Fall/Winter Race Schedule 2016

Hey friends! As you probably know, I live in the south where it is currently in triple digits weather wise. Running is more like swimming, and I lose about 4 pounds every time I go for a run. Unfortunately I gain it all back later that day, but I digress. It seems odd to start planning for fall races when it’s so dang hot! But, I have to start training to be ready for said races, so I came up with a plan that I can hopefully (loosely) stick to doing. The problem is, I don’t want to give up boot camp, but I can’t run 5 days a week and do boot camp, so I am planning to run 3 days a week.


I know it will be difficult to get faster this way, but at this point in my life I would much rather be strong than fast, so we will see what happens. This is a very tentative schedule. The only thing I am actually registered for is the runDisney Princess half in February, but I plan on signing up for some others very soon! I’m going to start with a couple 5k’s because it’s still dreadfully hot here in September. Our half season doesn’t start until October, and sometimes that is even a little early, but hopefully it will cool off earlier this year!

September 17th: Run, Rock and Roll 5k (Mississippi)

October 1st: A Day in the Country 5k (Mississippi)

October 16th: Mandeville Half (Louisiana)

February 5th: RnR New Orleans half marathon (Louisiana) (Use code LOOKINGGLASS16 for $15 off registration)

February 26th: runDisney Princess half marathon (Orlando)


My plan is to do one easy run, one long run, and one tempo run each week, plus 4 days of boot camp. I will probably run Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. We do legs on Tuesday at boot camp, so Wednesday will probably be my easy run day because I usually can’t walk well after leg day. I’m excited to get going again but nervous about how it will all fit together. I don’t want to get burnt out. Again. It happens, but fingers crossed I can make it all work!

QOTD: What is on your fall racing calendar? Have you started training yet?

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  1. Michelle says:

    I need to get my race goals in line as well. I have been battling Plantar Fasciitis since May and I am not feeling strong like I was. I have been seriously doubting my strength and not feeling good about myself at all. I’ve been thinking that planning some shorter races might help me get back on track. I’d appreciate any good ju ju you can send my way. Good luck with all your races!!

  2. I’m doing Gulf Coast Mandeville and RnR Nola also! I’m also doing Lumiere’s Challenge in November and I’ll probably have some smaller races mixed in there as well.

  3. I love how you say you are working on strength instead of speed. I feel exactly the same way. Also, I’ve really started to find joy in 5k’s instead of always having to run the longer distances! Good luck, I hope things cool off for you this fall!

  4. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! Living in Florida makes it super tough to train for fall races. My ‘easy’ 4 mile run was nasty hot this morning and my 10 miler tomorrow is going to be painful. I am also in a boot camp class, but cut back to 1 day a week as my training for MCM in October has begun. I am adding one day of just weights as well–looks somewhat like this: Monday–weights, Tuesday–easy run, Wednesday–boot camp–Thursday–easy run, Friday–REST, Saturday–easy run, Sunday–long run.
    hopefully this schedule will work to get me to the start ready and uninjured.

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