Five Things Friday IV

Friday again? Already? This week flew by! We are insanely boring so we have no plans for the weekend but football and church, however the next three weekends will be crazy so this will be a nice rest before the madness! Here are this week’s five things Friday:

1.) I went back to the outlet mall with a friend yesterday thanks to a huge sale at Banana Republic and bought another pair of jeans. I need more than one pair, right? I may or may not have also bought some other things….but 70% off, come on!

unnamed (13)

The shorts we $4.50. Seriously.

2.) Today we are taking Emma Kate’s one year old pictures. It’s our same sweet friend that took her 6 month photos, I can’t wait to see how they turn out!


3.) LSU was supposed to play South Carolina at SC this weekend, but due to the recent hurricane madness the game will be played in Baton Rouge. The LSU band decided they wanted to learn to play the SC Alma Mater and fight song so they could play it at the came since the SC band cannot come. Love my Tigers.

4.) Bella got a haircut yesterday. It was getting bad, poor girl couldn’t even see her hair was getting so long. I love that she doesn’t shed, but wow grooming is definitely expensive. It’s a good thing I get my hair cut maybe once a year to offset the cost. I’m hair-low maintenance like that.

unnamed (12)

5.) Two weeks from today until we start the trek to Disney for my mom’s girls trip for her 60th birthday. I’m glad her one birthday request included me. Excited for the surprises I have planned for her while we are there.


QOTD: How often do you get your hair cut? Do you shop at outlet malls?

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  1. Those green shorts are adorable! And what a great deal!

  2. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    I’m so jealous of your outlet mall finds! I need an outlet mall closer to me. On second thought, no I don’t. That would be very dangerous.

  3. Oh wow! I may need to make a trip to Banana Republic in Foley this weekend! Girl I’m like you…I get my hair cut like once a year lol! Love the pic of EK!!! Happy weekend!

  4. I went to the outlet malls yesterday to see if I could get another pair of Asics. They had the model, but not my size 🙁 I’ve learned to take any color I can get in my size since I have to go to special stores to get it.

  5. score on those totally cute shorts!!! $4.50 you cant pass that up. i love finding great buys at the outlet mall, we dont go very often but i do enjoy it. I get my hair cut twice a year but since i dye my hair i get that done about 6 times a year so Im a little more hair maintenance, but way less than when i had short hair. short hair is great for getting ready during the week but has to be cut way more often which is a drag.

  6. Your moms birthday shindig is going to be so much fun!! Tell me about dog grooming…pixie is monthly and Madalynn is once every three months!

  7. My family and I are heading to Disney in a couple of weeks for the MNSSHP! We have never been to it, and I am so excited! Love your pic in your jersey and running skirt – I’m thinking about using my old princess half costume and going as a runner. Any tips for the food/wine festival and Halloween party? I’ve gotten so many great Disney tips from your blog! Thanks!

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  1. runningwithsass says:

    Five Things Friday IV

    Friday again? Already? This week flew by! We are insanely boring so we have no plans for the weekend

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