Five Things Friday V

Happy almost weekend everyone! I’m excited for this one because my dad is coming into town tomorrow, and Sunday evening is our fall festival at church. Going to be a fun one. Here are 5 things for you today.

1.) Poor Emma Kate has ANOTHER ear infection. I took her yesterday, and the doctor said the dreaded “T” words. Looks like we will be getting a consult at the end of the month for when she will have surgery.

FullSizeRender (35)

2.) Refresh Summit is just TWO weeks away! I will be in Franklin, TN for the weekend with some amazing women recharging and meeting new people. I can’t wait to share with them some things that have been on my heart lately in my session.

3.) We received marketing material yesterday at the store for CHRISTMAS! OMG. Yall, I LOVE Christmas, but it’s not even Halloween and I am still just getting in the groove for fall. Not to mention, it was 92 degrees yesterday! I kid you not. 92. what?


4.) I am dragging my suitcase out of the attic to pack for Disney to. Going to Florida at this time of year presents a packing challenge. It could be 95 degrees, and at night it could be in the 50’s. Layers it is I guess! (and I may throw in a swimsuit or two!)


This picture is from a trip in November. Florida weather, yall.

5.) We tried to take Emma Kate’s one year old pictures but it just so happened to be the first day she got sick, and so we could not get her to smile AT ALL, it was pathetic. Thankfully our awesome photographer is going to let us have a redo next week (hopefully after we get over this ear infection!) You should have seen me jumping up and down behind the photographer making noises etc. trying to get the poor girl to smile. I’m sure it was quite amusing to everyone driving by.

unnamed (21)

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  1. Bridie Rist says:

    Hope the little one feels better soon. Such a bummer when they are sick. And yes, our weather in FL is interesting. I’m not loving the 90s right now.

  2. Sorry to hear that EK has another ear infection. I had my adenoids removed and tubes put into my ears when I was four years old. The only bummer was that it was summer, and I remember my mom always having to put cotton balls into my ears whenever I took a bath or went in the pool in order to avoid having water get into my ears. But everything worked out, and I’m sure it will for EK as well.

  3. I got tubes put in as a baby, and my mom said it was the best thing ever. I was getting ear infections every other week. Of course now, when I get a new doctor and they look in my ears, the first thing they ask is did I have tubes as a baby.

  4. Have a great weekend Heather! And yes…I remember those days of trying to get toddlers to smile lol! I made many a funny face and noise! Now it’s a lot easier…I just tell them to smile and they actually do it! 😉

  5. Awww poor Emma! Hope she feels better soon! Have fun on your upcoming travels! 🙂

  6. Milo got tubes in August and it was so easy. He was away from me for like 20 minutes tops. After that, no pain and no more ear infections! He even started walking the day after he had it done. Seriously, don’t even sweat it. I know it’s hard to think of your kid having surgery, but I didn’t even have time to eat a scone before they came and got me.

  7. Poor EK! My little guy has another ear infection right now, too. It’s genetic (mommy and daddy had then frequently). So sad watching them suffer, though. Hope she feels better soon! Safe & fun travels to you!

  8. Hope Emma Kate feels better soon!
    I’m actually surprised you didn’t get your christmas marketing sooner. Seems like each year it gets sooner and sooner! Have a great time at your fall festival!

  9. Aww I hope EK feels better!!

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  1. Five Things Friday V

    Happy almost weekend everyone! I’m excited for this one because my dad is coming into town tomorrow,

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