Father’s Day Weekend 2016

Oh what a weekend! This one was one for the books my friends. We went to my parents house for Father’s Day plus my cousin was having her 50th birthday party at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans on Friday night. Of course we weren’t going to miss that! It was adults only so we left little miss thing with Bobby’s mom at our house and headed south around lunchtime Friday.

We made it to my parents, unloaded, and got all gussied up before heading into the French Quarter.


My poor dad had foot surgery and can’t fit his swollen foot into a dress shoe yet. He doesn’t normally wear sneakers to fancy occasions. Smile


Ya’’ll, I’ve had this dress since college. I think I got it on clearance at Dillards. Sshhh don’t tell.


Hello Mr. Streetcar, please don’t hit us, k thanks.


We got to the Ritz early. We weren’t sure what kind of traffic we would run into heading downtown, so we killed some time checking out the beautiful hotel and hanging out on some couches near a gorgeous courtyard.




There were so many flowers, I felt like I was in Disney World at the Grand Floridian.


It was finally 7:30 and time for the party! My cousin rented out a private room and the decorations were amazing. We were given special drinks when we walked in the door with sugar around the rim (I may or may not have had two.)

IMG_6152 (2)

There was food everywhere, great music playing, and gorgeous flowers.


But the coolest thing by far was the cake! Check out how amazing this is. I’m pretty sure my cousin designed it. (It was delicious, too!)


We grabbed a table and headed over to the wonderful smelling food. My sweet Bobby who loves to eat was in heaven. They had shrimp, raw oysters, crab claws, beef, pork, three kinds of risotto, burgers, and so much more.


After we ate and more guests arrived, it was time to dance! Get a couple drinks in me and I’m always ready to hit the dance floor. 9caf0bd1-5f4a-4512-9bce-1403131da815



Mom and I dancing with the birthday girl!


Clearly I was enjoying my drink while dancing.


Later in the night, a New Orleans brass band came in to play for us, and gumbo was served. We started up a second line dance, and danced some more! (I was sore the next morning).


A little after 11:00 after singing to the birthday girl and eating some cake, we were starting to fade fast and I realized I am way too much of an old lady to be out that late dancing and such. We said our goodbyes to family, friends, the Ritz, and Canal street as we headed back to my parents’ house. We had SO MUCH FUN and I am glad we came into town for the party!


Oh, did I mention there was a photo booth, and my cousin had her own personalized backdrop? So so fun! Obviously we hated the party, right? haha. I love my crazy family.



The hard reality of a night out on the town hit me Saturday morning and I felt like I had been hit by a bus! We normally eat pretty healthy and I think all the rich food plus sugary drinks, dancing, and being up late just got to me. Sadly I can’t keep up like the cool kids. We spent the day relaxing, recovering, and I even took a nap.

Later that afternoon my mom and I went shopping and then we came home and grilled for dinner. I was so lazy on Saturday I didn’t even take any pictures. Sunday morning I got up and decided to run a 5k. I hadn’t worked out in two days and was feeling pretty sluggish. It was super warm and humid but I’m glad I got it done.


We ate lunch with my parents for Father’s Day, packed up the car and headed back to Mississippi. It was good to see baby girl yesterday afternoon and get back into a routine last night. The great weekends always go by so fast, but I will certainly always remember this one.

QOTD: Do you like to stay out late or are you an old person at heart like I am? Anyone run or race this weekend?

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  1. I never really was a night owl, but I could make it till 2am in college and be fine the next day. Now, I am an old lady. I ended up taking a 2-hour nap the day after the Buffett concert, and I didn’t even get to bed THAT late.

  2. What a fun party!! Love all the pictures! 🙂

  3. How fun!

  4. Oh my gosh I feel you on the old lady thing. When I went to the Taylor Swift concert with a bunch of girlfriends last summer I couldn’t do it. I was almost falling asleep while standing during the concert!

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