Ok y’all, so there is a lot of negativity going around the social media world right now. I can barely stand to get on Facebook because it makes me so sad. Because of this, I felt like doing a fun not so serious post today to remind me of all the happy and excitement that is still going on. Maybe you can take a quick break from reality with me today. Get excited!

1.) Olympic Fever: I can’t even begin to put into words what a HUGE Olympics nerd I am. I will be glued to my TV the entire time. it really doesn’t matter what sport it is. I just can’t get enough! That being said the two I am most looing forward to are Women’s Gymnastics, and all the volleyball action. I have been deleting things from my DVR to make sure I have space to record all the things.

4.) Birthday girl: Recently my mom asked if I had started planning Emma Kate’s 2nd birthday party. Uhh….no? I can’t believe her birthday is in two months, so I need to get busy. What do you think would be a good theme for a 2 year old?


Photo from her 1st birthday party

3.) News this week: I would really appreciate your prayers on Thursday. We are finding out some information that could be a huge deal for my little family on that evening. That’s all I can share right now, just know it could be really good, or really disappointing, so I’m going to think positive!

4.) 3 months until Disney: Three months from TODAY we will be checking into my happy place for five days of fun! This will be Emma Kate’s first visit, and I can’t wait to see Disney World through her eyes. So much planning still to be done! You can bet there will be some matching shirt action happening as well. Oh just wait my friends. We are so going to be “that family”.


5.) Affiliate fun: The launch of my eBook is going well, and I would love to offer up something to anyone who is interested. I am opening up an affiliate program for my eBook, where you would earn 35% of every book sold through a unique link I would set up for you. If you are interested, please email me at heather@heatherslookingglass.com and put the word “affiliate” in the subject line. I would also provide you with some photos if you would like to set them up on your blog or use them in social media posts. Let me know!

QOTD: What Olympic event are you most looking forward to watching? Any party theme ideas? Anyone heading to Disney this fall?

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  1. I am also headed to Disney in the fall and have already started our shirt ideas!

    I hope whatever it is that you are hoping for works out! Will there be negative consequences if it doesn’t or will things just stay the same?

  2. 1. We did a two-dles Mickey mouse clubhouse 2nd birthday party for my twins. We had to keep it gender neutral but i would save princess parties for older (we just did a princess tea party 5th birthday and it was the perfect age) but 2 you can still keep it pretty simple and cute 😉
    2. We are going to Disney the end of October too! I have a countdown for the kids and several reminders to fastpass! We are so excited! We haven’t been to Disney world since 2010 and Disneyland since 2013! I miss Disney haha

    Hope you have a positive week and good news 🙂

  3. I am so excited for the Olympics!!

  4. I’ve written down the races I want to watch, and what time. If I can’t get it at work, then I will get the DVR ready.

  5. Awww soon to be 2 years old! I remember when my sister’s kid turned 1 in June – I was like WAIT A HOT SECOND… It’s already been a YEAR?!

  6. I definitely appreciate the excitement and positivity! I agree, WAY too much negative and hate going around these days. Also, how are our girls going to be 2?? Ellie is 2 shortly after Emma Kate and I’m in total denial about it.

  7. Facebook is bordering on unbearable right now for sure! As for ideas, you could put a positive spin on the “Terrible Two’s”. The Olympics? Women’s volleyball (Puerto Rico made it for the first time in this sport), the Marathon of course and triathlon. Oh, and PR also has strong contenders in Tennis and Table Tennis.

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