we haven’t been getting to walk as much as we were last month. Even at 7:00 in the morning, temps are already in the mid 80’s! We had gotten to sit outside under the fans on the back porch, and we made our first attempt at playing on a splash pad which did not go over well.

unnamed (16)


Sleep is going well, and I think it’s finally safe to say she is used to her crib. For awhile, she was waking up at 5:30 until I discovered that we had started making her bedtime go from 6:30, to 6:45, then to 7:00 or even later. We backed her up to 6:30 or 6:45, and she is back to sleeping until sometime between 6 and 7 every morning. We take two naps a day, ranging from 30 minutes to two hours, although most are between 45 minutes and an hour and fifteen or so.

IMG_5809 (2)

Her two top teeth have finally come down all the way for a grand total of four teeth.  Eating took a leap this month, and she now loves puffs and yogurt melts where she wouldn’t even touch them before. We are experimenting with finger foods but she still loves for me to feed her from a spoon.

IMG_5840 (2)

We made some huge leaps this month in what she can do physically as well. It’s crazy how one day I felt like she was never going to move, and then instantly it all changed! We went through a week long period where she kept flipping herself onto her stomach and then crying because she couldn’t flip back, to her now flipping all over the crib. about ten days ago I went in to get her after a nap and she was sitting up in her crib, it scared me to death! We lowered the crib mattress after that one! She started LIKING being on her stomach and sleeping that way, and also pulling herself onto all fours and wanting to crawl SO badly, but getting scared and then backing herself up into a sitting position. She still manages to get around by flattening herself up, turning around and sitting up again, but no traditional crawling yet.

IMG_5908 (2)

Emma Kate still babbles “mama” and “baba” a lot, but hasn’t said “dada” yet much to Bobby’s sadness. She loves to sing though and makes a ton of noise. It seems her wanting only me to hold her was short lived, and she will go to anyone again (I think we were in the middle of a leap during her last update). She puts her arms out when she wants to be picked up and will pull on your pants leg as well.

IMG_6026 (2)

Emma Kate Loves:

– making noise with anything. Banging measuring cups, toys, etc. on hard surfaces

-Sitting up in her crib. You can tell she is SO proud of herself when she does it, it’s so cute!

-Pulling bows out of her hair (sad mommy)

– Eating!

– Going to Daycare. The teachers are always telling me how happy she is and how she loves watching the other babies.

– Puffs and yogurt melts

IMG_6029 (2)

Emma Kate does NOT like:

– Not being able to crawl/get around

– Having her face or nose wiped

– When I don’t feed her fast enough

Not a whole lot of dislikes right now, she is generally very happy and we are in a good place as a family. She is so fun to be around at this age!

I caught some sweet baby giggles on camera while I was feeding her the other day. LOVE it.

Emma Kate is still in size 3 diapers, and pretty much exclusively in size 12 month clothes. I can still squeeze a few size 9 onesies on her depending on the brand. She had her official stats recorded at the doctor yesterday, and she weighs a whopping 21 pounds 10 ounces (92nd%), and is 29 inches long (93rd%). Her head is in the 90% in circumference. She’s a big girl! The doctor seemed pleased with her progress and we will see her again in 3 months at her ONE YEAR checkup!

IMG_6031 (2)

We are in a great spot right now as a family. Emma Kate is really happy and hardly fussy at all. She is content to play and people watch and isn’t very needy. She laughs all the time, I think we have a little comedian on our hands! It blows my mind she has, to the DAY, today been out in the world as long as she was in my tummy. Time sure does fly.

IMG_6039 (2)

39 weeks, 1 day in….39 weeks, one day out!

QOTD: What is your favorite “baby” age? When should I start party planning?

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  1. Sweet girl! It’s crazy how quickly they grow!

  2. She is so adorable! My daughter is 7 weeks old and I love reading all your updates so I know what to look forward to!

  3. EK is getting so big so quickly! She’s quite the adorable young lady!

  4. I can’t believe she is already nine months old Heather! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I remember those days of frustration when they want to crawl so bad but can’t yet. She will get it before you know it and then be all over the place lol! It is so much fun watching them reach those milestones!

  5. What a sweetheart! I swear she gets cuter and cuter every day!!

  6. Her first birthday! How is that already possible?! Wow…time sure does fly!! 🙂

  7. seriously adorable! funny to think about that she’s been out as long as she was in! i like it haha!

  8. She is too cute!! 9 months so crazy how fast time goes by

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