Failing to Plan…


You know the old saying. If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. Well, yesterday I had a MAJOR running #FAIL and I wanted to share with you so that you wouldn’t do the same things I did. So, I decided Sunday night that Monday morning I wanted to drive to the beach for a 5-6 mile solo run. Simple enough right? HA! Saying that is simple enough is the same as someone saying “running is a cheap hobby, all you need are shoes.” bahaha! Here are a list of the things I failed on, and how you can avoid them:

Weather:  It has been cool here in the mornings the past week or so (upper 50’s low 60’s) so I didn’t even BOTHER looking at the weather to see what I was getting myself into for this run. I just took off, driving towards the beach, figuring it would be “cool enough.” WRONG. It was in the low 70’s when I started and upper 70’s by the time I finished. It was QUITE warm and very very sunny, not a cloud in the sky! This leads me to my next point…


Time: I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the time I left either. I sat around checking emails, drinking coffee, and eating breakfast. I took my sweet time getting dressed, playing with my attention whore dogs, and driving down to the beach. By the time I got out of my car, it was 9:00. Ouch. The sun was rising in the sky (right in my face, of course) and it was already way warmer than I would like for the beginning of a run. A little better planning and I easily could have gotten out there by 8.


Clothing: I grabbed a running skirt out of my closet (surprise) and the closest matching top that I could find and it happened to be black. Of course, since I had not checked the weather to know it was already warm out, so it never crossed my mind that a heat-drawing black shirt could make my run even warmer. I did think to grab sunglasses, but a hat would have been nice, too.


Fuel: While I did think to bring a GU and water, I didn’t think to actually DRINK vey much before the run. I had a cup of coffee at home and a few sips of water, but that’s it. I thought stopping at my car around mile 3 for my GU and some water would be enough to “get me by,” but by the time I hit mile 4 I was wishing I had taken my water bottle with me on the run. (There’s that checking the weather thing again…) Also, I had a protein bar for breakfast but it may not have been quite enough for me to get through the run.


Awareness: I actually dodged a bullet on this one. I found out when I got home, that just  couple of miles form where I was running, a lady running was kidnapped at 9:00. I was running at 9:00, and it easily could have been me! Yes there were other people around when I was running, but I can sadly say I really wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to my surroundings. I was struggling on my run, so I was just thinking about how hot and tired I was. How scary! As far as I know, they have not found her yet.


I ended up running 5.5 miles, and was very happy to be done. I knew that it would maybe be my last chance to get in a run before Rock N Roll St. Louis this weekend (I will hopefully be able to get in a short run Wednesday or Thursday in St. Louis)

QOTD: Have you ever failed to plan for a run or for something else? What happened?

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  1. I’m still trying to get over the fact that 70 is warm to you! Haha. When it drops blow 100 in Texas we are all rejoicing – still like to get runs in early though! That is SO scary about the woman being kidnapped! I always wonder about stuff like that ….. :-/ Glad you are ok! Good luck this weekend at RnRSTL!

    • oh trust me I am used to hot. I ran most of my outdoor runs this summer in 110 and 97% humidity. but its funny how quickly our bodies become de-aclimated to the heat. it wasn’t bad when I started, but an hour later when I finished and it was VERY sunny and no clouds and upper 70’s it was quite warm in my all black shirt and I was ready to get in the shade!
      I need to check the paper and see if they ever found that lady. fingers crossed!

      • That makes sense! And yes, it really is crazy how fast our bodies transition! I’m already starting to freak out a bit about transitioning to cooold! Well, Texas cold which got preeettty cold at times last year!

  2. I have failed to plan plenty of times. If I don’t have myself organized the night before a morning run, all hell can break loose. One time I left and didn’t bring the right “equipment” that I “need” to do long runs on a treadmill: Kindle. I was way too bored to be able to run for 10 miles without it. My workout area is a basement without TV or internet or windows. I ended doing a nice little 4.5 mile run.

  3. I cannot believe a woman was kidnapped where you were running while you were running! I really hope it was someone who knew her (is that awful to say?). SO glad you’re ok.

  4. My beach runs take me right past the street where she was kidnapped. I run alone probably 90% of the time so I am starting to rethink just heading out by myself.
    My bigger running FAIL was not being ready for the heat of my first 10K this past April. It was the first warm day of the year and I should have carried more cold water with me. It was a major struggle because I wasn’t ready for the heat and humidity. I was fine with the distance and my legs never felt tired, I just couldn’t keep my head from feeling like it was going to explode!

    Good luck in STL

  5. irunthere4iam says

    Finicky weather can definitely make an “easy” run seem a lot more difficult. Luckily, I live in SoCal, where it is always around 70 and sunny 🙂

    The thing I fail most on is planning for fuel…unless I’m running more than 6 miles, regardless of temperature, I do not carry water (this probably affects my performance greatly). I also never carry gels unless I’m going more than 8 miles!

    Hope they find that missing runner SOON!!!

  6. I’m in Utah and the weather here can never make up it’s mind. Last week I ran in my tights and hoodie one day, and two days later I was back in my shorts and tshirt. I would say my biggest fails usually involve eating the wrong foods before I run. I need to be more careful with that. My prayers go out to that lady who was kidnapped. Glad you are safe.

    Good luck at the Rock N Roll!

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